CGA Chapter 44

Chapter 44 The First Time Love Born

What was the most important thing inside the universe?

Jaime was warm, safe, and in deep slumber inside his cocoon. His heart beat slowly and memories of his past gave him a smile. He felt warm and loved, just like a baby inside a womb. He was remembering a time when Ye Xiu smiled lovingly to him and softly hugged him on a white big bed with a soft blanket.

They were watching a modern city scenery from their apartment window, doing nothing for a whole day. Just hugging each other and feeling each other warmth. They were not rich but they never lacked of anything. They just led a simple life and were grateful with everything they had.

Jaime smiling said, “I am feeling loved by you. Your love makes me want to sleep for an eternity in your embrace. May this moment be an eternity.”

Ye Xiu replied mellifluously, “Do you know what love is and where it came from?”

He shook his head and answered, “I don’t, but now that I have the Book of Karma I can ask, it knows everything and records everything. Wait a second, I will tell you.”

The Book of Karma shone brightly and Jaime lost his consciousness.

By the time he awoke, he was a soldier fighting for glory and power. The universe was controlled by the power and the strongest will of the king of everything. Jaime was craving for power and eagerly willing to give his everything to reach the top of the throne. He fought hard, became a general, then fought hard to be a king. He conquered his world and followed deities/deva/gods to learn about their power. He was a smart soul and learned the fastest among anyone and was always focus. After thousands of years, he began to conquer the gods and demons, making him  the top of everything. He had  tremendous power; no one in three realms could take him down. He led the three realms for five thousand years and his soldiers had gone farther and farther to the end of the universe to conquer the infinity universe.

Once he was craving for power, now he didn’t know what he really wanted anymore. One day he shouted to God. “I want to be stronger but I can’t find someone stronger than me. God, if you are stronger than me then fight with me!”

God came, “What do you want? Inside the universe everything is yours but why don’t you look happy?”

“God, I want to know, who is the strongest inside the universe?”

God waved his hand and Jaime saw an illusion of a mother taking care of his babies.

“They are tiny creature, they have no power.”

“Can you see the light between them and the bright bond between them? That bond is the strongest of everything. Even your power will not be worth a dust in front of it.”

Jaime was angry and tried to hit the light with all his power, yet the light between them kept getting stronger and stronger.” Jaime backed away and said, “God, I admit. It is stronger than everything, how can I have it? I want it, what it is called?”

“It is called love, the strongest power ever. It is at the very top of all power.”

“Where can I find it?”

God disappeared without giving an answer. So Jaime went undercover. He went to one world and became a lonely shepherd. He went to a mountain and knocked on a house. A mother opened the door. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“I am a shepherd, I heard you have a little son. Do you have love? I need it.”

“What is love?” asked the Mother. “I don’t have that thing. Go away.”

“It is like a bond between mother and son or daughter.” Jaime didn’t know what love was until God showed him love. “It is something warm, light and caring about your son. Don’t you have it?’

“No!” said the mother, “Why must I have it?”

“Then why are you raising them, if you don’t have love?

The mother pushed the shepherd away. “I gave birth to a baby, so he can work for me. When he is an adult, he will protect me from bad things and I want him to give me a lot of money.”

The shepherd shook his head. “You don’t have love; you are raising a slave. What kind of mother you are!” Jaime killed them all and destroyed the whole village.

Then he went to a city near sea. He went undercover as a poor person. He sat on the road and asked for money. People laughed at him. Even as he sat there for three years and millions of people had passed him, no one ever gave him something.

Because people struggled to live, they hardly fight. They used power to get everything they wanted, they never gave anything! Jaime’s tears fell. He suddenly felt so sad. The memories of a mother, son, and a warm bright light made him suffer and feel empty at the same time. He kind of wanted that thing called love.

He saw a son dragged his old mother to the street and threw her fiercely. “When I was young, you could force me! Now, I am old enough to fight back. Do you think you can control me! I am your boss now. If you don’t follow me, not do what I command you, what  use are you for me? You can die now.”

People on the street looked at the old mother and said. “Yeah, she is old already, you should kill her faster. She will only waste your food.”

“Yeah, I had killed my mother when I could raise a sword.”

“Me, I poison my mother and freed myself.”

The old mother screamed and raised a short knife to stab her son. “I still have the power to kill you!”

The crowd surrounded the mother and son’s fight and cheered loudly. The son hit his mother face again and again, causing his mother to bleed. Yet, people cheering louder for the fight. Jaime sighed, this place really had no love. Power was the most important thing. So he didn’t need this place. Jaime raised his stick and caused the whole city to be destroyed by a tsunami. Talking about power, he was at the top of everyone and everything. Yet, he had nothing.

He continued his journey to find love; the more he wanted to find love, the thirstier his soul. The more he walked through his universe, the more he knew all of those things were useless. He destroyed some universes, some planets, and even slowly destroyed his own soul. The desire to be strong once led him to the king of thee realms. Now it had caused a lot of pain for him. The yearning to find love.

His journey, five thousand years into every corner of the universes gave him nothing. He had asked his soldiers to find love, but no one ever knew it, so they never found it. Jaime felt tired and didn’t know what to do anymore. His life had changed at the time he knew about love. If he never knew about love, he would not be like this. Once he knew, he couldn’t get away from it. Because he had known of the thing that greater than power. It made him look down on power. Power was worth nothing. Yet, he couldn’t find where love was although he knew it. Madly chasing something the universe didn’t have.

In his tiring soul and body, he ended up destroying the whole planet, causing the entire plant to become deserted. “God! You lied to me! There is no love in the entire three realms, I had searched thoroughly and I found nothing! What really is the thing you showed me?  Why is my heart always longing for it. TELL ME!”

But he got no one to answer his question. With a lonely, painful, and shattered soul, he bowed his head in defeat. At that time he looked at his feet, between his feet, there was one tiny plant with three leaves struggling to survive. This tiny plant survived because its position under his body, but its surrounding had turned into a desert.

“Power is all you need to survive, little plant. In this whole planet with only you alone, how can you survive in this deserted planet?” He sat weakly beside the small little plant. “You know, power is the most important. With power you can grow big and dominate this whole planet.”

Jaime stared blankly at the desert and sighed.” I used my whole life to fight for power. But I feel alone in this universe. Don’t you think me and you are the same?” Jaime tears fell slowly. “Having the greatest power with me, no one can be with me. And you who have no power, no one can be with you. I am tired of this life, but one of us must survive, I will give my power to you, so grow big. I need nothing from you, just survive.”

Jaime had  great power; he created rain and controled the rain so it will fall on the little plant  periodically. He touched the leaf and let his power flow into the little plant. “Grow big tiny plant, I don’t have anything except my power…”

At that time he saw the bright light again for the first time, the bright light with a warm feeling. Jaime laughed and cried at the same time.

“Little plant,” said Jaime to the plant. “This all long, God had passed the seed of love inside my heart, yet, I never sow it. I looked for love, but how can love bloom, if I never sow it. I give you my power without wanting anything for you, that create love and it shared from me to you. I will give you everything I have. So you will have the seed of love. I just hope you will sow the seed of love to everywhere and grow bigger to spread the love to all universes.”

“In here, there are not only you and me, but there are three of us, me, you and love. All of us are alone and can’t live without each other. Love is my dream, love is your brother. It is like you, small, alone, and can’t do anything. But it will grow with you and take its first journey to the universe from you. I gave you my power, my life, and this love to you. Don’t let love die with you. It is the only one in this whole universe.”

Jaime died as all his power passed to the little tree. Time quickly passed by. The little plant grew bigger and bigger. The rain gave life and the wind spread its seeds to everywhere. Life occurred from the sea, creature by creatures walked out slowly. Time passed rapidly.

The tree let birds make their nest between its branches. One bird asked it confused. “Why do you want to help us? You are a talking tree. Usually, we force trees to let us make nests on them, and they become angry.”

“Little bird,” said the tree, “Once I was  little, a king of three realms gave me his life to protect me and let me grow with my brother. What I share with you is my brother, love.”

“Tree, what is love?”

“Love is the strongest power under the universe. It will shine brightly. It is like when you  protect your little babies.”

“Why  must I protect them? They can grow by themselves. I won’t protect them for nothing.”

“When they are week, you protect them with love and care for them. Not using power to force them, you give them love and then someday they will give you back their love when you are weak. So they won’t use power to force you.”

One human below the tree listen to the conversation and said. “Tree, when I was hungry, I didn’t even have power to climb you and take your fruit. You deliberately let your fruit fall beside me and saved my life. Are’t you scared that when I am strong enough, I will cut you down?”

“I gave you fruit is to share love. It is my brother wish. As for what you will do next is your business, I won’t regret it. Because one of the greatest man under the universe had gave me this life and love together.”

“Tree, if I love my son, show him love and kindness, not power, someday when I grow old and weak he will show his kindness and love to me, not power? Like you did to me when I am weak?”

“Human,” said the tree. “If you never change, if you never share love, nothing will change. When you sow the love and kindness, you can hope for its fruit later. Why don’t you try it first?” The tree let a few fruits fall beside him. “Take it with love, my brother, share it to anyone you find. Let my brother start its journey.”

The human nodded, he took the fruits and moved out from the tree. The tree kept giving its love to birds, little animals, bees and every creature. The animals also showed love between them. After long years passed, a human came back to the tree and brought his family.

“Tree, I think love is the greatest than power. I can’t live at my tribe anymore, please protect me and my family here. Let us live inside love.” The family kept getting bigger and bigger. They shared love with each other and grew as the Tribe of Wood. The little tree grew to become the greatest tree ever on the planet, as big as a little mountain. It shared its body, fruits, and everything it had to spread love to the sky, earth, and every creature inside.

The tribe shared love to everyone of them and after thousands of years, the love spread from that planet to all universes and fill it with its seeds.

After millions of years, people easily found love, but if they didn’t sow love and only want to take it without giving it. Someday love will vanish from all universes again.

“Ye Xiu that was the story of the first-born love. It was just like when the first time you took me in when I am alone and hungry. You showed me love for the first time.” Jaime smiled. “Without that, I would have never known what love is. I will become a bad guy wanting for power… Ye Xiu… Ye Xiu…”

Jaime suddenly realized Ye Xiu had gone. He cried, then rushed to the darkness and struggled. “Bring back my Ye Xiu… God, please bring her back! I will do everything! Don’t take out my only light in this life! You will only leave me in the darkness without her!”

Jaime awoke and checked his surroundings in confusion. He found himself naked in a forest. A not really great or fertile forest. It was a dry forest hanging on its last breath. Jaime found a broken blue cocoon below him.

“Where am I?” Jaime tried to remember everything. “I fought with the god of Fire, Agni and…” He quickly checked his body. His skin was smooth like a baby. His body had transformed into a built body which only Hollywood’s sexiest actors have. Jaime touched his head; there were hairs. He touched his chin and his face. Jaime nodded, he never doubt that he had a face like a Tom Cruise from Hollywood. That he had a romantic feeling like Shah Rukh Khan from Bollywood, and had a good personality like Jackie Chan from Mandarin film.

Ahhh… if I add more, maybe I will make the biggest sin to all humanity.

Jaime saw the tattoo of his space storage still on the back of his hand, but the color has dimmed. As he tried to channel his energy, he realized that he had no spiritual energy.

“Book of Karma, what is my status?”

[Jaime, level 0, human, has a body of rahksasa.]

Suddenly an arrow flew and stabbed  Jaime’s thigh. It entered 10 centimeter into his thigh!

“Arrrggggghhhhhhh!!” Jaime screamed loudly! One big person with a naked body and animal clothes came at Jaime with a short knife in his hand and a bow hanging on his back.


“Fu*K, can’t you see this super handsome guy in front of you!”

The big person rushed quickly at Jaime and moved his short knife to stab him.

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