“At first, I didn’t know why I was brought here. I thought I was supposed to be the hero, but what use does a mostly peaceful world need for one of those? It wasn’t until much later in my life that I realized that while ‘Hero’ is a title that the people of the world attach to us, it is so much more. Being a hero isn’t about being famous. It’s about being willing to sacrifice. To give yourself, even when you really want to just run and hide. Knowing that you will lose so much more than just yourself if you give in to fear.

We’re all here for a reason. Every man, woman and child. Soldier and civilian. We are here because we won’t back down to fear. Some of you call me hero, but today. . . Today we are all Heroes!”

-Aiden Garelt, The [Guardian]

A/N: Hey everyone, this is Desu. I hope you all like the story and have some fun reading it. Please feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Good, bad, meme, whatever your heart desires~ Thanks for taking the time to read the words that I put out on the page. . . . Screen . . . . whatever. . .

Prologue          Chapter 1          Chapter 2          Chapter 3          Chapter 4

Chapter 5         Chapter 6         Chapter 7

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