CGA: Chapter 25

Chapter 25 End of Double Moon Sect


“Well, it is difficult for me to admit when I am doing wrong, especially in front of people who I hurt. But, it is the best to admit, when you are doing wrong. So I want to make a confession. I stole candy when I was small. I made my mother cry. I hit my classmate. I hit on every girl I thought was pretty. I caused my girlfriends to burst in tears. When a guy loved me, I rejected him. When I had money I said no to people wanting to borrow and I went to church only to look for a pretty girl and the priest kicked me out. Damn, what I want to admit is, I feel regret because I really made a mistake, regret that I was not doing worse that time. I wish I could turn back time and steal more candies, hit on more pretty girls and love more classmates. And that guy who loved me, maybe I should have accepted him and opened a door of a whole new world…. maybe not.”

“I admit that I did wrong, when killing those elders, but I can’t say I wasn’t happy when they died. As for how they died, I won’t open my secrets so easily,” Jaime smiled lightly. “So what makes you people come here?”

“I heard that you have the complete Double Moon Cultivation.” Elder Meng was shaken. “I have been long stuck at Eldest Realm and can’t get through to the Patriarch Realm, neither could my master nor great grand master. Please for the sake of Double Moon Sect!”

“Easy to say! What can you give me if I were to give you what you want?”

Elder Meng glanced at the others, as if they already had an agreement between them. “If you really have the complete Double Moon Cultivation, we are willing to take you as Patriarch of Double Moon Sect.”

“Why?” asked Jaime in confusion.

“For the glory of Double Moon Sect and for my Master wish, before he died. He wished that Double Moon Sect could reach its golden age again. I had promised him that we will do it. But none of us have the ability to do it. Our only hope is with you.”

Jaime smiled “If it’s like this, all of you can follow me.” He took all of the elders to the peak of Rainbow Peak. “What do you think about this place?”

Elder Jie quickly said. “This formation truly is a masterpiece, besides having a defense wall, and being able to capture an enemy, it also has a function to gather heaven and earth energy, truly an incredible formation.”

Jaime nodded. “This formation was created by the twelve mini-core formations. I want to make this formation for the entire Double Moon Mountain range, like a thousand years ago when Double Moon Sect was in the peak of its golden age. We must revive the 12 divisions and call back all disciples of Double Moon. We are going to have a five years closed cultivation for all disciples of Double Moon Sect.”

“Why?” Elder Meng confused. “Calling all disciples of the sect has never happened in two hundred years.”

“In the next 5 years, there will be a tragedy. If we don’t get ready for it, maybe Double Moon Sect will be wiped out clean from this continent.”

“What tragedy?” Elder Guo asked.

“A king of the three realms will conquer this continent with his troops. If we don’t have a King Realm or an Emperor Realm at that time, we will most likely be killed.”

‘I am the king of three realms, if all of you can’t reach Emperor Realm in five years and be my troops to conquer this continent, what use do all of you have for me.’

“But no one had reached emperor realm in the last two thousand years?”

“When the formation occupies all of Double Moon Mountain Range and collects heaven and earth energy from the continent, in three years, the place at the core of formation will have enough energy to nurture one emperor realm, three in four years and twelve in five years. Even ancestor realm will be possible.”

All of the elders were shocked.  “Is it true?”

Grandmaster Xhu spoke for the first time. “Even in the history, when this sect was at its peak, there was no record of having someone in the King Realm, let alone someone in the Emperor Realm. We need the right cultivation and right pills for breakthroughs of each realm. We don’t have any of them.”

“Seeing is believing. Elder Meng, I will give you the cultivation of Double Moon Sect which I already modified a little.” Jaime took out a green jade disk and recorded some information with the help of spiritual stones. His level was simple too low for now. “Take this jade and this pill, go find a cave and cultivate. I will give you five hours.” Jaime threw two items to Elder Meng.

“Elder Jie, elder Guo, and elder Zhang this is the record of how to create the formation of the twelve moons capturing dragon.” Jaime threw a green jade to them. “While waiting for Elder Meng, the three of you can study the formation and check this Rainbow Peak formation, so you can create it for each division and for all of Double Moon Range.”

“As for Grandmaster Xhu, I will teach you how to extract this item.” Jaime threw a small stone to Grandmaster Xhu and caused his face to turn pale.

“What is it?” asked Elder Jie.

“A Dragon fruit seed.”

“With one of that seed, you can create 100 low [First Dragon] pills and 10 [First Dragon] pills. For your knowledge, the so-called [First Dragon] pill, that you create here, is just a low-grade pill. Total garbage!”

Every elder stared at Jaime with an opened mouth.

“What? You don’t believe me? There is another saying, ‘paying is believing’. Give me your money, so you will believe it. People never believe and be grateful for a free things.”

“No need,” say Elder Guo quickly. “I believe in you already. I have seen your disciples become lions amongst men. That is why all of us agree of you being Patriarch. They were disciples with the lowest talent in here but you changed them in month. This is truly a great thing for the sect”

Jaime felt proud and raised his head. “Then start doing your job. Except for those who want to study how to make pills for King and Emperor Realm breakthroughs, please go away.”

All of the Elders eyes were becoming red. Grandmaster Xhu already wanted to kneel in front of Jaime and call him master!

When Elder Zhang, Elder Jie and Elder Guo walked away to do their job, Elder Jie sighed. “This little boy is truly amazing, every time he opened his mouth; it was like lighting in the noon. Never ceases to amaze me.”

“His cultivation is just like a normal human, but he killed Elder Hu easily.”

“Sigh… his cultivation is already so deep, so we can’t understand. He really is a dragon amongst man.”

“Do you know what his ex-disciple called him?” asked Elder Guo.


“A king of three realms.”

“Self-proclaimed one?”

“Yeah, it got me really confused when he said in 5 years a king of three realms will conquer this continent. I am lost at that part just now.”

“Yeah me too.”

“Maybe, he just a crazy kid with a short-circuited brains after that village massacre.”


After five hours, Elder Jie, Elder Zhang and Elder Guo got surprised when they found Elder Meng and Grandmaster Xhu kowtowing to Jaime while calling him, “The greatest man alive. A king of three realms. A master of impossible. Our lovely Master. The most handsome guy under heaven.”

Jaime stood on the large boulder with two hands on his hip and laughed very hard. “Good disciples, kiss my ass again! When I am happy, I will give you more huahahaha….”

They didn’t understand what was happening at all.

“I am here to take what you have promised me!” A sudden roar can be heard and an image suddenly flashed beside Jaime.

“Huo Xie!” Elder Jie got surprised again. He thought this guy was gone in the chaos of that time.

“Good time coming, good time coming. Huo Xie I want you to fight with Elder Meng, before I return your stuff.” Jaime smiled. “Elder Meng go!”

Huo Xie looked at Elder Meng and laughed. “Elder Meng? I will kill him in a second.”

Elder Meng said nothing and rushed to attack Huo Xie. Huo Xie smiled and accepted one hit. It caused his smile to disappear and then Elder Meng smiled. Both furiously exchanging twenty hits, their attacks’ aftershocks destroyed stones and trees in the surroundings.

Huo Xie face turned pale. “You are already in the Patriarch realm!”

This news left Elder Jie, Elder Zhang and Elder Guo dumbfounded.

“Enough,” said Jaime while throwing a space storage ring. “Huo Xie, take your things back and thank you for taking care about Elder Hu and Elder Fan with a sneak attack. As for Elder Zhou, why did you kill him?”

“Hmm… he took my armor and smeared poison on it! Causing this daddy to hide for a five days to push out the poison! Really, he is an annoying bastard! I should have killed him hundreds more times.”

Jaime was the culprit who smeared the poison on the armor and let Elder Zhou and Huo Xie  blame each other.

Now all of the elders knew, that those three elders were killed by Huo Xie, so they looked at Jaime for some explanations.

“When Huo Xie was my guest, I gave him two poison pills at that time, black and blue. The blue one was used for locking his energy and the black one was poison which would kill him in a month. I asked him to kill Elder Hu and Elder Zhou when I returned his power back. For killing them, I would have rewarded him with an antidote for his poison, returned his belongings and pay for killing Elder Hu and Elder Fan.”

Huo Xie checked his storage ring, after finding that nothing was missing and that it also had an addition of a few hundred thousand spiritual stones and antidote pill. He glanced at Jaime. “This won’t be over just like this. There will be a time when I will come and take your head.”

Jaime smiled. “Come anytime you want, Double moon Sect already has a new Patriarch and will build a new formation for you to try out. Just come when you like and ask for more people from your clan, the more the merrier.”

Huo Xie sneered and flew out.

Suddenly a group of five hundred people rushed to the peak mountain, when they looked at Jaime, they knelt together and cried. “Master never let us do a thing like this again!” Some of them cried loudly, for they felt deeply wronged.

Fatty Chen cried really loud. “Master, even if it was just a trick, you asked us to defect to other divisions and conquer the divisions from the inside, we didn’t like the feeling of betraying our real master. Master. You are my only master in this life, don’t force us to separate from you again hu…hu…”

“It was just a trick, that they betrayed you?” asked Elder Meng.

“Well, the plan changed a little.” Jaime scratched his head. “The previous plan was for all of the disciples of the eighth division betray me and defect to all of the other divisions. Then become an elder of each division in 5 years. You know I don’t like blood, neither fighting, I think it was the better way to take over Double Moon Sect in peace.”

“But after knowing, that Elder Hu was willing to kill his own sect’s brother and would do harm for the future of Double Moon, as a leader, I chose to take him out. Since, I don’t kill anyone from the same sect, I used Huo Xie hands.”

“Master.” Fatty Chen burst in tears. “Let us back as eighth division’s disciples. We missed that wonderful time.”

Jaime laughed. “You can’t come back here anymore. Because the elder of eighth divisions is Xiao Yun, as who will be her disciples will be her decision.”

“So Master will be a patriarch of our Double Moon Sect!” asked Fatty Chen in high spirit.

“Our master is patriarch!”

“Patriarch Jaime!” said some disciples happily.

“I am not your patriarch!” Jaime shouted angrily. “Elder Meng is your patriarch. He is already on Patriarch realm. As for me! Have you forgotten who am I? Tell me what is your Master’s name?”

“Jaime The Great!” shouted all disciple in unison.

“What is my title!” Jaime shouted!

“The King of Three Realms!”

“What will I do?!”

“Killing the gods, trampling the demons, be the emperor of the universe!”

“Good, this sect is just too small for me. 5 years from now, I will come back to find all of you! At that time, you better already be strong enough to follow my steps! So we can walk together across heaven and hell!” Suddenly Jaime disappeared from everyone’s sight, leaving only his sound behind.

Five hundred disciples looked at the blue sky and some sisters started crying.

“Master! We will be strong enough after five years!”

“Master, I will be ready at that time!”

“We will follow you without fail at that time!”


Some girls disciples cried loudly. “Master, I love you!”

“Master, please give me your baby first before you go!”


One month later.

In a big city where more than a million people lived.

Jaime was sitting on the side of the road with dirty clothes. “Please give me some money. I am so hungry and haven’t eaten for three days… please… have a little kindness for me…. I have no family, friend, or loan shark to borrow food or money…. hungryyyy….. ”


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Editor’s Note: Welp, Jaime has to do what he has to do. lol.

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