Etranger Chapters 6 and 7

Hey guys, first off, I’m sorry for missing the release last week. I know I said I would release a chapter late, but instead I had opted to just do a double release today, I should have made an announcement. I’ll try to not miss anymore releases if I can help it, and I’ll try to be more transparent. So without further ado:

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


Etranger Chapter 6 will be delayed

Sorry everyone, I fell behind on the translations due to various circumstances. I bike to school from home, and the trip is an hour one way, so it takes a large chunk out of my time. I also don’t have a laptop, so I can only work on the translations at home. Having said that, my bike broke down this week, so I had little time to work on the chapter. I also have a saturday class, so I just couldn’t finish the chapter. Hopefully I’ll be done with the chapter by tonight, but more than likely I’ll finish tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Thank you for staying with me until now readers,