CGA: Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 Killing Double Moon Sect’s Leader


“Why is it, that in this world there are good and bad? God and Devil? Man and woman? Are they created to fight each other or to collaborate? Man and woman create babies. Good and bad create wisdom. God and Devil creates human. Rivals give improvement for both sides. So, love your enemy. Make love with the one you hate the most, and kiss people that hit you. Steal from those who are kind to you, lie to people who care about you, and hurt the ones you love the most.”

Jaime saw Gong Na and smiled. “What are you waiting for? Not going to kill me? Or waiting for me to kill you?”

Gong Na still feared Jaime. He glanced at Elder Zhou. “This lowly disciple has finished his job here. I am going to join the other disciples with Elder Hu. Please excuse me.”

“Hmm!!!!” Elder Zhou sneered, not giving an eye to such a lowly disciple. Gong Na left quickly. “Elder Hu promised me one hundred thousand spiritual stones for your little life.” 

Elder Zhou stepped forward. His eyes locked on Jaime. He could see how pitiful Jaime’s condition was, pale face, and full of blood in his mouth. “Take off your armor. I don’t want that armor to be stained with your blood. Really bad luck.”

Jaime smiled; he put down Xiao Yun and striped his armor. “Take this if you really want it.” The armor flew to Elder Zhou hand. His eyes glittering as he touched the armor.

Jaime turned around and took Xiao Yun with him. He started to move out.

“Stop there, where do you think you are going.” Elder Zhou didn’t believe Jaime would easily ignore him.

Jaime kept walking. “I don’t kill people from the same sect, you too better leave here before the poison causes your meridian to explode.”

“Poison?” Elder Zhou quickly looked at his hands which were already turning black.

“That armor, I took it from Huo Xie. He smeared poison there. When you hit me, your hand had poisoned once and now you touched it again. Killing time is killing you. If you rush back to find Elder Jie, maybe he will be kind enough to let Grandmaster Xhu under Violet division to cure you.”

“I will kill you before I go back.” Elder Zhou eyes turned red with killing intent.

Jaime sighed. “I gave you a big way to live and yet you insist on digging a tiny path to hell.” He put down Xiao Yun and took out a new sword.

Elder Zhou laughed but suddenly his face turned pale. He couldn’t channel his energy. The poison had attacked his meridians.

Jaime shouted again. “Go away! I don’t kill anyone from Double Moon Sect!”

Elder Zhou turned around and ran away. Now he was just a normal person, without any spiritual energy he could channel, Jaime could kill him easily. Seeing Elder Zhou’s back, Jaime’s eyes filled with tears. Not his tears but, Fu Gu Chai’s tears. This sect he built so hard will face tragedy soon.

Jaime checked the stone formation, when his hand touched the formation, he could sense which stone was removed. “That Elder Hu asked to break this formation, but appears he really wanted to study this formation so he removed only a few of them.” He smiled and quickly advanced to repair the stone formation as fast as he could.

Even if the formation won’t be as strong as in its prime. Still, it will be enough to block someone from Elder realm.

Jaime brought Xiao Yun to the Patriarch Cave, the cave only he could open. Inside the cave, Jaime put Xiao Yun in the middle of the formation. It was the core formation of all formations in Rainbow Peak. The concentration of energy inside was almost hundred times normal.

Jaime took out healing pills and [Sun and Moon] pills, crushed them into dust and let them flow around the cave. The powder was slowly entering in Xiao Yun body. Jaime sat and cultivated the highest level cultivation of Dragon and Phoenix. He sucked up all of the heaven and earth energy, letting it cycle through his body seven times before pouring it inside Xiao Yun body. The energy inside Xiao Yun slowly cleared the broken meridians and cured the injuries. It also helped the medicine process inside Xiao Yun’s body. 

Using the Book of Karma, Jaime checked Xiao Yun’s condition.

[Xiao Yun, 14 years old, in bad condition but not harming her life.  Her meridian energy  was destroyed and it is not possible to be repaired again. As for her life as martial artist, it is impossible to continue anymore.]


At the end of the tournament, Elder Hu was announced to be the new leader of Double Moon Sect. There was no eighth division any more. As for the five hundred or more disciples from eighth division, they were dissolved into and spread among the seven divisions. Each elder took about thirty to forty disciples and the rest were kicked out to the outer sect.

“I never thought eighth division’s disciples would have a lot of good talents to enter as inner disciples of seven divisions.” Someone from the audience didn’t believe in what he saw. Usually it was hard to enter as an inner disciple of the seven divisions.

“Something wrong with them. Since the Patriarch Jaime came, in a few months almost all of them raised their talent and level.”

“Yeah, have you checked Fatty Chen? He is on senior realm now!”

“Yeah, nothing normal since the Patriarch Jaime came. Where is he now?”

“I saw Elder Zhou chased him but the elder came back in terrible condition!”

“Right, did you see Huo Xie the Patriarch Realm from Huo Clan? Fatty Chen brought him together. His condition is also really bad. Black and blue all over his face.”

“I saw him! His hair was messy, seems like he just got out from prison!”

“I heard Elder Hu will move to kill Jaime.”

“Why does Elder Hu want to kill him?”

“No one knows.”

“How about Elder Meng?”

“He is not willing to fight with Elder Hu and cause trouble for the sect. So he chose to accept Elder Hu as leader and protect Double Moon Sect from the Demon Sect.”

“Yeah, demon sect is really active lately, have you heard how many villages they massacred? No one was left alive in every village they passed.”

“I hope they won’t choose Double Moon Sect as their next target.”

Elder Hu shouted. “From now on, Ex-rainbow peak will be called, Golden Crow peak. Let us move to our new place! All elders you must follow us too. The entire audience is allowed to come, we will make a party to celebrate the new Golden Crow peak.”


“We must follow them!”

Three thousand people moved from the tournament to Rainbow Peak. Elder Hu lead the way full with pride. As all of them reached Rainbow Peak, they saw something they would never forget.

Jaime sat on the chair in front of them. Alone.

Jaime stared at them and shouted. “Eighth division will never disappear. Rainbow peak will continue to live as long as Double Moon Sect stands. Today I will kill the traitor of this sect. His blood will clean this Double Moon Sect.”

“I will announce, Elder Hu is expelled from Double Moon Sect, because he secretly wanted to kill Elder Meng using Hou Xie hand. And he will die today! As for any elder that wants to help him, he will also die today. Any questions?”

Jaime’s eyes were red with anger, no one knew if he was crazy or speaking for real.

“How dare you!” Elder Hu shouted. “Everyone kill him!”

Hundreds of disciples moved to attack but were stopped by the invisible wall. “The formation! He turned on the formation!”

“No matter, keep attacking! The formation will crumble itself.”

Jaime looked at them and suddenly he felt tired. He was not supposed to be here. This is not the war he wanted to join. He never liked to fight neither did he liked to see blood. Fu Gu Chai’s experience forced him to do it.

Finish it quickly and get out from this mess.

“Elder Fan, kidnapped a lot of people. Used them as slaves and let his disciples to kill them. One of them was my brother Hu Hai. Elder Fan didn’t follow ‘the justice’ that Double Moon Sect always protected. Therefore his punishment is death!”

“The one that will be dead is you!” Elder Fan forced all of his disciples to launch an attack at the invisible wall.

“Elder Meng, do you think we need to help them?” Elder Jie didn’t know what to do, too many things he doesn’t understand.

“We should just stay here and see what will happen.”

Elder Zhang was close to Elder Hu. “Elder Hu we need Hua Xie to break this formation. Only Patriarch Realm can do damage to it. Please do something. If he doesn’t die today, we won’t be able to sleep in peace.”

“Keep attacking, I will find a solution.” Elder Hu scanned his disciples.


Fatty Chen saw Jaime angry face and quickly moved back. He was really scared of Jaime. Yet, he must follow his master’s command. Quickly he searched for Huo Xie, that guy looked so terrible.

“Patriarch Huo Xie, my master wishes you to help him in clearing unfinished business. He gave you this pill to help you restore your power. Please quickly help him. After this he will help you to cure any injure you have. Now he is the leader of Double Moon Sect. He can pay you everything you ask.”

Huo Xie raised his head. “I want my things back! Can your master do it?”

“Sure he can, he already told me, anything you wish he will prepare. Just help him this time!”

“Who do I need to kill?”

“My Ex-master.”

Huo Xie moved in front of the formation wall. He attacked with all his power and caused the formation to crack.

Elder Hu smiled. “All of you must breakthrough when the formation breaks down. The Twelve Moons Capturing Dragon formation in this little place only can be used to capture one person, as for whoever can kill him, he or she will get one hundred thousand spiritual stones!”

Huo Xie launched his second attack and the whole formation broke down. Thousands of people rushed to Jaime wanting to try their luck at obtaining one hundred thousand spiritual stones by killing Jaime.

Yet Jaime didn’t move, neither did he escape, he just smiled in front of everyone.

Suddenly, there were two miserable screams that caused everyone to stopped their movement and look at the source of the sound. As they saw what just happened all of them were shocked and stopped their movement.

Even Elder Meng couldn’t help to say. “Impossible!”

“He did it!”

“He really did it!”


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15 thoughts on “CGA: Chapter 23

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  2. Officialy hate all of his disciples except the 200 in the cave, they might still be loyal. “As for her life as a martial artists, it is impossible to continue anymore” what a harsh statement and finally he kils someone for the greater good.

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  3. ouch, that is too sad to hear, if xiao yun cannot be a martial artist anymore, she will really fall behind as jaime faces more and more powerful opponents and soon just become a burden 😦 damn, i didn’t really have much of an impression of her power and she was just a beginner but still too damn sad.

    regarding that fatty chen. ayy i am really wondering what is going on and what that scream is about.
    thanks for the chapter.

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    1. anonym

      i really want the author to give a reasonable explanation for fatty chen betrayal.
      It seems to me inconceivable, for atty chen to think that he can get more fro more from the elder.
      Makes the impression that the author desprately tried to create a sudden twist in the story, when it was not needed , in my opinion at least.

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    2. Oing

      Author might just change that since his writing is all over the place. Half the time just writing gibberish seems like he is either extremely young or just gives no thought to this novel other than trying to be funny yet isn’t good at it at all.


  4. [Xiao Yun, 14 years old, in bad condition but not harming her life. Her meridian energy was destroyed and it is not possible to be repaired again. As for her life as martial artist, it is impossible to continue anymore.]

    Yeah, I officially declare this author as retarded if he doesn’t fix that and makes her even stronger. I don’t really doubt that he will, either, but if he makes his first and probably future main wife into a cripple, I really want to question his sanity 😛 But it’s not the first time that authors do this and then miraculously heal them and make them even stronger.

    I’m starting to wonder if they really did betray him? In that case, why? they earn nothing, they saw how he killed a patriarch beast, they got extreme benefits and their cultivations soared to the heavens, yet they want to betray him and forgo future benefits? Perhaps they’re mentally disabled.


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