CGA: Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 Building Harem


“We can’t change the past as much as we wish we could. But tomorrow is a new day and different story. Tomorrow is a different thing. We can change it to make things better. Or… worse. You know, sometimes we do too much for nothing and everything around us is getting worse and worse. If that happens, do nothing, feel grateful with every little thing you have and pray, may God be with you.”


I have a story or two from the prayer of the frog.

A plane with  hundreds of passengers had an accident in the sky, and the pilot announced to the passengers. “Our first and fourth engine just blew up and the second and third engine had a failure. For now only God can help us. Pray.”

One skeptic didn’t understand the announcement and asked a priest beside him. “Father, please tell me what the pilot’s announcement means?”

The priest sighed. “My child, that means we have no more hope.”

Or ~ ~

A parachutist jumped out of a plane on a windy day and was blown a hundred miles off course by a powerful gale. Then his parachute caught on a tree, so he hung there for hours in the middle of nowhere, shouting for help.

Finally someone passed by. “How did you get up on that tree?” he asked.

The parachutist told him. Then he asked, “Where am I?”

“On a tree,” was the reply.

“Hey! You must be a cleric!” 

The stranger was stunned. “Yes I am. How did you know?”

“Because what you said is certainly true and certainly just as useless.”


‘Double Moon Sect needs to change. Even if I don’t like to kill, but this is the best method for the future of this sect.’

Jaime faced thousands of people and shouted, “Move back if you don’t want to be killed! Like Elder Hu and Elder Fan!”

They saw Elder Hu and Elder Fan lying on the ground without knowing how Jaime did it. Both of them had their blood pour all over the earth. There was no way for either of them to be still alive.

“Patriarch Jaime! It is really patriarch Jaime. Quickly move back!”

As the people moved back, the layer formation turned on and left the body of Elder Hu and Elder Fan inside the formation. Their disciples, who wanted to take their bodies, were pushed back by the formation wall.

‘But you, humans, forget, I can see the future huahahaha…. Past, present, future, what the heck is that! The most important thing is money. When you have money, wherever you are, whenever you are, you will be the king of time. When you have no money, you won’t want to be in the past, present or future. Money is the future!’

Jaime walked to their dead bodies and took their storage pouches. After checking them carefully, Jaime smiled. Elder Hu even had one space storage ring hidden on his body. “This Elder Hu really knew how to get money, there are two million spiritual stones inside the ring.”

He casted fire to burn their bodies and said. “Traitors need no grave.” After saying that, he promptly went back to the cave and didn’t bother with the thousands of people who didn’t really understand what just happened.

“Will he get away, just like this?”

“We must kill him!” One disciple of Elder Hu angrily said.

“Even your master got killed like a dog in front of all of us, what can a little boy like you do to Patriarch Jaime?”

“What do we do? He killed our leader.”

“But you heard that Elder Hu was a traitor! He deserved to die! He is not our leader.”

“F**k you, who do you think you are.”

The fight between disciples suddenly made the situation become worse.

“Elder Zhou’s dead!” shouted someone, silencing the entire crowd.

Elder Zhou’s body laid on the ground and all his belongings were already gone.

“Who killed him? Don’t say Patriarch Jaime?”

This caused fear to all of the people there. Disciples of Elder Hu and Elder Fan knew, things would go bad if they kept protecting their dead masters. Anyway, their masters didn’t even treat them well when they lived. They started cursing at their dead masters, scared that they would die like them too.

A guy sneered. “You dare to take your daddy belongings, you deserved to die!”


“Where is this?” Xiao Yun looked around.

“Don’t wake up yet. You are injured.”

Xiao Yun’s eyes stared at Jaime deeply.

Jaime touched her hand. “Thanks for helping me, without you I would have already been dead.”

Xiao Yun pulled back her hand and didn’t let Jaime touch her. “Stay away from me.”

“Don’t you remember what we had in the past together?” 


Jaime scratched his head. “We were chatting together, hugging each other, loving each other, making love and had hundreds of babies?”

“Keep dreaming.” Xiao Yun threw his face away,  while her face turned really red. “We only met again in the arena. Nothing happened between us.”

“Then why did you protect me?” Jaime realized she was talking so much. Not being so cold anymore.



“I don’t know…”

Maybe she really didn’t have memories about the dungeon of heart.

“Well, it is okay. I still owe you and I want to tell you that you  have a big problem here. Your injuries are already much better and won’t harm you. But your cultivation has been damaged badly. You have to throw away your cultivation and cultivate a new one from the beginning. I am sorry.”


“I want to go out.” Xiao Yun forced herself to say.

“I will help!” Jaime quickly moved his body to hold Xiao Yun.

Both of them sat outside the cave.  It was midnight. Jaime lit up a fire in the middle of them to chase away the cold.

Xiao Yun eyes looked hypnotized by the fire. Jaime put out new clothes to cover Xiao Yun. She stared at Jaime inquisitively.

“I don’t know why.” Xiao Yun hesitated for a while. “I have a cozy feeling beside you.”

Jaime showed a big smile. “I am handsome, caring, and have a very gentle heart. No one in this world won’t fall into my charm, you are lucky to be with me. If you feel gratitude being with me, you can pay me. Usually I am paid per hour.”

Xiao Yun giggled, “What are you talking about?”

“I am saying, thanks for saying my life. I owe you big this time.”

Xiao Yun glanced at the moon. “Have you ever talked to the moon?”

“Nope.” There is no one there that would listen though.

“I usually talk to the moon.” Xiao Yun locked her eyes on the night sky. She had  bright ivory skin and a slender figure; an absolute goddess-like beauty at a catastrophic level. Her eyes sparkled like the starry night with curved, moon-shaped eyebrows. Thick midnight dark hair, combined with her graceful face, her daintiest tiny nose and her soft pink lips like forbidden fruit. She is an ineffable beauty. She is really pretty. Jaime’s heart began to beat faster.

“Before the tournament, Elder Fan was going to forcefully marry me to Zhou Wei after it ends. I don’t like Zhou Wei, so I was thinking about killing myself after the tournament. Maybe that is why I saved you. I wanted to die.”

Jaime hugged Xiao Yun shoulder warmly. “Stupid girl, never say things like killing yourself, there is still a lot of happiness you will experience in the future. You will meet a better guy, have a better life, and something better, than you will ever dream. Stay alive and good thing will happen.”

“What if happiness never comes to me?”

“People are craving for happiness, sometimes they try to fight so hard for happiness and have nothing. Sometimes they wait for so long and nothing changes. Then, starting to give happiness is the only thing you can do. So someday the happiness will put its eyes on you. But, if everything failed, just stay alive and wait for me. Wherever you are, whenever you are, I will come to you and give you all the happiness in this world. Just stay alive. I will be there soon.”

Xiao Yun closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of Jaime’s body. “I don’t know why I talk too much today. I feel warm with you, like we already knew each other for a long time. It seems, as if my heart has known you for a long time.”

Jaime smiled and let Xiao Yun be in peace. What he really cared about now, were the mosquitos. Now they were targeting both of them, really a romance crusher.


In the morning, Xiao Yun searched for Jaime and said, “I want to be strong and I will keep learning martial arts. It is already my life, I can’t live without them.”

“Alright then, but the cultivation you have now will be gone.” Even if Xiao Yun got injured at her meridians, she was still on level 35. She just couldn’t channel all the spiritual energy again after her meridians broke.

Xiao Yun nodded. “I got the cultivation from Elder Fan and I can’t fulfill his wishes, it is normal to return all of it back to him.”

“Okay, come here and touch my hand.”

Jaime grabbed her hands, making Xiao Yun blush.

When Xiao Yun was injured, she was unconscious for five days and for that long Jaime tried everything he could do to cure Xiao Yun broken meridians. He found out that Xiao Yun couldn’t cultivate because of her bad karma, if Jaime didn’t intervene with her life. Xiao Yun fate would have been finished right now. She would die because of rejecting the marriage with Zhou Wei and be killed by Elder Fan. As fate kept forcing her to stay on its path, Xiao Yun was still attacked by Elder Fan, but she didn’t die.

Bad karma is like a debt, that needs to be paid.

“Book of Karma, Xiao Yun and I will exchange our levels to pay the bad karma of Xiao Yun!”

[To payback the bad karma of Xiao Yun. 15 levels will be taken from Jaime and all Xiao Yun levels will be taken.]

“Do it!”

Bright light covered Jaime and Xiao Yun, the light keep purifying Xiao Yun for a long time. When it finished, Jaime quickly checked Xiao Yun status.

[Xiao Yun, level 1. No injury found. Her bad karma had been cleared; her fate has changed and won’t follow the original written fate. She can start cultivation.]

“Wait.” Jaime put his finger in the middle of Xiao Yun eyebrows. “I will imprint the cultivation of the Phoenix. It is ten times better than Double Moon Sect’s cultivation.” The process ended quickly.

Jaime stared at Xiao Yun big eyes. “Xiao Yun, you will be the elder of eighth division, this whole place will be yours. I hope you can cultivate for five years. This space storage pouch is for you, inside there are pills which are enough for you to breakthrough to Patriarch Realm and even King Realm. There will be money and patriarch Realm Demonic Beast’s meat. It will help you quickly gain your cultivation back.”

“Do you want to leave me?” Xiao Yun eyes shone with sadness. “Again…”

“Stupid girl.” Jaime hugged Xiao Yun. “I can’t always be with you. I am a man and a man has a lot of things to do. I need to conquer three realms in 100 years. So many things must be done.”

Jaime definitely doesn’t dared to say, that he needed to conquer 999 more female hearts and wanted to build a harem.

“Now if you insist on following me, I will only harm you. My journey will be full of danger and …”

Suddenly there was a voice ringing throughout the eight divisions. “Elders of Double Moon Sect want to meet Jaime. Please grant an audience.”

Jaime’s eyes rolled.

Another romance crusher.

Jaime shouted back. “Wait there, I am in the middle of a romantic conversation with my wife! It will be your fault if she won’t get convinced.”

“Where were we? Oh yes.” Jaime reply. “Now if you insist on following me, I will only harm you. My journey will be full of danger and beautiful girls…”


Xiao Yun eyes coldly stabbed at Jaime.

“No, see they mess up my brain. I mean when you have a high cultivation, I ..”

Xiao Yun forcefully grabbed the storage pouch and turned around to the cave. “When I have a high cultivation, wherever you are, I will find you. After that if you dare to leave me again. I will kill you.”

“Yes ma’am!” Jaime quickly bowed, scared of her killing intent.

Before the cave closed, Jaime looked at Xiao Yun for the last time.

“Take care yourself,” said Xiao Yun with tears falling from her eyes.

“I will wait for you…”


Jaime glanced at Elder Meng, Elder Jie, Elder Guo, Elder Zhang and one person called Grandmaster Xhu.

“It is good all of you came. I was just thinking to find all of you to give you insight before I leave this sect!”

“Wait, first tell us how you killed Elder Hu, Elder Fan and Elder Zhou.”

Jaime laughed. “Seems you really want to know? Then if you have money please give  a little, so we can move to the next part. Hahaha.”


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  2. “Where were we? Oh yes.” Jaime reply. “Now if you insist on following me, I will only harm you. My journey will be full of danger and beautiful girls…”

    Dude… You speak too much. This guy isn’t really a smooth talker 😛 But, as I thought, the author took her cultivation away to make her stronger.

    Now I only wonder if those disciples truly betrayed him…


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