CGA Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Kuang Li Yin

Born under blue sky
I take none
But my skin color

Sow seed on earth,
Burn under sunlight
Lead honest life
Dream of reaching heaven in peace

Brothers of same red blood
Put hurdles along my way
Brothers of same heart
Took my father and mother away

Heaven asked me
To be priest or to be devil
I choose to be love
I choose for forgiveness

Live as a sweet inspiration
Die to safe innocent life
Meet my Maker
With cleanest heart

– Chu Mie

“What the f**k! No way am I going to forgive them.” Chu Mie was furious. “I am going to torture them, kill them and their family. I am going to rape them! Revenge is the sweetest thing in this life!”

“Chu Mie, don’t follow the dark path! Please awake and follow the light path!” Jaime held her hand. “You can rape me any time you want! I won’t resist.”

“Keep dreaming!”

“The price is starting at ten thousand spiritual stones. Who wants to buy it!”

“Don’t buy it!” Chu Mie raised her voice. She must take back her kingdom’s throne, whatever it takes. “People of White Eagle City! The Kingdom of Deserted Forest is very far away from here, with land transportation, one must take at least a half years travel time. That place is so poor and has nothing valuable, simply won’t be profitable to all of you! That sword is my family’s treasure. It supposed to be mine but people from the kingdom of Liberty stole it by force, by sword and by blood! Don’t dirty your hands with that bloody thing.”

People begin to talk among themselves, because for them the inheritance of a faraway kingdom won’t be profitable.

“Come on, anyone want to buy this sword?” asked the auction girl try to calm the audiences.

People in black quickly stood. “People, I admit the kingdom of  faraway is not profitable, but this sword is a treasure by itself. Its name is Sword of Mother Earth. The sword gives extra protection to the holder body and when the sword stabs to the earth, it will draw Earth Essence to restore the holder’s health slowly.”

Jaime drooled to buy that sword and Chu Mie glanced to him angrily.

“Twenty thousand.”

“Thirty thousand!”

“Fifty thousand!” shouted Chu Mie. She knew the selling was unstoppable. People were always drivem by greed.

“Sixty thousand!”

Chu Mie hands trembled and tears fell. “I can’t accept it, my kingdom ripped by human greed!”

Jaime glanced at the Chu Mie and spoke softly, “Can I join the auction? I also want to get a share of your kingdom!”

“One hundred thousand spiritual stones!” Chu Mie yelled.

The beauty on the podium glanced at paper on her hand and made apologies. “Miss in the VIP room number 14, your bank card doesn’t have that much money. Please go to counter and update the nominal to follow the auction. The price back to sixty thousand, please, who wants it.”

“Seventy thousand!”

“One hundred thousand stones!” shouted voice from VIP box.

“One hundred ten thousand stones!” shouted the other.

“Two hundred thousand stones!” Voice from VIP box shocked the others again.

Another VIP box also shouted in a displeased voice. “Two hundred and fifty thousand stones.”

“Five hundred thousand stones!” The voice from an earlier VIP box replied  causing everyone  to be dumbstruck, it seemed like the VIP box person had a lot of money to throw.

“Five hundred thousand stones going once,” The beauty aroused others to bid again but no one dared. “Five hundred thousand stones going twice. Five hundred thousand stones thrice. Sold to the VIP box.”

The people in black jumped happily.

Chu Mie cried and rushed out from the VIP room. Jaime hastily tailed her. “Where do you want to go?”

“I have to go back to my kingdom, I wanted to see what happened to them.”

“Okay, good luck and have a nice trip.” Jaime replied happily. “Ah, you only have five empty storage pouches and if you want to buy foods, medicine and whatsoever, Brother Xu Tie would be more than willing to take you to the market and help you buy everything you need. If you are in hurry please just go!”

“I need food for my long journey! Where is Xu Tie”

Xu Tie appeared from nowhere, he secretly gave a sign to Jaime and followed Chu Mie quickly.

Jaime returned to the VIP room, he was waiting for the last item of the auction. The sacred and cheap item with high profit but never sold in the last two years.

The auction girl started, “Well, like all of us know, the City Lord believes in us and gave us the honor of selling the big place at the northeast of the city, a general Kuang’s resident. And like all of us know, a hundred years ago,  general Kuang was the best general of White Lion Kingdom. He liberated this city from the Kingdom of Barbarian or Witch, I am sure all of us had forgotten its name. General Kuang killed the king and stayed their  palace, making it  his residence.”

“Like all people of White Eagle City knew, the General Kuang faced a lot of unfortunate accident after that. His wives died one by one, followed by his sons and daughters, and then all his soldiers and servants. Even animals around the place died, leaving only his granddaughter.”

The auction girl let one little girl with black clothes and black veil walk to the podium.

“This is Kuang Li Yin, the last generation of Kuang’s bloodline. Following the promise made by the King and the deceased General Kuang, his residence and his legacy will stay with the blood of Kuang. Only after the generation is gone, then the residence and his entire legacy will return to the king.”

“Whoever can provide Miss Kuang Li Yin with proper care and pay the debt of over twenty years of taxes to the City Lord, can have General Kuang legacy, which is a land about twenty-five kilometers wide and through a high mountain, where virgin land and forest lay.”

“How much it is?” asked one audience.

“Five hundred thousand spiritual stones for the owed taxes, that is all! No need to bid, just pay it and take it.”

One bald guy quickly raised his hand. “I’ll take it!”

Kuang Li Yin sat silently, like everything happened didn’t have connection to her.

“Good, seems like today we will have a buyer!” The auction girl happily announced yet she suddenly said. “Dear Sir, I checked that your bank card didn’t have enough nominal will you update it to the counter?”

“My servant will update it right now, I am the riches merchant from the Capital City, never lack of money, only land I don’t have at this city right now!” The bald guy laughed hard. “Servant takes my money from the caravan!”

One servant hurried along the corridor and went out.

Some audience started talking to each other. “Oh, I’m shocked when I hear there is a person who dares to buy Kuang’s legacy and take care Kuang Li Yin. It appears he is not from this city.”

“There will be a good show today.”

Not a few minutes pass, the servant came back with pale face. “Sir, Sir, Sir, our caravan’s gone.”

“What? How can  tjat happen?” The bald guy shocked. “All my money is inside the caravan!” His breathing became heavy and grabbed his heart. His body fell and trembled wildly.

“Quickly help my master!” The servant tried to hold his master.

Some people hurried to help but it was too late. The bald guy died by heart attack.

“The Kuang family’s jinx seems to be growing more powerful day by day.” Most of the  audience didn’t look shocked, they seemed like they already predicted the this bad thing would happen.

Jaime checked Kuang Li Yin status with the Book of Karma.

[Kuang Li Yin, 12 years old. The only successor of General Kuang’s bloodline. As General Kuang destroyed the Kingdom of White Cloud in white kingdom civil war, thousands of people including witches—in hate, angry, sadness, agony and ravening for revenge—sacrificed their soul to create the worst curse, to clean up General Kuang’s bloodline. Everyone who shows kindness to his bloodline or want to protect them will die miserably by the curse. As the last bloodline of Kuang’s family, Kuang Li Yin will die by the curse at age of 14, the minimum limit of age that allowed by universe’s law for the curse to be worked effectively.]

Jaime shook his head, with this curse, Kuang Li Yin automatically became the worst human jinx alive. Everyone near her will suffer a lot of bad things.

“Brother in law!” The counter girl walked to the room and bowed politely. “I am Su An, wife of Xu Tie.”

“I know, Xu Tie  told me, congratulation for a very fast marriage.” Jaime laughed.

“Please don’t mention it. Nowadays, women must strike fast when they see a chance or they will regret it forever.” Su An laughed sly too. “Just too many hungry female wolves hunting for a scarce good man nowadays. Hard competition.”

“I agree too.” Jaime nodded. “I wished my mother stuck fast like you too, after my father died. Sadly she didn’t.”

“What happened to her?”

“She wanted to be loyal to my father even after he died.”

“She was truly a good woman.”

“Yeah, she didn’t strike but one guy appeared and struck her first. She ran away with him on the second day of my father death.”

“I am sorry,” said Su An.

“Why? They lived happily ever after and have ten more children. I am happy for her. What makes you come here?”

Su An gave a bank card and two items. “Following Xu Tie’s instruction, I already deducted the money for the payment of brother-in-law’s items.”

“What about the five people in black from the Kingdom of Liberty?”

“They already left the auction house after accepting the money.”

Jaime smirked, “Where did they go?”

Su An bowed. “I am sorry it is our auction house rules not to tell about our customer. So I don’t know where they went. But as Xu Tie order me, I have given them an item that brother-in-law asked.”

“Good work!” Jaime quickly made his way out. Outside the Thousand Treasure Pavilion, Jaime jumped to one top building, seized one small jade ball and it initiated a small wave in one direction. “Good searching talisman, worth the money.”

Without covering his level any more, Jaime released his Patriarch Realm Aura and jumped into the air. He used all of his might to advance to that direction using the Walk of Wind. His body simply flew away through the air and skyrocket in to the blue sky. Not waiting too long, he had flown outside the city wall and chased the five people in black clothes riding their demonic beasts.

“Where do you want to go after taking my money?” Jaime smirked. Between the five of them, the highest cultivation was only in the Elder Realm at most, truly nothing to fear about them.

It feels like robbing a group of five years old babies.

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