The First Hunter Prologue + Chapter 1

Hello readers, this is a side project, ‘The First Hunter’ by D-Dart, who is also the author of ‘Emperor of Solo Play’. The schedule is tentative for now, but I’m hoping to do two weekly releases for this and ‘Etranger’ once winter break starts. I hope you guys stick around for this new title.

So, aside for the Etranger release tomorrow, there will be no releases until 19 December. I have finals this week and the next, so I’ll be holding off on translations until they’re over.


Chapter 1


Etranger Chapter 11

Hey all, I completely forgot that today was a Monday. I’ve been thinking of other side projects to take on, and I think I have one in mind. I’ll put out the first chapter when I have the chance. Also, the next chapter is a doozy. There’s a 100% chance that it will be a two-parter, it’s more than twice, and nearing thrice, as long as the other chapters. Without further ado, here is chapter 11.


Chapter 11


Descent of the God of Magic

A New Title I’m working on with a little bit more levity than Q11. So I decided to do two projects so the tones of the novels don’t affect my pace. So enjoy. I like this one.

Descent of the God of Magic Raws Summary:The strongest magician in the game, Link, led his group to finish off the final boss: Ruler of the Abyss, Nosamax. Then, a cinematic appeared. It was a very…

Source: Descent of the God of Magic

Spirit Sword: A change of plans

Hey guys, I know I only just put out a chapter, but it has come to my attention that another group has already been working on it, and has been stockpiling chapters to do a big release. They politely asked me if I was willing to drop it, and since it was a side project, I acquiesced. I ask that you guys follow the other group once they release the chapters, since the story is pretty darn good. Please support the author!

tl;dr: Dropping SS since another group has been working on it already. Please follow the novel wherever it goes, and support the author. Thank you!

Edit: Didn’t want to spoil it at the time, but the group in question is MyoniYoni Translations. Make sure to check them out, they’ve got a bunch of really good works on their site.