CGA: Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Traitor


“If we must separate, I will choose to keep this feeling. Even when you forget me, I will never forget you. This painful feeling of thinking about you, I won’t ever let go. Our meeting and these painful memories of you are the best things I’ve ever had in this life. I will never let it go, even if it will kill me! Because I really love you.”

Jaime stared at Xiao Yun and sighed.

The beasts charged at him and stabbed his body, yet he did nothing. Xiao Yun raised her sword and stabbed at Jaime’s chest. “Die!”

Jaime looked at her and smiled. He raised his hands to hugged Xiao Yun. “Anger, hatred, fear, insecurity, everything of you, I accept it. I have nothing to return to you except love. I love you now and forever. Everything you have I’ll take, but my love for you will never be changed, it will always be infinite and eternal. I will wait here till you feel secure and believe in me. From this time on, you are free to hurt me if it can cure you.”

“Only one thing I ask from you.” Jaime tears fell. “Xiao Yun, please stop hurting yourself. It hurts me a thousand times when I see you in pain. I am more than willing to die a thousand times to make you happy.”

“I am here only for you.”

Xiao Yun body trembled and her cold mask cracked and broke into pieces.

Behind the mask she appeared to be crying. Her tears fell and the crying kept getting louder. The beasts – anger, fear, heartless and so on, one by one started to shine brightly.

They became purified by the crying. The darkness was starting to glow with a soft and warm golden light. A sparkling dust filled every space and Xiao Yun hugged Jaime really tight.

“Never ever let me go anymore.” Xiao Yun with teary eyes stared at Jaime.

“I promise!” Jaime kissed Xiao Yun lips softly, full of love and longing.

The light got brighter and brighter, then everything disappeared.

[Congratulations, first heart’s dungeon is conquered, nine hundreds ninety nine more to go. You now can perform the secret of the heart.]

Jaime awoke and looked around, a familiar place, the arena where he fought with Xiao Yun and the thousands of audience were staring at him.

“Both fighters, what are you doing, keep standing there without moving?! Start the fight quickly! We are here not to watch both of you standing.”

Jaime stared at the referee. He couldn’t digest what just happened.

“I surrender!” shouted Xiao Yun loudly and let all of the audience hear it.

Jaime looked at Xiao Yun. There was still a cold face about her. But something told Jaime, there was a change in her heart. Jaime almost could feel the warmth of her heart.

Elder Meng quickly flew to the arena and shouted. “The winner of this tournament is Jaime, the new elder of eighth division!”

All of the audience stood, giving a big applause.

“Patriarch Jaime!”

“Long live Patriarch Jaime!”

“He never fought even once. The others fought to the death. Do you think he is fit to be the winner?” Elder Hu flew to the arena too. His voice spread to all of the audience “He won by giving a bribe. Don’t you think he is putting our Double Moon Sect name to shame?”

“What do you want!” Elder Meng blocked Elder Hu movements and was ready for fight. “He is the winner! No one can change it!”


Jaime felt danger and at the same time, Elder Fan appeared behind him and launched a sneak attack with all his strength. If Jaime accepted it, surely he will die.

“Die!” Elder Fan launched attack with all his power and caused Jaime to fly outside the arena.

Jaime vomited blood and found Xiao Yun body was lying powerless beside him too.

“Xiao Yun!” Jaime quickly grabbed her body and checked her condition. “Why are you so stupid to take the attack for me!” Jaime felt angry, hopeless, and scared. “You are hurting yourself!”

Before Elder Fan attack touched Jaime’s body, Xiao Yun had thrown her own body to protect him.

Xiao Yun smiled and said slowly, “Never let me go!”

Jaime felt anger burst out from his body and looked at Elder Fan. “I swear I will kill you!”

Jaime took out a pill from his space storage ring and pushed it into Xiao Yun’s mouth. He quickly took her body and flew to eighth division’s direction in high speed. Anger can wait, revenge can wait for nine generations.

You may delay but time will not! Time and tide waits for no one. Xiao Yun life was more important than anything. He needed to cure Xiao Yun first. If he reached the eighth division and turned on the formation, no one could enter. No one could harm them.

Jaime flew high and left the tournament.

“Don’t think you can run!” Elder Fan flashed next to him ready to attack, yet Elder Jie appeared to stop him in advance.

Elder Hu was blocked by Elder Meng. “You dare to hurt the Elder of eighth division!”

Elder Guo also moved to stop Elder Zhang. “It is better for you not to make even one step forward.”

But no one stopped Elder Zhou from chasing Jaime. “Brat, no need to run, your granddaddy already has an eye on you. Put down your life and stop struggling.”

Jaime started to move first, but because of his injury and having Xiao Yun with him, his speed was a little bit slower than Elder Zhou’s on his flying sword. Before reaching the eighth division’s formation, Elder Zhou successfully closed the gap with Jaime. He was only two meters behind Jaime and attacked him with his fist.

Jaime channeled his inner energy into his back, ready to accept the attack. Elder Zhou’s fist hit Jaime’s back hard. This caused Jaime to shoot in to the distance.

“Dragon skin armor?” Elder Zhou eyes lit up looking at Jaime’s tattered clothes as the silver brown armor popped out. That armor was a fourth grades treasure, simply a rare treasure. “I want it!”

Jaime coughed blood and his head started spinning. Before the tournament, he put on the best armor he got from Patriarch Huo. This armor truly saved his life. Subsequently making the distance between him and Elder Zhou farther apart. He pushed all his energy and quickly flashed to the eighth division. There was only ten kilometers left before he could enter the formation.

Elder Zhou also raised his speed and in his hand was already a sword. “I want to know if your head also has armor.”

“I will make it! It is only a few kilometers left; he won’t be able to enter the formation! Only I and the disciples of eighth division which have been marked are allowed to enter.” Jaime glanced at Xiao Yun pale face. “Hang on you will be safe in no time.”

Elder Zhou got closer and closer. Fifty meters, forty meters, thirty meters.

“Come on!” Jaime squeezed all of his energy and ran faster, only one kilometer before he enters the formation.

Twenty meters.

“Faster!” Eight hundred meters left to the formation.

Ten meters.

“Argghhh!” Five hundred meters left to the formation.

Five meters. Jaime could feel Elder Zhou charging his sword with his energy essence.

Jaime eyes were full of determination. “Two hundred meters left!”

Three meters.

Jaime knew, he wouldn’t make it with his speed. He put a mark on XiaoYun’s body.

Two meters!

Jaime threw Xiao Yun into the formation range and turned back with a sword in his hand.

Elder Zhou swung the sword and crashed with Jaime’s sword. A strong energy rushed to his body, making him vomit blood again. His ribs broke while his sword bent. He shot back and entered the formation range. Jaime quickly gathered his consciousness and flashed to catch Xiao Yun before she fell.

“Don’t fall on me!” Jaime pushed his limits and grabbed Xiao Yun just 3 meters left to the earth. Both of them crashed into the nearest tree and rolled on the ground.

“We are safe Xiao Yun!” Jaime laughed with blood spilling from his mouth, he quickly threw a few healing pills in his mouth. He took Xiao Yun and started to move again.

“Where do you think you wanted to go?”

Elder Zhou appeared five steps away in front of him.

“How can…” Jaime was shocked. It was impossible for Elder Zhou to enter the formation.

“You really don’t know anything huhhh?” Elder Zhou laughed. “All your formation has been broken from inside!”

“Who dare to…!”

“Me!” said one voice. When he appeared, Jaime never in his dream would have ever believed, that person would stab him in his back.


Elder Meng was locked with Elder Hu in their fight. Both couldn’t get the upper hand from another.

“Why don’t we stop this meaningless fight?” Elder Hu immediately stopped his attack.

“Do you agree with Jaime as Elder?”

“Why not?” Elder Hu smiled. “Everyone stop the fight! I agree that Jaime is an elder of eighth division.”

All the elders fighting stopped immediately and both side stared at each other.

“But we as eighth disciples won’t agree with Jaime as our Elder!”

Elder Meng was shocked as he found there were almost five hundred of Rainbow Peak’s disciples standing there below the arena.

“Elder Huang was already dead; we have checked his cave and found his skeleton. Jaime stole our elder’s token. We will not have Jaime as our Master, neither will we acknowledge him as an Elder of Rainbow Peak. We want to assimilate ourselves to other divisions and let Rainbow Peak be under Elder Hu!” The entire disciples bowed to Elder Meng. “This is what all the disciples of Rainbow Peak really wish for. From five hundreds more brothers and sister, none of us like Jaime as our master! We hate him. He is using us for his own profit, never thinking about us nor thinking about the glory of Double Moon Sect. He even put us in danger!”

“Who are you?” asked Elder Meng.

“I am called Fatty Chen, leader of eighth division entire disciples, and I want to be Elder Hu inner disciple. He will be my new master. As for Rainbow peak, all of the formation is already broken by us and it will be Elders Hu’s place.”


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  2. ano123

    “Never ever let me go anymore.” Xiao Yun with teary eyes stared at Jaime.
    shortly followed by
    “[Congratulations, first heart’s dungeon is conquered, nine hundreds ninety nine more to go. You now can perform the secret of the heart.]”
    kinda ruins it. By having 999 other womens, he is bound to neglect her, quite strongly at that.

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  3. ano123

    THe “betrayal” by Fatty Chen doesn’t make sense at all. He is probably just acting.
    Without jaime they would have been forever failures, but due to his help have the chance to become someone famous.
    And i think nobody would buy it, that suddenly he thinks that the elder is able to offer him more than jaime.
    After all, he saw how jaime carried a patriach ranked beast, which would have been impossible for the elders.
    It could have been believable, if it had happened during the time, when they were still skeptical about his strength, but he had showed them, that he is superior to the others several times already.

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  4. Well, it will all be reversed instantly in the next chapter, perhaps it’s a plan of Jaime or something like that. Maybe he’s just acting and the formation is still intact… Seems freaking unbelievable that fatty chen and the others would betray him after everything they were given, especially since they should know that only he can bring them higher up and no one else will care about them.


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