CGA Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Thousand Treasures Pavilion

Every person hides something dark inside their heart; sometimes it is better to let it stay undisturbed and in the dark, because once it is out, nothing will remain the same. All happiness will be gone, and entire relationships will be severed. Love can turn into hate or hate can turn into love. Not many people have a wide heart, capable of accepting the ugly darkness in their hearts. If we find them, they will be worthy of being called true friends, brothers and sisters in fighting this life.

“Master Gou Jie!” Jaime bowed. “This lowly one is so happy to meet you, and won’t intervene with whatever you are going to do with this miss. Please let me out from this encirclement.”

Gou Jie sneered. “You little brat, this young master had shown you kindness the last time we met, but it seems you didn’t take it to heart. Today you will learn what it means to regret! Break all his teeth and cut his legs!”

Jaime glanced angrily at Gou Jie and shouted. “You are just a shitty human, and the lowliest kind at that. What right do you have, that you dare to touch your granddaddy here. Do you think that I don’t dare to break your legs and take all your teeth right now? I am going to rape all your wives and impregnate them in your presence!  Try me if you dare!”

Chu Mie trembled from shock, unable to understand how A Niu would dare provoke Gou Jie.

“All of you! Kill him now!” Gou Jie gave the command, and sixty people made their move towards Jaime.

Immediately, the sixty of them suddenly felt a great aura burst towards them, causing them to hold their breaths, none of them daring to move. Their instincts told them something big and dangerous was preying on them, and caused their bodies to chill. It felt like as if they were facing a Patriarch Realm as an enemy.

“You have been offered with a good meal, but refused to eat it. This time you have occurred tragedy in your life. You will have all of your teeth broken and leg cut. Your parents will cry for you.” Jaime moved towards Gou Jie, slapped him softly and quickly ran to Da Xiu—the Golden Lion Hawk beast—and grabbed Chu Mie. “Da Xiu fly now, quickly they want to eat your meat!”

Gou Jie stopped for second and realized a step too late, “They are escaping! What are you people doing! Catch them now!”

All of them snapped out of their daze too late, Jaime and Chu Mie soared into the sky and left them. They couldn’t help but feel their hears ease as they saw Jaime flying away. On their necks were slightly shallow cuts that started to bleed.

“Damn!” Gou Jie cursed. “We will find them, whatever it takes.” As he shouted, his teeth suddenly fell off one by one, his mouth full of blood. He suddenly fell, and couldn’t stand up. Both his legs were really painful, like they were broken.


Chu Mie laughed so hard. “You really have eaten a tiger’s heart! You dared to provoke Gou Jie, slapped him and escaped. He will chase you to the end of the world. The only thing I regret is you slapped him too softly”

“Not a big deal.” Jaime waved his hand. “Without provoking him, he would have killed me as well. From now on, I will slap him every time I meet that arrogant boy and quickly escape, hopefully that’ll cause him to die from anger.”

“How come they didn’t chase after us?”

“Maybe they were shocked by my daring actions.”

Both of them flew to the biggest auction house in the city, Thousand Treasures Pavilion.

“It is so big!” Chu Mie looked in awe at the front of the auction house. There are a few big pillars, a lot of stairs and luxury statues. “How can we enter it?”

“You haven’t ever come here before?” Jaime asked, a bit surprised.

“I never had the money, how could I dare step a foot in here?” Teacher Kok and Teacher Hou gave the King Chameleon beast’s core to the academy and they paid Chu Mie one hundred thousand spiritual stones.

“What makes you want to step in now?”

“I need to buy some storage pouches; I heard they can hold a lot of stuff inside.” Chu Mie checked around. “Do you know how to buy the stuff inside? The auction house is too big and too awesome.”

“I am just a lowly servant how could I… wait.” Jaime found someone and made his way to the entrance. “Brother Xu Tie, do you still remember me?”

One guard looked confused to Jaime. A young master with super expensive clothes. “I am sorry young master. May I ask who you are?”

“Ah, Brother Xu Tie, you helped me with 10 taels of silver that one time. This one hasn’t returned it yet. Please take this.”

Xu Tie still appeared confused and accepted one spiritual stone. “Isn’t this too much?”

“Don’t mention it.” Jaime laughed. “This time your little brother hugged a big tree and became a servant of a noble princess. You see that dark skinned young girl? She is a princess of a faraway country, a student of White Lion Academy. She is loaded and wants to buy some stuff at the auction house, could you help us?”

“Wait here a moment, I will be your guide through all your needs!” Xu Tie didn’t look like he remembered Jaime, but being a guide for a loaded princess; he has waiting for an opportunity like this since forever. There is a rule in the Thousand Treasure Pavilion regarding its workers: everyone who can bring a client will receive about 0.1 % of what the client spent as commission.

Xu Tie was already dying to be a guide for loaded people, he had long since learned everything required to be a perfect guide. He quickly informed his head guard to get permission for a day off.

“What happened?” The head guard asked, his voice tinged with annoyance.

“My long gone little brother suddenly appeared with his master, a princess of a kingdom. He is begging me to guide him around the auction.” Xu Tie quickly put one spiritual stone in the head guard’s hand. “Please let me off for today.”

The head guard checked the one spiritual stone and grinned ear to ear. “No problem, you are like my little brother as well. Don’t mind me just go, I will cover your back. Don’t let our little brother wait for too long.”

Xu Tie returned in his casual clothes and met Jaime and Chu Mie. “This one is called Xu Tie, I will be your trusted guide throughout the auction. Please follow me.”

Jaime exchanged glances with Chu Mie and followed Xu Tie through the entrance, and walked into the auction hall.

Xu Tie in, high spirits, explained. “There are three ways of purchasing merchandise in the pavilion: first is a direct purchase, all the merchandise on display have written prices and can be bought at a moment’s notice. Second is requesting a book containing the inventory list from the counter.”

“What is so special about the book? What is different about the book as opposed to the merchandise on display?” asked Jaime.

“Some people want to sell things that can’t be openly put on display because of some reason or another. They also don’t want to have their items in the auction and be sold at unpredictable prices. So they request that their item be sold at a fixed price. The Auction house records their items in the book.”

“The third is following the auction. This pavilion hold an auction every four days. Luckily for you, today is an auction day, and it will begin soon.” Xu Tie smiled. “So where will you start? I can guide you through the twelve display area pavilions, Weapon pavilion, armor pavilion, talisman pavilion, amulet pavilion…”

“How about we get the book first?” asked Jaime. “We can walk while reading the book.” The book with a lot of secret stuff in selling aroused Jaime interest. (/halp)

Xu Tie bowed down, “The request for the book will cost one spiritual stone. If you have ten thousand spiritual stones, you can deposit it at the counter and exchange it with a bank card, as a bonus, the book will be given for free. The bank card will record the amount of money you deposit, and can be taken back without any fee if you don’t use it.”

“Good!” Chu Mie quickly threw the big pack on his back towards Xu Tie. “You should have said that sooner, I was tired of lugging that bag around. There are one hundred thousand stones inside. Quickly exchange it for the card.”

Xu Tie was a lower level than Chu Mie, and had problems dragging the pack, yet on his face was a wide smile and a lot of beautiful dreams started flying around his head.

“0.1 % of one hundred thousand. One hundred spiritual stones commission, I can buy a house and land for my family!”

Jaime and Chu Mie were checking a display area when Xu Tie came back and gave Chu Mie one book, one bank card and one token. “This token represents one VIP room in the auction hall. People usually receive one if they deposit a minimum of one hundred thousand spiritual stones.”

Chu Mie nodded and checked the book.

Jaime didn’t want to bother Chu Mie and walked around the display area. Xu Tie came to him and said, “Brother, this jade holds information about everything we sell in the auction house, including items from the display area and items from today’s auction. This is exclusive information only for VIP clients.”

“Why are you giving this to me? I am just a lowly servant.”

Xu Tie shyly said, “Brother, after having been a guard for the auction entrance for many years, these eyes of mine have seen many kinds of people, both poor and rich, year after year. As for you, my brother, I think you are special. Perhaps I may be wrong, but I won’t regret what I do. What I will regret, however, is what I don’t do. I won’t say anything to the Princess.”

Jaime laughed and checked the information inside the jade. Having money means you will have more impulses to wildly buy everything you don’t need. Jaime’s eyes suddenly shone brightly.

There were some talismans for calling rain, a talisman for deep water, talisman for gathering spiritual energy, natural energy and so on.

“Brother Xu Tie, come here.” Jaime whispered to him. “The bank card, where can it be used?”

“The bank card issued by the Thousand Treasure Pavilion can be used in all auction houses in twenty four cities, and can also be used to do transaction with the lord of every city inside White Lion Kingdom.”

“How about the safety of personal secrets?” Jaime smirked.

“Brother, in the auction house, we protect our clients carefully. We don’t ask where the money is from, and we will protect anyone in possession of a bank card, even the king wouldn’t dare to ask about in the auction house.”

“Good, good, good, lucky for you I have things I would like to buy.” Jaime took out one storage pouch. “Don’t tell the princess or I will demand the 0.1 % that is your commission.”

“No, no, no I will keep everything a secret.” Xu Tie hastily took the storage pouch to the counter. Proudly, he said the girl on counter. “This storage pouch is my brother’s, take care about it.”

The girl showed no interest, she had seen all kinds of rich people. Not to say the brother of a lowly person with perverted eyes who only thinks of how to take her to the bed. Suddenly she screamed after checking the storage pouch.

“What happened?”

“Is it really your brother’s storage pouch?”

Xu Tie hit his chest proudly. “Of course, he is my real brother.”

“He’s the same type of lowly human like you. Tell him our auction house doesn’t accept scrap metal! Silver and gold are not allowed, spiritual stones only. Return to your brother and tell him we can’t issue him a bank card!”

Xu Tie frowned and returned back to Jaime. “Brother, you put me to shame, inside the storage pouch is only silver and gold. The auction house can’t give you the bank card.”

“That’s the only money I have.”

Xu Tie could only smile, a look of disappointment on his face.

“Wait, I have the other scrap money, you can try it this time.” Jaime threw another storage pouch.

Xu Tie bowed and took the storage pouch to the counter.

“You again. I have no time for you.” The counter girl said in unpleasant tone.

“Me too, I don’t have time for you too, just process this client’s storage pouch or I will report to the manager that you didn’t want to process a client’s space storage pouch.”

“After this one, please disappear from my face, and kick your brother out!”

Xu Tie said nothing and let the girl check the storage pouch.

“Kyaaaa!” The girl screamed again.

“What is it this time?”

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