Spirit Sword

스피릿 소드


Author: 김정률 (Kim Jung Ryul)

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Raw Source

Status: 192 Chapters (Complete)

Translator: Paul

Schedule: Tentative


The human Luke Esteban and an Orc disguised as a human, these two rough men on a chemically explosive adventure to conquer the continent!! Luke Esteban, a soldier who completed his five year tour at Fort Portlan, had planned to retire along with a soldier from the same troop. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Luke is attacked on the same day that he is discharged, and is captured. As a prisoner, Luke tells an orc warrior a secret in exchange for his assistance. The secret is the ‘Spirit Sword’, a dagger that a god had gifted to the once flourishing orc tribes. The Spirit Sword is a dagger with the mysterious ability to draw an orc’s soul out of its body, and implant it into a human body. “In exchange for helping me adapt to humanity, I will fight under your command for the rest of my life.”


Chapter 1





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