CGA Chapter 50

Chapter 50 End of Faraway Kingdom

Sometimes human can only understand the worth of thing when they have lost it. I know a person who had a very good job—good payment, easy work, lot of bonuses—for a few years. One day he changed his job because he thought his last job at the hotel was too boring. But he only worked for the his new job for one month, because of the unhealthy location and condition. Then he became jobless. He tried to apply for a job for years and recieved none. He then led a harsh life, sold his big motorcycle, and today I heard he just got into an accident.

Desires always leads you into the worst path of life. One from a thousand can get a better life with their desire. It was just simply luck. Feel gratitude with everything you have, and move forward without throwing what has become your foundation. What I hate about motivators are, they create a condition that you are powerful, smart, better than anyone, and you can be everything you want.

What they kept away from you was, even if you are super smart, if no one give you a place for you to shoot, you are just empty talk. One from hundreds attended motivations seminars, become rich because of luck, and their family background, and many other things, like chance. You’ll learn to play basketball so millions of people could pay you but no one can be like Michael Jordan. Because he has his own muscle, bone, height, body, and his luck. Even if you are so good a playing ball, if no one gives you a chance to enter the arena and shoot. You will be no one.

If everything was about luck, how can I be rich? The answer my friend, don’t think to become rich, think how to lead a happy life. How can you become happy with love, friendship, care, gratitude, grateful and other free things? Warming your heart, not becoming money oriented. Open your eyes, open your heart! Living is not that bad, unless you need to fight it every day. Smile…

If you keep having a harsh life then pray, only God can help you. Don’t ask me, because I am all talk.


Jaime smiled widely as he was counting hundred of lambs, the payment to kiss Chu Mie. “Come try your luck! One lamb and maybe you can get one princess for you.”

“My King,” said one young man who stood nervously, wearing overly large clothes. Maybe it was his ancestor’s clothes. “It is already my turn, but how can Lord Ban Ba take so long just for a kiss; don’t you think he will dare to do more than just a kiss?”

“Damn!” Jaime hit his head and ran fast to Chu Mie’s room. “How can I forget? That wicked guy! If he wants to do more than a kiss, he must pay for more!” He quickly made his way to enter Chu Mie’s room. Then he saw that Ban Ba was lying down on the floor, fainted, and Chu Mie’s body suddenly shone.

“How dare you do this to me!” shouted an angry voice, a body rushed quickly and pounced on Jaime to the ground. Jaime’s body was pinned down and that slim body sat on his chest.

“Oh, Hei Chu Mie, you have awoken?” Jaime looked at the desert sand and dry air. “Or not, Dungeon heart?”

Shit, I am trapped again!

“How dare you sell me to those wolves!” protested Chu Mie hitting Jaime’s chest.

“Ckckckc…” Jaime swung his point finger in front of Chu Mie’s face. “I am helping you to create a Reverse Harem. You know, many people are aiming for a harem ending. It is the best ending ever created. For you, my dear friend, you can have a reverse harem by just sleeping. You should thank me. I worked hard for you. I chose the most handsome and strongest man for you!”

“But I want the best and richest person. I want you!” Chu Mie locked his angry eyes on Jaime. “You are their King!”

“Well, if you want me, you have to conquer me!” protested Jaime. “You should conquer my dungeon heart!”

“Pardon me?” Chu Mie blinked with an empty expression. “Did I listen wrong?”

“You think I am this cheap? I am expensive, girl! Don’t you see how handsome I am? How cool I am? I took down three kingdoms and conquer fifty-six tribes in one month. Girls are queuing for me.” Jaime protested. “What makes you think you are special? What make you think I am going to push myself to beg for you? What is your value? I am the king of Earth Kingdom.”

He pushed Chu Mie aside and stood looking at Chu Mie’s Dungeon heart. A city wall in the desert. Jaime had to think of a smart way of conquering this dungeon heart.

“You don’t want to conquer my dungeon heart?” Chu Mie gave him a disbelieving look.

“What? You said I need to conquer your kingdom and your enemy kingdoms, I have done it.” Jaime sighed sadly. “You know I like you and am willing to die for you. I conquered kingdoms for you. At that time I suddenly realized something.”


“Let me tell you one story from a famous author Anthony De Mello and his book The Prayer of the Frog.”

“When Robert, a fourteen-year-old lad fell in love with his fourteen-year-old neighbor, he sold off everything he had and even took on odd jobs to earn enough money to buy his sweetheart the expensive watch she wanted. His parents were dismayed but decided it was best to say nothing.

The day for the purchase arrived and Robert returned from his shopping expedition without spending his money. This is the explanation he gave: “I took her to the watch shop and she said she didn’t want the watch after all. She fancied other things more, like a bracelet, a necklace, a gold ring. So I took her to the jeweler’s.

“While she was moving around the shop making up her mind about a bracelet, necklace or gold ring, I tried to help her to choose the best one. At that time I remembered what our teacher once told us, that before getting something we must ask ourselves do we really need it. I checked the bracelet, ask myself the same question, as well as with the necklace and a gold ring. Then I looked at her. That’s when I realized that I did not really need her after all, so I walked out of the shop and came home.”

Jaime stared at Chu Mie. “Do you understand? You have no value to me and I won’t get fraud by you anymore.”

“Me? Fraud?” asked Chu Mie in disbelief.

“You know how many people in this entire world are stupidly tricked by girls? The girls are being nice, polite, pretending to be a good girlfriend. Just to trick guys, grab the money and run away. They are using facebook, bbm and chat services. Some guys even pretend to be  girls to trick a guy!”

“Facebook? BBM? Chat service?” Chu Mie was confused.

“Forget them, what I mean is, you asked me to conquer a kingdom, I have done it. Now you can’t ask anything from me anymore before you show me that you really love me! If you show me nothing, I will think that you are just trying to scam me out. You want to trick my love to you, my kindness and my fragile heart.”

“What do you want from me so you believe I really love you?” ask Chu Mie with teary eyes, she was hurt that Jaime thought she scammed him.

“First, give me the key to your dungeon heart.”

Chu Mie threw a pink colored ball to Jaime. “I love you of course I will give you everything, even my heart.”

Jaime smiled as the Book of Karma responded.

[Congratulation Chu Mie’s Dungeon Heart conquered, nine hundred ninety-eight more to go, please work hard. You can perform the secret of heart.]

His face became relieved.

Chu Mie looked at Jaime’s relieved face and shout. “So you tricked me!”

“I didn’t trick you!” protested Jaime in a hurry.

Chu Mie stomped her legs on the ground. “I should have known! Once you are inside my Dungeon Heart, you won’t be able to escape. I must ask you to do more things before I let you win my heart! I am supposed to make you promise me to have only me as your wife! Or let me follow you wherever you go! Now I don’t have any more chances.”

Jaime pulled out his tongue and wave his hand, “Good bye!” His body vanished from Chu Mie’s Dungeon Heart, once he gained the key, he knew every secret of Chu Mie’s heart.

He went back to Chu Mie’s room and sighed. “It was dangerous, I was so afraid she will ask me to conquer the whole universe before she wanted to wake up. Girls are scary, especially a drama queen. Good grief I had a good idea to force her. I am truly a smart guy!”

“Hei!” shouted a voice, as Jaime turned around; Chu Mie had kissed his lips deeply.


A week after Chu Mie kissed Jaime.

Jaime was detained by the City Lord of White Eagle City. He was staying inside a small and bad smelly prison with hundreds of other ugly prisoners.

“Brother!” Xu Tie, the guard of Thousand Treasure Pavilion was inside the prison with him. His face was full of black and blue. His body was so skinny, dirty and trembling by fear. “Will we be killed?”

“Don’t be afraid!” said Jaime. “We are not guilty.” Jaime’s level was only 15 at the moment, with a lot of guards,  it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Brother, they said you stole from General Long’s residence.”

“They are accusing the wrong person.” Jaime’s heart beat became faster.

No way could they know it!”

“But they said they have proof!” Xu Tie explained in fear. “That was how they could convince the City Lord to catch you at the first sight. We will be dead.”

Jaime left the Kingdom of Earth after giving the tribes everything he had, especially General Long’s stuff. Since he won’t be able to use it in White Eagle City. Chu Mie didn’t follow him back to the city; she wanted to learn to be a good princess and the Witch of Earth. She wanted to bring prosperity to the Kingdom of Earth.

He took six days to journey back to the White Eagle City and as soon as he arrived, hundreds of soldiers quickly grab him and threw him into prison.

“Jaime and his crew, Xu Tie, and his wife Su An, It is time for your trial! Get out now!” One soldier yelled to them.

Jaime saw Su An was in a very bad condition, wearing white clothes like them, and her hair was in mess.

The three of them were pushed into one court room, at that place there was General Long Chang, his son Long Yu and Lao Du with no legs.

As Jaime entered the court room, Long Yu stood and pointed to Jaime. “It is him! The beggar and the one who robbed us!”

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  1. Narosh

    This guy is so shameless. God gave him the task to conquer the girls but instead he wants to be conquered.
    I guess the next target is the cursed girl who causes misfortune to whoever helps her.
    Thanks for the chapter…

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  2. Raveakihara

    Laugh off he reverse the situation and made chu mie conquer her 😀 but Chu? is she Chu feng relatives sister or cousin if she is then jaime will have a hard time when Chu feng knew he hurt her 😀 Lmao

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  3. Err… why is it that every time he succeeds in doing something big, he gives all his money away, loses all his levels and becomes something akin to a beggar? really… 😀


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