CGA Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Primitive Man Saying love was forbidden was the same as saying it was forbidden to be a girl. Saying fighting was forbidden was the same as saying it was forbidden to be a boy. Saying ar…

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CGA Chapter 44

Chapter 44 The First Time Love Born What was the most important thing inside the universe? Jaime was warm, safe, and in deep slumber inside his cocoon. His heart beat slowly and memories of his pas…

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New Team Members!!!

I haven’t welcomed my new team members this past two weeks. I was so busy organizing the projects…that are coming soon. huhuhuhu. So I want to do it now.

So please Welcome My New Team Members.

Our Dear TsundereStorm- Editor/Author

Our Sama Einy~ Author

Our Sexy Paul~Translator/Editor

Our Lovely Wind~ Translator

Our Newbie Aardwark~ Translator

Our Newbie2 Archrequiem~ Author

Our team is working hard in the background, I promise you. Soon well have more great content for you all to read. But for now Welcome The Team!!! (Don’t forget our OG’s though, Aarklight,Araska, and DeuxzTG!!)

Please Welcome Everyone. I feel blessed to have them all!!


Conquer Bonus Chapter Tomorrow

I just received a notification from Paypal. Seems like Tugene left us a donation to fill up the requirement. It’s a day late, but I just received the notification. So double release tomorrow. Thanks Tugene!! Will give you another recognition on the chapter. I just want you to know that the donations was received!!! This post is for you!!

And not to forget the almighty FELL_D, who has given the previous donation. All hail Fell_D. All hail Tugene!