CGA Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 Married in a Second

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour
– William Blake ( 1757-1827 )

To see my world in your breasts
And a heaven in your innocent flower
Hold infinite babies in your womb
And eternity in my love for you
– Xu Tie to his future wife

The counter girl sighed. “Xu Tie, how long have you worked here for, and how long has it been since you started chasing me with your perverted eyes, impolite mouth, and rude behavior?”

Xu Tie scratched his head unable to understand what is going on. “I have worked here for seven years, and you came about three years ago. Since that time, I started to love you till now.”

“This storage pouch, is it really your brother’s?”

“Of course! Once he acknowledged me as a brother, how could I deny it. Tell me what’s inside?” Xu Tie didn’t have enough cultivation to check things inside space storage pouch.

The counter girl looked sorrowful and dejected. “Xu Tie, you know. I kind of like you. But from now on, get away from my face and never come back again, I don’t want to see you anymore.”

Xu Tie face turned white “What is inside the storage pouch? How could it cause you to hate me?”

“It is no matter what is inside. You said you love me, but I am sorry. Just go away!” The girl turned  her face around because she didn’t want to see Xu Tie anymore.

Xu Tie grabbed the storage pouch and walked away slowly.

Damn that fake brother, what he put inside the storage pouch! Damn that brother!

“Just…. that’s it?” A disbelief sound roared. “I can’t believe it!”

Xu Tie surprised and turn his face to the counter girl. “What!?”

“You say you love me, and you walked away after the first dejection? You truly make me disappointed.” The counter girl sneered. “It appears your love for me is only so tiny! Can’t even hold one dejection.”

Xu Tie wanted to cry. “Girl! You gave me the cold shoulder for three years! You refused me every time I tried to be close to you! Just tell me what do you want; I am going to be crazy because of you!”

“I was just testing you!” The counter girl shouted back.

Xu Tie became dumbstruck.

“You always want to peek inside my body and pull me to bed! No one in this world will let you do it before marriage! You are pig, dumbass, stupid, and a  moron!”

“What do you mean?” Xu Tie felt like he is walking on the cloud and uncertain that will he fall or be taken to heaven.

“Dumbass, if you want me, you have to marry me! Do you understand it now?” The counter girl spoke softly and shyly.


The counter girl nodded shyly.

“I want to marry you.” Xu Tie grabbed her hand. “Please let me marry you!”

“Good.” The girl smiled widely and gave one paper to Xu Tie. “Fill it out, so you will be my husband and I will be your wife.”

“So soon?” Xu Tie checked the marriage papers, it was like the papers had been prepared by the counter girl for a long time.

“Don’t want it? Give it back!” The girl moved her hand, wanted to take back the paper!

“No, no, I’ll sign it, real fast.” As Xu Tie signed the paper, the girl grinned ear to ear.

“Good, give me your brother storage pouch, I will help him this time, because he is your brother, no, he is my brother-in-law.”

“Thanks to you my…” Xu Tie face turned red. “Wife…”

“I will put him as a VIP customer of the auction house. Being a VIP he will receive many advantages from the auction house and the top of it all, as his guide, you will earn commission from the VIP customer; not 0.1 % but 1 %.” The girl smiled real wide to Xu Tie and it drove him to heaven.

That pretty girl is my wife, I don’t know if I am still dreaming or this is reality.

“You know my husband, we have married, so your money will be my money, and my money will be my money too.”

Xu Tie nodded although he felt a little lost at the last sentence.

“This is his bank card and VIP token for auction private room, go serve him the best you can and make sure he uses everything on the card and earn a little commission for our family.”

“What about the empty storage pouch?” asked Xu Tie, he must return it to his brother.

“Just tell our brother-in-law, I will accept it as our wedding gift.”

Xu Tie was stunned for a while, one storage pouch had a priced about ten thousand spiritual stones, the number he never dare to believe and his wife just robbing it! Yet he didn’t dare to say no to his wife.

“My wife.” Xu Tie held the bank card. “May I know how much is inside the bank card?”

“Oh, it is not much, just two millions of spiritual stones.” The counter girl smiled. “With 1% commission it will be about 20.000 spirituals stone. So work hard for me.”

Xu Tie gave the bank card and told Jaime with confusion in his face. “Brother, inside the bank card is two million spiritual stones. As for the empty storage pouch…” Xu Tie hesitated for a while. “You know I just got married a few minutes ago…”

“Really?” Jaime seemed surprised. “With the pretty counter girl?”

Xu Tie and Jaime looked at the counter and Xu Tie’s wife wave her hand to them.

“Yeah. Although, I don’t really understand if I just got married or was robbed.”

“Well, good for you brother. I have to give you a wedding gift.”

“Brother, my wife took a liking with your storage pouch…”

“Oh, please let her have it. I should give you something too.” Jaime took one more storage pouch and gave it to Xu Tie. “Please this is not much, inside the storage are some pills to help your cultivation and some spiritual stones. Next time you will be a dragon among man and make this brother of your to feel proud.”

Xu Tie burst in tears and hugged Jaime real tight. “Brother, I have never had a brother in this life. You will be my big brother, my life and my family life is for you. I will be loyal to you till I die!”

“Don’t say something like that! We are brothers.” Jaime smiled softly and inside his heart he was screaming with joy. Having money was easy with the help of the Book of Karma, but having one loyal servant to die for you was hard. The storage pouch, he can make it with his closed eyes without any problem.

Jaime eventually bought a complete set of high-grade armor. For him, protection was the most important; he didn’t buy weapons, since he doesn’t like to kill or hurt people. He also bought Boots of Wings which will help him run faster from his enemy. Deep water talismans which may help him to hold his breath under  water and hide from his enemy. An amulet of the five elements, which function was to protect him from fire, thunder and others elements.

Jaime also bought a set of farming talisman. There were five balls and each ball could help call rain, to move the earth, killing insects, and help the plants  grow stronger. He understood that when he wants to conquer the world, he will need a lot of troops and they need to eat. Having items for farming was a basic need. So he bought many more sets. He also bought a lot of other stuff which he thought he must have.

“Dear costumers, the doors to the auction hall have been opened, please take your seat and the auction will soon begin.” One beautiful girl announced the information to everyone.

Jaime had something he wanted to buy from an auction and made his way to the hall. He met Chu Mie and Xu Tie near the hall.

“Going to the Auction Hall?” asked Jaime to Chu Mie.

“I don’t have anything I need from the  auction hall, so I pass,” said Chu Mie holding his bank card. She bought five storage pouches from the auction house and was thinking to fill it with food, clothes and medicine from the market.

“Princess of Deserted Forest!” Five young men with black clothes walked to Chu Mie. “Never knew we would find you here!”

“Kingdom of Liberty!” Chu Mie’s eyes shone with anger for a second and took off her sword. She moved fast to attack the men in black. The men in black smirked and showed neither fear nor movement to protect themselves.

An old man from nowhere flashed to Chu Mie and grabbed her sword. “Little Miss, it is prohibited to attack customers inside the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, if you want to kill someone or cause commotion, please do it outside or I won’t be polite. Please leave if you don’t have anything to do anymore.”

Facing an old man on Elder Realm, Chu Mie moved back. “Let’s leave, I have nothing to do here anymore. I don’t want to breathe the same air with those filthy.”

One man in black giggled. “For your information, your kingdom will be sold in auction in few minutes. Don’t you want to know who will have your kingdom?” They entered the hall and let Chu Mie’s body trembled in shock.

Chu Mie rushed to the hall and stopped by guard. “Show me your token before you enter!”

Jaime held Chu Mie’s hand. “Easy girl, if you keep doing recklessly things, you won’t be able to stay here for long. Take a deep breath. We will handle this together, okay?”

Xu Tie showed a VIP token to the guard and they quickly bowed. “We are sorry for being rude, please go inside.”

Xu Tie leads Chu Mie and Jaime to VIP room, Chu Mie’s room. It was like a VIP box in an opera house. From their place they can see the auction podium at the center and a lot of rooms encircle the podium. Some people also sat around the podium.

One pretty girl gave a short brief speech before starting the auction. Soon, one by one item that offered being sold, Jaime didn’t put any attention since none of them interested him.

“Map of heaven!” The girl shouted for the next item. “This map is one of the legendary treasures. Thousands of years ago this map was used by an Emperor of the Dragon and Phoenix continent. This map was locked by an ancient formation and not many people knew how to open it. For all formation masters, this will be a good challenge. The starting price will be ten thousand spiritual stones.”

“Fifty thousand.”

“Eighty thousand.”

“One hundred thousand.”

“Two hundred thousand.”

The price was rising quickly.

“Five hundred thousand!” A voice roared from a VIP room causing all of the audience to become silent. Jaime and Chu Mie also exchanged a glanced.

“Seems like there is a truly rich person over there,” said Chu Mie.

After that, no one raised the price anymore, it was not worth to waste five hundred thousand spiritual stones, for something they did not know how to use.

“Next Item,” said a pretty girl on podium. “A sword of Mother Earth.”

Chu Mie stood hastily and ran to the balcony. She stood there, a look of horrified disbelief on her face.

The auction girl shouted loudly, “This is the sword from Kingdom of Deserted Forest. For whoever has this sword will inherit the Kingdom of Deserted Forest. All tribes of the kingdom will show respect and obedience to the people who have this sword!”

Chu Mie stared at Jaime in disbelief. “Impossible! That is our Kingdom’s treasure, my father’s weapon and throne of our kingdom. How come it is here!” Chu Mie’s eyes searched for the people in black in the audience. One of them looked back at Chu Mie and sent a transmission voice.

“Your kingdom does not exist anymore and your father has already died a long time ago! You can find all of your families, friends and your people on the slave market!”

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