Chapter 2.2 Birth

Chapter 2.2: Birth

Deep into the night, when everyone else was asleep, the newborn child cradled in Amaria’s arms suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes wandered around, however, because the room was dimly lit, he could only make out the brown walls where an oil lamp was hanging.

“Where am I?” Thought the newborn child, clearly confused about why he had woken up in such a peculiar place.

Feeling a little bit drowsy, he decided to rub his eyes. However, his attempt failed, realizing that he didn’t have the strength nor the capability to do it.

With this discovery, he tried to lfocus his strength in his arms and legs in a desperate attempt  to stand up. Time passed and with no fruit to show for his work, he felt so exhausted he tried to curse out his grievances.

However, even this attempt failed. What left his mouth were incoherent babbles such as ‘unya’, confirming that there was definitely something wrong with his body.

Frustrated and exhausted, he decided to just stay still, trying to catch his breath and feel more of his rather peculiar body.

Since it was dark, in addition to the fact that he couldn’t freely move his arms and legs, he was further unable to ascertain the state of his body.

He decided to just close his eyes and think…

What was the last thing he did before he fell asleep?

Racking his memories, he remembered feeling bored at home and so he decided to…

And then it occurred to him…

“I died?”

A surge of memories appeared in his mind. The reason he left his house to go to the mall, the movie he watched, the lunch he got at the mall, the new figurines he was planning to buy, and of course, the little girl who stood up to the robbers; the little girl whose unfortunate circumstance became the very reason for why he got shot… and died.

After remembering all of that, numerous thoughts and ideas appeared in his mind. Did he really die? Perhaps he’s just in a hospital bed, and the reason why he couldn’t move was because he was still recovering?

However, he recalled the oil lamp hanging on the wall.

Just to be sure, he once again tried to open his eyes, but was met with an even greater difficulty. After exerting all the strength he had left, he was finally able to barely open his eyes.

As soon as he did, that same dim light emanating from that oil lamp hanging on the wall entered his vision.

With this confirmation, he immediately thought, “Hospital rooms aren’t supposed to have these kinds of oil lamps, right?”

Just a year ago, he was hospitalized because of pneumonia, and the room where he stayed at had a soft bed, air conditioning, and electric lighting.

A room with an oil lamp would most definitely not be a room furnished by a hospital, or perhaps by any modern day building.

Bewildered and puzzled, his eyes were forcibly closed as a wave of fatigue washed over him.

He cursed in his mind, annoyed by how weak his body was at the moment. After a few moments of venting his frustration to no one in particular, he gradually calmed down as he collected his thoughts.

Other than the memories of his supposed ‘death’, there was nothing else that he could remember. But then suddenly…


A wail escaped his lips as he felt an excruciating pain inside his head, as though something sharp was drilling out from within.

In his mind, hundreds, if not, thousands of shards of broken glass appeared. These shards of broken glass suddenly moved, and gradually pieced together, forming a certain figure.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the excruciating pain gradually dulled, as the shards of broken glass eventually formed into a young man.

Observing this young man, he immediately felt a sense of familiarity, as if he had just seen this young man recently.

Racking his brains, yet another memory popped inside his mind, making him remember a certain young man who spoke about his death.

“Oh… isn’t he the one I saw in that place?”

A young man that told him that they had the same cruel fate.

A young man that wished for the heavens…

Indeed, this young man was the same person as the young man who showed him his memories, telling him that in exchange for keeping his dreams and memories alive, he had chosen the self-annihilation of his own soul!

However, the gravity of the young man’s words, even though they sounded so serious, wasn’t something he was capable of understanding yet.

Recalling the scene, he immediately cleared his mind and focused on that memory where he met the young man.

Again and again, he tried to repeat the words the young man had spoken in his mind, trying to make something out of it.

After a while, he seemed to have reached a moment of understanding, however, he was immediately interrupted by a sound that definitely came from his true surroundings.


It was a soft and gentle voice, definitely coming from a woman. However, the words this woman spoke was a language he had never heard before, and to put it simply, he couldn’t understand it.

Curious and a bit fearful at the same time, he once again tried to open his eyes, but to no avail. He could only curse in mind as he once again heard the voice of the woman speaking of something, and soon, those speaking turned into a melodious tune that made him feel completely at ease.

Before he knew it, his body was lifted, and something soft touched his lips; soon, something that certainly tasted familiar entered his throat…

It was milk.


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