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[ Etranger ]
‘Ye have been summoned’

Korea’s special forces Captain ‘Kang San’ and female officer ‘Kim Biyeon’,

Suddenly encountered a training accident resulting in their fall

In the morning, the two people saw an unfamiliar spread before them

“First we must survive!”

“We’ve arrived here, but there may be a way to return.”

“We must never forget those that we must protect.”

The desperate survival of a man and a woman in an unfamiliar world spread out before them!

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Translated by: Paul (Celly’s just being modest)

Edited By: Celly (he really doesn’t need an editor) 

Table of Contents

Prologue                  Chapter 4.1           Chapter 8              Chapter 12.2

Chapter 1                Chapter 4.2           Chapter 9              Chapter 13

Chapter 2                Chapter 5               Chapter 10            Chapter 14

Chapter 3.1             Chapter  6             Chapter 11

Chapter 3.2             Chapter 7              Chapter 12.1