Empryean Ascent



For some, death would be a fear. For some, death would be emptiness. But for some, death would be a beginning.

For every soul whose mortal body had reached its end, the Cycle of Reincarnation awaits. But for a certain soul, this wasn’t the case. Given the chance to live again with his memory intact, he must tread his way through the shackles of his old ideals and belief, through a world filled with slaughter and madness, and through the fulfillment of the promise he made to that distant young man who had once looked down upon the world.

(More changes soon)

Author: Hello there guys! It’s me, Arch! First of all, this is the long awaited rewrite of the first Empyrean Ascent originally written back in November last 2015. Expect almost the same cast of characters, except for an enormous change in plot and direction of the story. Well, that’s all for now, I hope you guys enjoy the stay, have fun reading!

Updates: 3-5 times a week depending on how hectic college is. (Mon, Thur, Sun)

Glossary (Soon)

Table of Contents

Arc 0: Beginning
Chapter 1: I Promise
Chapter 2.1: Birth
Chapter 2.2: Birth
Chapter 3: A Year In The Life
Chapter 4: Identity
Chapter 5: Beginning

Arc 1:
Chapter 6: