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Slaughter System

Summary: Ping was a young boy who probably was living the life as  ordinary as you can imagine. Well, I lied, Actually it wasn’t ordinary at all, because he was curious of everything, and that made him get into different situations. But that’s still not enough to make his life out of the ordinary. One not so ordinary day he got transferred into whole new world full of possibilities. What will happen with him? Who knows, but one thing for sure, he will never tire out sating his thirst for adventure.  (Very good novel, brutal MC)(Updates daily)


Novel is coming soon….It is very good. Look forward to it. Will update summary soon. Huhuhuhuhu

Empyrean Ascent

The author is editing at the moment. This is also coming very soon. You might have seen this story around, it’s moving here!!! Super excited!



This is my novel. I will write soon. I just want all of the projects to be started and posted before I work on it. I do have an outline. Please look forward to it. ^_^. But I want my team to get settle in their routine first. Quality over Quanity! ( I feel very bless with all of my team. We are working hard in the background!!!)