CGA Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Selling Chu Mie for a lamb

The world was a very amazing place. You could create yourself and your dream at this place. You can also sell your dreams or buy your dreams. But what was the real point of being alive? To find Who create us? To find why we are here? To fulfill our dreams? Or just live to be ourselves?

There was a simple saying, ‘Wish for nothing and demand of nothing, then everything will be enough and wonderful. You will be happy being whatever you are. Wish for everything and demand of everything, then nothing will be enough and you will be a miserable person in the world.’

Reaching that state will give you joy and fullness, so learn to achieve it. And please remember at the time you have needed nothing, please donate everything you have to me. I am still in need of everything.


An Li and the wood tribe’s people joined hands to sing unforgotten song. The seed slowly regain its memories by the song and began to sprouting a tiny leaves, fighting through the earth.

The Great Wood formation, supported by nine mini formations,  were hungrily sucking the earth essence from the rain and converted it into wood essence. As the nine mini formations shone brightly, they transferred the wood essence to the Great Wood Formation.

The Great Wood Formation began to shine with green color, with the seed in the center, the symbols inside the Great Wood Formation started to shine with a bright green color. They were moving like  gears, cycling faster and faster. Suddenly, the green light shot from the Great Wood Formation into the dark sky. It became the second great light tower piercing the  night. The green light filled with wood essence and it mixed with the earth essence in the sky and the rain. Together they fell down to the ground.

The forest and plants were speedy sucking the earth and wood essences. Things those had long gone for a long time. New leaves were sprouting from the trees and all plants. The seed in the middle of Great Wood Formation quickly grew in a very frightening speed. Only needed a few minutes and it had grown into a very big tree and kept growing bigger and bigger.

While bathing in the green light, An Li’s body and wrinkles started to change into a smooth , pretty skin. Her total appearance changed into a very pretty girl with soft white glittering skin.

Not long after that, the third light tower appeared in a far away land, a light blue color shot into the dark sky.

Ban Ba looked at the blue light tower and said with proud. “That is The Great Water Formation, left by our ancestor. It will spread the water essence into the sky, rain and everywhere, it will help to clear the fire essence in the ground, plants, and air. It will purify everything.”

The Old general was staring intensely at the three towers of lights, illuminate through the darkness. One yellow, blue and green colors. Rain was watering down his white hairs and chin. “Earth, Wood, and Water essences fill this west continent; there will be only prosperity wait for us ahead.”

At that time, all of the people from the west continent saw the three towers of lights from everywhere. They ran out from their hiding, bashing into the rain and were dazzled by the beauties of the towers light. Their hearts felt warm by the color and their eyes burst into tears. The rain which fell on them brought a miracle, to the ground, plants, and even living beings. The dry land started to change into a fertile soil, the plants grew bigger and healthier. The animals cured from many diseases and people were cured from their sickness. Many heads of small nomad tribes were looking the lights, with a deep longing of something big and made the same decision at the same time.

They were whispering with hope and deep relief, “Our king has come!”


Three days after that night, Jaime sat together with Chu Wan, Elder Xun, the Old general, Ban Ba and the fifty six heads of big and small tribes. The tribe heads rushed to the City of Earth—ex-City of Fire—to pledge their loyalty.

“Therefore the Three Former Kingdoms and fifty six tribes announced to join the new kingdom, The Kingdom of Chu Mie,” said Jaime with proud expression.

“I refuse!” said Ban Ba quickly. “The name is so ugly!”

“Me too, refuse it!” said other head tribes. Almost all the tribe heads didn’t agree.

“Then come up with a better one!” protested Jaime. “You were the one who gave me freedom to choose a new name for my kingdom! But now all of you protested! Like I care about the name,”

All of the tribe heads hastily started a warm discussion, which turned into a hot debate and advance to breaking bone voting with a lot of screams and blood. At the time Jaime awoke from his napping, they have agreed at one name. With black and blue on their faces.

Kingdom of Earth.

“Why?” asked Jaime.

Elder Xun explained. “The truth is, this place, west continent, belongs to The Kingdom of Earth since a long time ago. Wood tribe, Fire Tribe, Water tribe and some other tribes  here, were not originally from here. Our ancestor migrated here from our own kingdom of faraway.The Kingdom of Fire are located at the south continent, Kingdom of Water are on North East continent, as for Wood tribe, they live everywhere on this continent except south continent.”

Jaime nodded; even they sound cool and great with the name Kingdom of Earth, Kingdom of Fire, Kingdom of Water etc. They are just a small kingdom in front of three great kingdoms on the Dragon and Phoenix continent. They can only be categorized as a big clan in front of the great kingdom. And they are always being the outlanders.

“Well it is good if we agreed with the name Kingdom of Earth. Now,” Jaime took out twenty jades’ information. “Inside of these jades, there will be information about what  all of you must do in twenty years, but I will come to check every five years.”

“Twenty years?” asked Chu Wan and Ban Ba in confusion.

“Twenty years is a time all of you need to restore our kingdom and make it into the best kingdom in this continent. You know what we lackto take a great kingdom down?” Jaime asked them.


“Soldiers!” Jaime sighed. “Our Kingdom, only has two millions people at most and a few hundred thousand soldiers. Great kingdoms have more than ahundred millions of people and a few millions of soldiers. We can’t conquer any great kingdom in this continent with our current situation.”

“So what will we do in twenty years?” asked Ban Ba.

Jaime happily shared his great idea. “First, we will do farming to ensure we would have enough food for our next generation. Second, we must encourage every woman to born a baby every years, by the time twenty years pass, we will have hundreds millions of people and few millions of soldiers to take over the great kingdom!”

Some head tribes stood and gave standing applause. “Great Idea, brilliant Idea! Truly a great king! How could we never hear one before? All we need are just to pregnant women. I like the idea, love it!”

Elder Xun and other female head tribes face turned ugly looked at Jaime with killing intent.

“Oh well,” Jaime coughed a little. “Inside the jades information also some information about metal and gold mining location, good land to open farms and many more, please used it well.”

“We have a gold mine here?” ask one of thetribe heads.

“Sure we have.” Book of Karma totally showed a complete map of it.

“But we do not have enough tools to open a mine,” said the other tribe heads. They began to discuss between them.

Jaime coughed to get the attention. “I will give you money so you can buy tools you need for farming, mining and etc. Every tribe head will have ten thousand spiritual stones for the tribe.”

When the tribe head heard about that much money, their eyes opened wide and they mouth couldn’t be closed. They were shocked beyond belief.

“Also, I will give every family one spiritual stone, so they can start working and buying stuff they need to start farming. I also left about three millions spiritual stones in the kingdom’s treasury. You can use it when you need.”

One of the tribe heads suddenly knelt and shouted. “You are our king, the best king ever! You brought prosperity to this land, you brought glory to our kingdom and you gave us moneys. Truly a father of us, we can’t do anything for you, yet you already give us everything. We will show our deep loyalty to our king!”

One by one the tribe heads knelt and bowed to Jaime, they shout very pleasant words to be heard.

“I truly regret this!” said one old tribe head suddenly and caused the people to be shocked.

“What did you regret?” asked Jaime politely to one old man.

“I regret that you came too late. If you came faster when I am still young, I would be more than willing to accompany you to heaven and hell! Now, I am 75, what can these old bones do anymore?”

“Don’t worry, you will live longer than you think. Inside the jade, there are cultivation arts. As the earth essence has return, the spiritual energy around this kingdom will be denser. If you cultivate diligently, I think you can live to two hundred years!” Jaime whispered at him. “At that time you can also have a young wife, seventeen or twenty!”

All the tribe heads shouted in unison, “You are the greatest king we ever had!”

Jaime laughed and stood at the table with both hands on the waist. “Good, Good, Kiss my ass, when I am happy, I am going to give you more! Muahahahaha! I will tell you three steps of being loyal followers to your king!”

“We are listening!” said the head tribes.

“When a king asks you to take a beautiful lady for him, as loyal follower you must fulfill that request.”

“Yes we acknowledge. It’s My King, we will bring the most beautiful lady from our tribe for you right away.”

“Not one! But three!” said Jaime looked down to them. “You have to take the three most beautiful ladies to your king!”

“Please enlighten us, our great king.”

“First one is to show you are obedient as a loyal follower. Second one is to show your loyalty and the third is…” Jaime hit his chest proudly, “to kiss MY ASS! Muahahaha! Always remember those steps!”

“We will put it into our heart!”

Jaime hit his chest proudly, “Now, tell me what is your king’s name?”

“Jaime The Great!” shouted all tribe heads in unison.

“What is my title!” Jaime shouted.

“The King of Three Realms!”

“What will I do!”

“Killing the gods, trampling the demons, be the emperor of the universe!”

“Huahahaha, I am the almighty Jaime!”


Chu Wan suddenly said, “King, I did a little math. Even if every women born a baby every year, there will be no way to reach hundred millions in twenty years.”

“I am The King, you know what is the great thing about being the king?” Jaime replied.

“I don’t know.”

“It is because King only needs to command and his followers will use everything to fulfill his command. As to how they do it, I don’t care. Maybe I will need to ask every woman to give birth to twin or triplet every year! You will think of how to do it.”

Chu Wan face turned pale.

Jaime patted his shoulder, trying to comfort him. “Don’t worry, many tribes are still on their way to join our kingdom. They will bring more people to us. Just think to give prosperity to our people and them who come to us, it will attract more people to come here. If you think that still won’t be enough.” Jaime smirked. “Go conquer the smallest kingdom around and make them ours!”


The next day, Jaime went to one room of the palace to check Chu Mie. That girl was still sleeping like nothing had happened. “You my dear friend, you need a knight in shining armor and a white horse. I will fulfill your wish, because I am a really good friend of yours.”

Jaime walked out from the room and made his way to the palace field. He stood on one of the prepared stage. “Thank you all, for being willing to come here, the greatest soldiers of Kingdom of Earth. All of you are the chosen ones, the most handsome and the strongest, son of the tribe heads, dragon among men.”

“Like all of you have heard, Chu Mie, the only princess of Chu Wan and the most beautiful princess in the Kingdom of Earth, is looking for her knight in shining armor, who rides a white horse. So may the knight and prince kiss to cure her sickness. Maybe that lucky guy is you, who can cure her and be her prince!”

“Aooooouuu!” shouted hundreds of young people like a hungry wolves.

“I don’t want to make a short story long, Chu Mie the sleeping princess is sleeping inside that room,” Jaime pointed at one room. “Everyone of you will have to queue to try your luck. Since all of you are so poor and have no spiritual stone, one person only needs to pay one lamb. And don’t worry about the shining armor and the white horse.”

Jaime pointed to one stage where a shining armor and white horse waiting. “It is rented for everyone. You will wear that armor, ride the horse to room and enter to kiss Chu Mie. May luck be with you! Who want to be the first!”



“It is mee!” Ban Ba threw one big lamb on the stage. No one could hold his aura and stepped back. Giving him a way to the stage.

“Ban Ba, I think you are not young anymore,” said Jaime to that big guy.

“My King, I am always seventeen in my heart. I want to have Chu Mie as my sixteen wives. Can I try it?”

Jaime patted the big lamb in front of him. “You have paid, you can do it. Anyway you are handsome, Chu Mie will like you! Just put the shining armor, ride the white house and go kiss her.”

Ban Ba laughed and wore a shining armor, he rode the white horse and went inside the room.

Editor’s Note: puts head in hands Really Jaime?

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  1. aster

    “Now, tell me what is your king’s name?”

    “Jaime The Great!” shouted all tribe heads in unison.

    “What is my title!” Jaime shouted.

    “The King of Three Realms!”

    “What will I do!”

    “Killing the gods, trampling the demons, be the emperor of the universe!”

    “Huahahaha, I am the almighty Jaime!”

    haha, the best line ever

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  2. …Well, it’s a knight in shiny armor on a white horse. Isn’t that what she wanted? What? You mean I misunderstood? naaaah…

    Seriously, I think jaime is up for a beating when she wakes up 😀


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