CGA Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Witch of Wood

Fights are not always won by who was the strongest, but always by who is the smartest. Conquering a kingdom does not always need millions in an army. Just find the right person, to do the right job, at the right time and direct it to have a right result. Like using a beauty to kill a king, using a beauty to cause internal fights between a king and a general or prince with prince, or use the right person to poison the king.

There was a story about a big hotel which was having an electric problem. They check for two days and couldn’t find what was the problem, so they call an electrician expert. The expert come in a couple hours, checking the hotel in three minutes and walked to one electric box. He opened the box, use a screwdriver and rotated it three times. Viola, the electricity turn on. The expert asked for  payment, 10,000 Dollars. This gave a big shock to the manager. “Why is it so expensive just to rotate the loose screw!” The expert smiled. “It only cost 1 dollar to rotate the screw, but cost 9,999 dollars to know which screw to rotate!”

“Fu*k! Hell has broken loose! One of the ugliest creatures in the seventh layers of hell escaped here!” Jaime was in great horror. At the time he awoke, he saw the ugliest creature ever in front of him, smiling with only two teeth hanging.

“Filthy animal, who did you say was the ugliest creature! I am the most beautiful Witch of Wood!” The witch hit her staff on Jaime’s head. “Filthy animal, filthy animal…” The witch kept hitting Jaime’s head.

“Stop hitting me!”

“Do you know who I am?” ask the witch.

“No! And I don’t want to!” Jaime protested.

“I am the most beautiful witch under heaven two hundred years ago!” The witch was only one meter high and crooked. “At that time, three handsome kings fought over me and hundreds of thousands of soldiers died because of me.”

Jaime looked at her, face full of wrinkles and tousled hair. One of her eyes was white. “Sure, I can see that you were expired since long time ago and already have a smell of earth. Quickly, go back to where you belong! Don’t scare humans by being in this world.”

The witch used her staff to hit Jaime’s head again. “Go die first! I still want to live one thousand years!”

Jaime nodded, “Grandma, you have  high spirit, I admire you. But please go away, don’t stay near me. With only your appearance, you are already a shattered beauty of my wuxia story and turning it into a horror story. With all respect, don’t let me see you again! I won’t escort you to your grave, please shoo there.”

“You! You are so… so… huhhh….” The Witch of Wood turned around and wanted to leave Jaime. “You have no respect to elders, you will get cursed!”

“Stop lying to me, I know who are you. Your age is just about 17 years old. Why do you need to have that appearance?” Jaime stood and found there were soldiers guarding his tent. The invisible wall seemed to be in good condition.

The Witch locked her eyes on Jaime and sat down. “You are truly a fated one to be a king of three realms, the man who is able to see everything.”

“You know me?”

“More than you know.” The Witch of wood laughed. “I also know there are four others who are fated to be the king of three realms. They will be your competitors and your enemies to reach the highest throne in the universe in one hundred years.”

“Who are they? And how do you know about this?” Jaime  was surprised beyond belief. “And who are you? Ah before that, can you do something with your appearance? It is giving me goose pimples.”

“Sorry, can’t do that. This appearance  follows me as the Witch of the Wood, better get used to it. As for who am I? I am from the Wood Tribe; our ancestor was the great tree of mother earth, the same first tree that spread first loves to all universes.” She found Jaime yawning. “To make a long story short, our tribe recorded a long history since the first creation till now. The history always repeats itself, from what has we record, we can predict the future.”

“Please go on!” Jaime made a fire and cooked demonic beast meat.

“Our tribe records for every time the universes are chaotic; there would be a struggle of all realms to reach the highest throne to calm the chaotic and bring prosperity to all universes for one thousand years. It  usually happens once in a million years. There were kings of three realms in past like Maharaja Vali, The raksasa Ravana, and some oldest story that unknown to many people. The king of three realms could only be killed by God itself and none from the three realms could take them down.” The witch pointed to Jaime. “You are one of the fated ones.”

“Who are the others?” Jaime thought they will be his competitors, the sooner he knows them, the better his position.

“I will tell you but you must promise me one thing first!”

“What is that?” Jaime was biting the demonic meat. “If you are hungry, please just take the meat, there still a lot on the fire, one tael of gold each.”

“Not hungry!” The witch began to doubt her decision. “I want you to make me your witch.”

“No! Never! And don’t even dare to dream about it. My beautiful and elegant story will be ruined by your appearance.” Jaime hurried to refuse her. “I am the man of face!”

The witch stood, “Whatever you say, sooner or later you will find me. Even if you have the power to know everything, you don’t know what you don’t know. We, witches are prophets, knowing the future and what humans don’t know. Your competitors are not only from this realm, they are gods, demi gods, demons and half demons. They are powerful kings of their realm and have thousands of great witches and legendary soldiers with them. You will find trouble sooner or later when facing them.”

“Don’t worry,” Jaime laughed. “Today’s worry is enough for today, as for what will happen next, I don’t care.” The witch was gone and Jaime took out his map.

His map once again let a wave out and recorded its surrounding. “Now, Book of Karma give me the complete information about the soldiers of Liberty and where they put their supply depot.”

In the middle of the night, Jaime pulled out talismans for farming and called rain near the Liberty army’s camp. Using his spiritual energy, the talisman collected the humidity around and caused a dark cloud, in a few minutes heavy rain began to pour down.


Kok Ji was sitting with the other major generals in the camp, “Why do I have a feeling that rain will bring bad luck to us?”

“Just your imagination,” said another. “With this heavy rain, we can’t move and so can’t the enemy. With their invisible wall and us surrounding them, in this war, whoever have t patience will win. Sooner or later they will run out of food and need to go out. They are just rats inside cage.”

Kok Ji sighed, “Since our great general was captured by the enemy has gone public, the generals from other divisions have made their way to take our general position as field marshal and want our soldiers. We must finish this war quickly before we are dismissed by them.”

The others Major generals agree, “The other generals have envied our great general since the beginning. We must be careful with them.”

Inside one of their supply depot’s tent, four soldiers were fainted and one big rat was happily moving the rations into a storage pouch. “Good harvest, good harvest. Being a farmer needs to wait for a half a year. Being a merchant needs to buy and sell for profit, the best job is being a thief! No need for capital and earn profit instantly!”


The next morning, all of the soldiers turned into chaos! The Generals, Majors, and Captains of Liberty were found inside the invisible wall, tied on a big cross. There were a total of 5 Generals, 20 Major generals, 50 Colonel, and 100 Commandants. The soldiers were like a snake without it’s head, scattered along the invisible wall. They could only watch their leaders without doing anything. Well, they did at first, hitting the invisible wall for nothing for a few hours.

There were words written on the chest of their generals, major generals, and colonels.

“Your supply depot is already empty. Be a farmer and lead a good life!”

One hundred thousand soldiers turned into turmoil. Some of them stormed the supply depots only to cause bigger chaos!

Jaime, inside his tent, was looking at the soldiers and sighed. “This place really is deserted. Their General is only at the Elders Realm, one realm lower than a general at the big city. Their Major Generals and Colonels are at the True Human Realm and their Commanders on Senior realms. Don’t tell me their king  is only at the Patriarch Realm. Simply too primitive.”

“Kill them!” The soldiers of Deserted Forest rushed out from city wall and encircle the crosses. They were aching to kill their mortal enemies.

“Stop it, don’t you dare kill them!” Jaime yawned, he pulled another all-nighter again.

“You! What is your right to stop me!” The soldiers furiously pointed his sword at Jaime. “This people kill my brothers.”

“What is my right?” Jaime yawned again. “I can throw any of you outside the wall and have you make friends with your enemies or I can take off this invisible wall and let them enter to make friends with you. Which one would you like to choose?”

The soldiers face turned pale. “Why are you helping enemy?”

“Enemy?” Jaime laughed, “They are mine! My people! Don’t you dare touch them. If you kill one person at the age of 20, I will need to wait 20 more years to have one of my soldiers. When you let them live, and they are hardworking enough to pregnant a woman every day, after 20 years, I can have about seven thousand new people to serve under me. So kill no one!”

The soldiers became dumbstruck.

The Old General got close to Jaime. “So they are yours? Are you their king?”

“Me?” Jaime closed his eyes. “I am their future king. I am just too tired to claim my throne for now. Maybe tomorrow I will go to my Kingdom of Liberty and take it when I feel like.”

The Old General laughed. “If you take the Kingdom of Liberty, the Kingdom of Deserted Forest will be yours too.”

“Please old man, I don’t want to put this kingdom into mine. Your people are too poor and lack of cultivation. The land is too dry and the only worth you people have here, are being sold as slaves. If I become your king, see how much money I will have to pay to tidy up everything?”

“Well, my future king. The Witch of Wood as the leader of the Wood Tribe had announced you as our future king! The Earth Tribe also agrees, since you have the Sword of Mother Earth, and I as the leader of Lion Tribe have agreed too. You are already our king.” The Old General knelt in front of Jaime.

“Oh come on, how do you know I have the sword of Mother Earth?”

“Witch of the Wood told all of us.”

“That Damn woman! Opening my secret to everyone. Now, after, you are here kissing my ass. Tell me, what do you want from me?” Jaime became glum for some reason. “I won’t give you back the sword, I bought it with a heavy price. It is mine.”

“I am here, not to ask the sword….” The Old General put on a sad face. “Our city has nothing to eat, if you may…”

Jaime threw twenty storage pouches to the old general. “There are rations inside, enough for your people to live for a month, but whoever gets one must pay ten in the future, think before you take it.”

The Old General lightly smiled. “This kind of thing, no need to think, you are our king! Sooner or later, what we have will be yours.”

“I knew you would say something like that! Since I won’t get payment, I want you to work for the rations. Take this jade information, I want you and all of your people do exactly like the jade information commands. You eat the rations and you have to work for me.” Jaime gave jade information to the Old General.

After reading inside the jade information, the old general face sullen. “To do like this jade information command, all of the soldiers will have to put down their weapons.”

“This kingdom doesn’t need to have soldiers. For your enemies, I will take care all of them in a week! Just do like the jade information asked. All of you must be farmers!” Jaime went back to sleep.

“By the way,” said the Old General. “Thanks for helping me and curing my stomach wound. What a great medicine you have there.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Please give me more medicines to help the others.”

“Arrghhhh you are hurting me!”

In the middle of the night, Jaime used his flying beast to travel to the heart of Liberty Kingdom, City of Fire.

“This will be an easy task to take down a kingdom with the King in the Patriarch Realm!”


Kingdom of Liberty, City of Fire.

There was a dance of twenty witches in the middle of big fire. One old woman, the leader of the Witch of Fire, suddenly opened her eyes. “The enemy of our god has made his way to conquer our kingdom. Take one thousand slaves here to be sacrificed on fire to summon our God of Fire to kill him. The fated one to be the king of three realms is our mortal enemy!”

The king of Liberty beside the witch of fire sneered. “Only on the king realm, want to take my kingdom! You are thirty realms lower than our god! You will die without knowing what has hit you!”

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  3. The king of Liberty beside the witch of fire sneered. “Only on the king realm, want to take my kingdom! You are thirty realms lower than our god! You will die without knowing what has hit you!”

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