The First Hunter Chapter 2

Hello readers! Here is chapter 2 of The First Hunter. I’ll be trying to bust out another chapter this week, but no guarantees. I’m going to try to catch up on the releases I missed in the last three weeks. So that might mean more releases this week and next week. Thanks for sticking with me!

Chapter 2


The First Hunter Prologue + Chapter 1

Hello readers, this is a side project, ‘The First Hunter’ by D-Dart, who is also the author of ‘Emperor of Solo Play’. The schedule is tentative for now, but I’m hoping to do two weekly releases for this and ‘Etranger’ once winter break starts. I hope you guys stick around for this new title.

So, aside for the Etranger release tomorrow, there will be no releases until 19 December. I have finals this week and the next, so I’ll be holding off on translations until they’re over.


Chapter 1