CGA Chapter 40

Chapter 40 The Old General’s Wish Once I was a skinny boy In the deserted and poor land Dream for glory and well living Hastily traded my life in war Through blood, sword, and hardship Found …

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CGA Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Chu Mie’s Dungeon Heart You are the chosen one, you are fated to be the king and dragon among men, which is only born in one million years. You are fated to be the richest man in t…

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Announcement. CGA delayed

Hey all. I have some personal matters to deal with this morning. So I won’t have time to edit and upload. So I’ll have to do it when I get off of work. Sorry for the delay. New chapter should be up at 5pm (-5UTC). So you can match the release with your time zone. Since NU doesn’t update when I release it. Sorry about that. Put my personal matters can not be delayed T_T.