My Reading List and Recomendations

As I said before, my ultimate goal is to bring many stories to people. With that said, I decided to make a list of stories I’ve read over the years from online free sources. I will either leave a summary or my thoughts on the stories. These are all my personal opinions and no one has asked me to do this. I just want to share. This list will always be a work in progress because I have to look up all the stories I have read. No genre is taboo for me. Stories that pushes morals or stories that are cliché are all good to me. The thing I focus on most is character development. So maybe this gives you a sense in what I look for in stories. So hopefully this list gives more and more things for you all to read. ^_^. And if you would like to recommend me a story to read, feel free to leave a comment down below. If it is something I have not read and I like it, I would put it on my list as well. If it is something I read and forgot about, this would help make the list bigger. Don’t be shy!






Martial Arts




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