Q11 and DGM

Well for those that didn’t know, I am on a hiatus. Hopefully, it will end soon. These last couple of months have not been kind to me. With family members dying and other personal issues, just me and translating wasn’t happening. I’ve broken a lot of promises with you all and I am truly sorry. When I restart, this will not happen again. On a Brighter note, those Q11 fans. The novel is now a Drama. So Check it out. It’s called Princess Agents. I won’t link though. Google Google.


Sincerely Celebration


Well Celebration Here. I have been on a hiatus this last month for many reasons. Sigh. I am aware this makes me look bad, but it can’t be helped.  Life has been punching me in the face. I have not dropped my projects. In fact the chapters are almost done for both Queen 11 and DGM, but I haven’t finished them. So coming soon. Thanks are in order. To Kob Lor (Thai?) for your $5 donation on the 20th of Feb. THAnk You sO mUCH.  All donations do go to this site. I do not touch a sent of it. So it is appreciated. Proceeds will be reflected soon. ^_^. Now on to some GOOD News. Everyone


WELCOME SQUINTY!!!!! A New Translator. She is doing Father, Mother Escaped Again. And I must say it is a hilarious work. check it out. This site is growing and I am a happy parent. lol.  And I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy this journey with me!!!