CGA Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Unforgotten Song

A song is the very heart of its maker. What will you find inside your heart if you are sincere and earnest to face your own heart? What will your heart sing from deep inside it? Will it be a ‘I care about you’ or ‘I really love you’? Will you honestly love yourself and love people around you? Will you have forgiveness when somebody hurts your heart? Will you be able to face the large sky with a good conscious, saying ‘I have given all my best in this life’?

I am free like a sky.


Dong Gi stared at Jaime and shouted angrily, “How dare you take my kingdom! If I can’t have it, no one can! This formation will turn everything on the west continent into a desert! You will make almost one million people suffer in the desert. It is all because of you!”

“Me?” asked Jaime. He looked perplexed. “It was you who create a one kilometer great formation, arrange 21 mini formations and you are the one who activated it! Don’t blame me with what you have done by yourself. I am not involved!”

“You pushed me to do this!” Dong Gi yelled angrily. “You must be the one who is responsible for the result of the west continent being destroyed.”

“Dong Gi, what do you want? Stop this madness. I will kneel to you and give back your throne, I don’t want it!” Jaime knelt with tears in his eyes. “I am sorry, I am really sorry! Please stop the formation, stop hurting innocent people!”

Dong Gi saw Jaime knelt and crying regretfully, and he felt so good inside. “Too late! Once the formation is activated, no one can turn it off again.”

The one kilometer circle formation shone bright. All of the symbols inside dazzled, causing all of them to blink against the dazzling lights. A concentrate light filled the symbols and formation. The symbols appeared up on the ground with many color illusions. All of them started moving in cycles, like a big gear, shining brilliantly. Suddenly the light from the formation shot into the dark sky. It caused the appearance of an one kilometer tower of light, straight to the dark sky.

Ban Ba, Old General and Elder Xun felt the earth and their bodies shaking wildly.

“Dong Gi, I am sorry please stop it. No need to do all of this, I promise to give you back the throne! I haven’t even tasted it yet. Still intact like you left it!” Jaime was kneeling and begging  Dong Gi desperately and miserably. “I regret it so deeply, please.”

Dong Gi laughed satisfied. “Now you feel regret! But it is too late! The formation has been sucking all of the earth essence! It is turning it into fire essence and soon the fire essence will be ruler of this continent! No more rain, no more wet ground, everything will turn into a desert. Destroy everything huahahahaha….”

The dark sky was rumbling wildly and it seemed like hungry wolves devouring every essence releasing by the tower of light.

“I am sorry, I am really sorry!” yelled Jaime and cried in agony. “I never meant to hurt anyone, nor destroy everything! Please forgive me. God, please accept my repent and forswear.”

Big dark cloud appeared, thundering and caused a cold wind to blow on the earth.

“Something is not right,” said Elder Xun perplexed.

“What is that?” asked Ban Ba.

All of them got caught in the suddenness of a torrential downpour. The rain fell heavily causing them to be wet in a second.

Dong Gi was stunned, he had no idea how the rain could fall. Because the fire essence or fire formation has already been activated. Elder Xun, Ban Ba and The old general were also stunned.

“Huahahaha!” Only Jaime laughed loudly. He touched his stomach and kept laughing till it was hurt. “Did you guys see Dong Gi’s face? Did you see it? Just now he laughed so hard and felt like he was winning. Now he is like a stupid monkey looking at his wife being raped by a baboon!”

Jaime laid down his back on the ground and felt the rainfall, there was a smile hanging on his face. “I think I can win an Oscar with my act.”

“What have you done? What have you done to the formation?” Dong Gi stared madly at Jaime. His body’s shaken hard with anger. He vomited blood and breathed heavily. “You! You!…”

The five witches of fire fell down because their souls had been consumed by the talisman. Leaving only the weak Dong Gi knealing in the center of the formation. His hairs turned white and his eyes were empty.


The Witch of the Wood saw the very bright light tower shoot to the dark sky and illuminate everything. Her body shook, “Assemble all the wood tribe’s people. We must quickly return to our ancestor great formation! Hurry!”

They rode the fastest demonic beasts and rushed through the darkness.

The Witch of Wood suddenly remembered everything her grandmother had told her when she was six years old.

– – –

“An Li, come here!” An old Witch of Wood smiled at a little girl.

“What it is Granny?” A little girl with a naughty smile rushed to the old Witch of Wood side.

“Sit here. I want to tell you a prophecy left by our ancestor a hundred years ago.” The old granny patted An Li’s head. “Someday the fated one, king of three realms will appear on this continent. He will bring prosperity and glory to us and three realms.”

“I have heard it a thousand times granny, don’t you have another prophecy?” An Li showed a bored face. “They keep repeating the prophecy and we don’t know when it will be happening!”

“I will tell you a secret!” The old granny smile warmly.

“Yayyy!! I love secrets, what it is granny!” Her little eyes shone brightly.

“The future king will come in your time, you will meet him when you are seventeen.”

“Really?” An Li jumped happily.

The old Granny nodded. “Here you must listen. When the king takes his throne in this kingdom, the big tower of light will appear. It will pierce the dark sky and illuminate everything. That time you must remember to collect all wood tribe’s people and rushed to the ancient formation we have created for a hundred years.”

“What will we do in the formation granny?”

The old granny took out one small seed and gave it to An Li. “You must plant this seed in the middle of the formation. You and all the tribe people will sing the unforgotten song at that time.”

“What is the unforgotten song?”

The old granny smiled warmly. “It is the song from long, long time ago, from the first ancient tree. We have waiting for this moment for millions of years and we will still be loyal to our promise to the Ancient tree. To give its last messages to the first king who gave power and love to the ancient tree. Promise me you will do it!”

“I will do it!” said An Li brightly smiled.

“I have always wished since I was young that I can live to see that moment, but it is not my fate.” The Old Granny sighed. The next day, she died peacefully.

– – –

“Granny!” whispered the Witch of Wood, An Li, on her way to the ancient wood formation. “The time has come!” Her eyes were teary.


“King! What have you done to the formation?” asked the Old General, followed by Elder Xun and Ban Ba.

“I will tell you a story.” Jaime giggled. “One company has a broken photocopy’s machine. So they called the factory to send a repairman. As the repairman came, the company called the factory and said, ‘Please send an older repairman, the one you sent is too young.’ But the factory replied, ‘Please use that young man, he was the one who found and created the photocopy’s machine.’”

Old general, Elder Xun and Ban Ba looked in confuse, they didn’t know what was a machine, photocopy, factory or company.

Jaime waved his hand, “Forget what I have told you. What I mean is, never show a shitty skill in front of an expert. When all of you were fighting with the enemy and they protected Dong Gi, I was busy changing a few parts of the Great Fire Essence Formation.”

“You changed it?” ask Elder Xun.

“I knew this Formation, like I was the creator itself. It insists of three parts  formation. The first part is for guiding or sucking the Earth Essence from its vein. Second part is for changing the Earth Essence into Fire Essence. And the third part is guiding the Fire Essence and throws it into the sky.” Jaime smiled lightly, all of this because of Book of Karma. “I remove a few symbols on the second part, so the Earth Essence won’t turn into Fire Essence. What you saw as the light tower is the Earth Essence consumed by the hungry sky.”

“After all this time, the balance between the sky and earth had been destroyed by the fire essence. Now, as they sky meets again with earth essence, it greedily sucked all the earth essence and wanted to return the balance of this place once again. The rain water is filled with earth essence and will spread to all places in the west continent. This rain will nurture the dry land and grow the forest again.”

“Will it return our land into its glory again?” asked the old general enthusiastically.

“No,” said Jaime. He walked into the center of the formation and forcefully removed Dong Gi from his spot. He took out the Sword of Mother Earth and stabbed it in the middle of formation. The sword shone brightly and gave a golden color. Suddenly it turned the entire formations light into white golden light and shot into the sky. “This will double or triple the glory of its past!”


Chu Wan and the entire Earth Tribe’s people could feel the essence of earth getting stronger and stronger. The land was filled with earth essence and started to be alive again.


In the middle of the 10 kilometers of the Great Wood Formation built by the Ancestor of Wood Tribe, An Li put the seed into the middle of the formation. Four thousand people of the Wood Tribe made layers of a big circle in the middle of formation. They joined hand to hand, old and young, all of them started singing under the heavy rain.

Unforgotten Song

Never forget kindness you accept
Never forget love you left
I grow big together with love
Till time never able to forget love

Love has journeyed to infinity
Promise with you I have fulfilled
The king who gave me the power and love
Even you have forgotten me, this one never forget you

I live millions of years,
Saw your soul reincarnate again and again
You rise to your throne again and again
Became the king of three realms again and again

Dream to accompany you through your struggling
I prayed my whole life to Mighty Creator
Be your hand, be your feet, be your everything
Almighty One finally answered

At the time I will company you
You will again be the king of three realms
That will be time when all living being know
Who they are and where they are from

You will enlighten them about their self
Because once you have sworn
You will never back
Before all living being back to the Creator

You are the last
You are the king
What you and everyone have forgotten
You were the first one

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