New Team Members!!!

I haven’t welcomed my new team members this past two weeks. I was so busy organizing the projects…that are coming soon. huhuhuhu. So I want to do it now.

So please Welcome My New Team Members.

Our Dear TsundereStorm- Editor/Author

Our Sama Einy~ Author

Our Sexy Paul~Translator/Editor

Our Lovely Wind~ Translator

Our Newbie Aardwark~ Translator

Our Newbie2 Archrequiem~ Author

Our team is working hard in the background, I promise you. Soon well have more great content for you all to read. But for now Welcome The Team!!! (Don’t forget our OG’s though, Aarklight,Araska, and DeuxzTG!!)

Please Welcome Everyone. I feel blessed to have them all!!


Conquer Bonus Chapter Tomorrow

I just received a notification from Paypal. Seems like Tugene left us a donation to fill up the requirement. It’s a day late, but I just received the notification. So double release tomorrow. Thanks Tugene!! Will give you another recognition on the chapter. I just want you to know that the donations was received!!! This post is for you!!

And not to forget the almighty FELL_D, who has given the previous donation. All hail Fell_D. All hail Tugene!