CGA Chapter 47

Chapter 47 The Great Fire Essence Formation

There was a wild cat, very skinny and sharp-looking. It was sometimes hanging out at the back of my house, searching through my garbage. Sometimes the cat jumped to my open window and tried to steal any food in my kitchen. Every time I walked out, the cat would always run away. I started to feed the cat and gave it small house. It took a half-year to make the wild cat willing to come and let my hand touched its body.

I saw the cat’s tail starting to decay, there was an old wound and it caused the tail to be smelly and suppurated. I put the best medicine I had on the tail, but it was getting worst day by day. At some point, the tail started to turn black because of the infection. I was thinking to cut a little part of the tail, throwing the worst part away, so the cat would only have two inches of tail rather than five inches of its original.

I didn’t think to bring it to an animal doctor because there was none around for 200 kilometers. Anyway, it was not a cute cat, totally not an expensive cat, and not fluffy at all. When you bring it to a doctor, maybe he/she will laugh at you! It was a kind of smelly wild cat and dog which usually died on the road without anyone to care. So I prepared the medicine and sharp scissors. I touched the cat carefully and determined to cut the tail and quickly put the medicine on it to stop the bleeding. So its tail will have a clean-cut.

As I started to cut, the cat shrieked in pain, and the tail was only successfully cut in half, I think. The cat had run away with an angry face, looking at me. I gave the cat food but the cat didn’t want to come near me again. Whenever the cat looked at me, it runs away. I looked at the blood and thought, did I do wrong? Was I supposed to let the cat’s tail rot? Will it suffer more with it’s tail cut in half? I really regretted what I did… especially when I saw the cat walked painfully and didn’t let me give the medicine.

Sometimes, I think I was doing the right thing but turned out a disaster and everything that had happened left only regret. What can we humans do? We can’t turn back time even if we really want it. We can only harden ourselves and keep moving. Like it or not, to live we must go on. I really regret it. I am sorry, cat. Will you forgive me? God please forgive me.

I promise to give the best cat’s food I have from now on. Please don’t be angry at me.

Now I am started to think when we unintentionally hurt someone we care and love, they are hurt and in pain. That will leave a scar on their body, mind, or heart. No matter what we do, it will never be gone. The best is to not to start one. Never hurt the one we love, hurting is hurt, no matter how you sugar coat it.


Jaime looked at the people who wanted his head and stood. “I am their king what do you want from me! Don’t hurt anyone here, I am going with you!”

He maybe just a coward who was keen on protecting himself from danger and afraid of fighting and blood, but sometimes he would think about his surroundings. If the soldiers here wanted to protect himself, a war would break out and people will kill each other, just for him. How could he live with that burden? No one will get hurt if he surrenders himself to the enemy. No need to cause harm to others because of him.

Like hell I am going to surrender, I will run away as soon as I am near the enemy and fly away.

Jaime greedily sucked the spiritual energy from the spiritual stones in his hand. He was raising his level quickly. He understood, as long as he has spiritual energy, no one will able to catch him. He can easily take out the flying beast and escape!

The big guy looked at Jaime and shook his head “You are not the king we are looking for. We are here for Dong Gi, where is that monkey!”

The witch of fire’s leader step forward, “I am Xun Yao, The leader of the Fire Tribe. The Dong Gi you asked for has been prisoned. If you want him, I will ask my subordinates to take him to you.” Xun Yao waved her hand and ten soldiers moved back to the city.

The big guy was confused for a while and called, “Feng Xi, come forward!”

One skinny girl rushed to the big guy, “Feng Xi here. What does my lord need from me?”

“Has the prophecy from the witch of water changed?” The big guy looked around. “Dong Gi has been prisoned. Why were  we sent to kill the Dong Gi to avoid a catastrophe in hurry?”

Feng Xi bowed, a little panicking. “As the servant of witch of water, our lady sent the message to us two months ago, the fated one, the future king of three realms would come to take his throne on the west continent, The Kingdom of Deserted Forest, The Kingdom of Liberty and our kingdom, The Kingdom of Water. The future king will take us into prosperity and glory, but King Dong Gi will prevent it from happening. He will call Agni, the god of fire, to kill the future king. The second time the future king returns to take his throne of Kingdom of Liberty, King Dong Gi will cause a catastrophe to all of the west continent, all of the kingdoms will perish. We must stop King Dong Gi, whatever it takes.”

“How a person in prison can cause a catastrophe?” asked the big guy in confusion.

“Elder Xun, Elder Xun.” One soldier rushed to Xun Yao with horror on his face. “King Dong Gi has disappeared from the prison! All of the prison guards had been killed by fire. Look like some witches of fire helped him out!”

“Disaster, it is truly disaster!” said the big guy. “Dong Gi will cause a catastrophe to the west continent. We must find him quickly! Feng Xi, you are also a witch of water, where is Dong Gi? Can you detect where he is?”

Feng Xi hurriedly took out her crystal orb. She concentrated for a while, sweat pouring from her face. The crystal orb showed a cloudy mist and exploded. She shook his head. “The power of other witches prevents his location from being detected. We can’t locate him as long as he is around witches.”

“If you can’t locate him, then no other witch can!” The big guy moved his beast. “Everyone we must search him! Do whatever it takes to find him!”

“Ban Ba!” Feng Xi grabbed the big guy hand. “I am sorry, my lord.”


“Our lady told me that the future king of three realms is able to understand everything and has full knowledge. He can help us  locate where Dong Gi is.”

Ban Ba locked his eyes on Jaime far away. He moved his horned beast with his soldiers and passed through the thousand soldiers to arrived in front of Jaime.

Jaime stared at the soldiers who gave them to pass.

I understand you are just following my saying, that I will give myself to him, but can’t  just let your enemy passed so easy like that? Show your loyalty to your king at least.

“Future king of three realms!” shouted Ban Ba. “I am the lord of Kingdom of Water. Well, I mean the branch of the Kingdom of Water. My place is supposed to be yours if I follow the prophecy, but Dong Gi will destroy all our places. Please tell us where is he. We must stop him.”

Jaime’s level had reached level 5. He had enough spiritual and mental energies to use the Book of Karma.

“Alright, I will tell you where Dong Gi is and I hope you can go away after that.”

Ban Ba nodded.

“Let see, Dong Gi is ..” Jaime used The Book of Karma. “About 100 kilometers from here, on the east, he is on the little temple, named The Temple of Fire Essence. Twenty witches of fire are with him. They are activating a big formation, named The Great Fire Essence’s Formation…”

As Jaime finished his talk, Elder Xun face turned in horror.

“What is The Great Fire Essence’s Formation stuff?” asked Ban Ba. He didn’t know anything about it.

“Well, I am not a stingy person so you don’t need to pay for asking more questions. I will answer you for free.” Jaime asked the Book of Karma. “The Great Fire Essence’s Formation is a great formation to create a fire essence which is very advantages for fire cultivators or witches of fire. It will suck the spiritual vein in the ground and changed it into fire essence.”

“Who created that formation?” asked Ban Ba still didn’t understand.

“The Great Fire Essence’s Formation was created by the fire tribe. They have placed it on the west continent for hundreds of years. The formation has been sucking the Essence of Darth from the earth spiritual’s veins and changed it into fire essence. It is the main cause of why the whole climate changed. Rain rarely falls here, and the land became dry. Since the fire formation has slowly been eating the earth essence and turned it into  fire essence, it caused the fire tribe to become stronger and stronger. More than the other tribes.”

The other tribes were shocked and looked at the fire tribe with angry faces. The witches of fire assembled themselves into one circle with Elder Xun in the middle.

As Jaime was reading the information and speaking at the same time, he slowly became to understand. “To create the Great Fire Essence Formation, a lot of lives must be sacrificed, using the Ying energy to change the balance of the energy.”

Jaime nodded. “And to support the main formation, there must be twenty-one small formations created around the great formation. The small formations will suck the Earth Essences from the spiritual veins on the ground and send it into the Great Formation to turn into Fire Essence.”

“That was why the kingdom of Liberty leaded by fire tribe, destroy a lot of villages, killed many people to create the small formation to support The Great Fire Essence Formation. If this formation is activated, it will change the whole west continent into a desert and everything around it will be destroyed. But the Fire essence will be everywhere and will make fire cultivators and witches of fire stronger.”

A stunned silence greeted Jaime announcement.

“Elder Xun!” Chu Wan, the King of Deserted Forest, the leader of Earth tribe, was staring angrily at the Witch of Fire. “Tell us about this, your tribe of fire is the main reason of this deserted land! This land was the very land of Kingdom of Earth! Our ancestor’s land! And once it was a very very fertile land, lot of forest and animals! And your tribe destroyed it! All after we kindly accepted all of you here? This is how you reply us?” Other leaders of tribes also felt the same.

“Listen to me!” Elder Xun replied. “We are a big family of the fire tribe and not all of us have the same opinion about this formation. That formation was created by our ancestors. And like all of you know, our ancestors were runaways from the Kingdom of Fire from the South Continent. Me, myself was born on this land! I want to protect this place, half of the fire tribe also feels the same. But Dong Gi, and the other half of the tribe wanted to sacrifice this land. Turn it into a place to cultivate the fire essence. They think, if they do that, they can return to the Kingdom of Fire in the South!”

“Why would I believe in you?” asked Ban Ba to Elder Xun, “Maybe you are the culprit who let Dong Gi out from prison.”

Elder Xun stepped forward. “Everyone  here knew! Three weeks ago, as the God of Fire, Agni, lost to the future king, I command my people to captured Dong Gi and his followers! Put them in the prison. I asked all of the soldiers to be pulled back and stopped the war. I invited all of the leaders of the tribes and people from Kingdom of Deserted Forest to created peace and assimilated ourselves into one! I waited for the future king to return to his throne like the prophecy. I really want this land to be led to prosperity. Do you think if I want to destroy all of these places, I would do like what I did?”

“Sorry for this interruption,” said Jaime suddenly. “If I didn’t read wrong, we only have 30 minutes before The Great Fire Essence Formation is activated. Once it is activated, there will be no way to stop it!”

All of their eyes were wide with horror.

I think it is time for me to escape!

Hastily Jaime took out his flying beast, before he could jump to ride the beast; Ban Ba had jumped from his horned beast to the flying beast. Even though Jaime was closer to the beast, since his level was only 5 and Ban Ba’s level was 57, on Elder Realm, Ban Ba reached the flying beast first. He commanded the beast to fly. At that time Elder Xun also jumped on Ban Ba’s back.

“I will show you the way to the formation, we must stop Dong Gi,” said Elder Xun. The Golden Lion Hawk beast speedy shot into the dark sky.

“That is my flying beast! My escape route!” cursed Jaime. He took out his last flying beast, well, Chu Mie’s flying beast. This time he was smarter, as soon as the flying beast appeared, he has sat on its back. “Fly!” commanded Jaime in short. The flying beast speedy rose into the sky.

“My king, your safety is my responsibility. I will protect you with my life!”

Jaime turned his head around and to his dismay he found The Old General  behind him. “Why are you following?”

“To protect the king and stop the catastrophe!” said the Old General with pride. “As the leader of the Lion Tribe, I must protect this land with my life!”

But I am not going to the formation; I am going the other way!

Jaime sighed heavily.

Well maybe I can go to the formation and drop this old man there. Maybe he can save this land. Sometimes, doing a little charity is good.

He changed the flying trajectory and flew to the Great Fire Essence Formation. In 15 minutes, they found the great formation. Jaime could see Ban Ba and Elder Xun were fighting with the witches of fire.

Ban Ba used his big sword to block the fire-ball from the enemy and slashed his enemy hands into two. Blood spilled and painful scream srose to the dark sky. Ban Ba didn’t stop there; his sword quickly removed his enemy head. Making the blood spurt from an empty neck.

Jaime’s body trembled by the horror. The Old General jumped down and pulled his bow, the arrow rapidly shoot to one witch of fire’s neck and penetrated half its size. Elder Xun launched a big fire-ball and burned some witches of fire. In a short time, fifteen witches of fire were killed and left was only five witches.

“We can’t hold them! Back to the core of the formation and protect Our Lord Dong Gi! We must active this formation at all cost!” Five witches rushed to the middle formation beside Dong Gi and took out one talisman. “We gave our souls to be burned for creating the unbreakable wall!”

A small crystal dome appeared and protected the Dong Gi and the five witches inside. Ban Ba, the Old General and Elder Xun launched their best attack to the dome, but nothing happened.

“Don’t hold your power, launched all you have! It will crumble soon!” shouted Ban Ba and they were together to rapidly launched everything they have. Explosion, sword attack, bow attack, everything slammed to the dome. The five withes inside the dome felt their soul burned in a very rapid speed. Their face became pale and paler.

“It is the time!” yelled Dong Gi loudly. The Great Fire Essence Formation light out with a very bright color.

“We are too late,” said Ban Ba exhausted.

“This time, no one can turn off the formation anymore.” Elder Xun eyes full of regret.

“We must escape from here!” The Old General searched for his king. He found that young man stood looking at Dong Gi with crossed hands and lightly smiled, like he didn’t care what would happen next.

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  1. He who gazes at the moon while saying nothing but secretly thinking how preety it is and how delicious the cheese it is made of would be

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    1. Jaime is a poet…he likes to give ‘sermons’ to ‘teach’ us life’s lessons. He just has a weird way of giving life lessons. lol. This story is basically the same as the monkey and the fish. You want to be helpful but in the end you are doing the opposite, so tread carefully and look from the perspective of others.


  2. This author… I like most of it, but there’s too much bullshit philosophical stuff at the beginning of the chapters along with poems and what not, stuff not related to the story and just there for no good reason. It’s pretty annoying to read it. Really, why would you add that crap at just about every chapter? It’s not like people are reading this to learn new values in life or something.


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