Chapter 2.1: Birth

Chapter 2.1: Birth

In the Sirc Kingdom, there exists a small town near the Forest of Everium. The small Township of Lakar is situated between the cities of Sol and Everium.

Although its territory is of a significantly smaller scale than those of its neighbors’, the Township of Lakar still  boasted a variety of its own guilds and prefectures for merchants and cultivators. The fact that its location was near a forest where monstrous beasts were freely hunted was perhaps the main reason why the Township of Lakar could host such a collection of guilds.


Within the Luo Family manor, a brown-haired man, presumably in his thirties, is currently pacing back and forth behind the door of a room. This man is the current head of the Luo Clan, the Governor of the Township of Lakar, Rein Luo.

At the moment, Rein Luo’s wife, Amaria, is giving birth to their 2nd child. Technically speaking, it should be their first child, but given the circumstances after what had happened a few years ago, they had no choice but to adopt a child since the Luo Clan believed that Amaria was unable to conceive a child.

Now, five years after they had adopted their first child, Amaria, who was thought to be infertile, had suddenly become pregnant, giving rise to constant celebration throughout the whole Township of Lakar.

A slow creaking sound almost stopped Rein Luo’s heartbeat. As a cultivator, he was a man who could even stand up to the powerful officials of the Sirc Kingdom, but as a husband, he was but a man who cherished his wife more than anything in the world.

An old woman, head full of white hair and face covered in wrinkles, walked out of the room. As soon as she did, Rein Luo couldn’t help but let out a number of questions, “Maester Mai, how’s my wife? What about my child? Are they safe? Did anything happen? Is everything okay?”

The moment his wife told him that her water broke, Rein Luo was instantly overwhelmed with anxiousness. Three hours had already passed, and since then, the only thing Rein Luo did was pace back and forth outside the room, mumbling incoherent words as clumps of sweat beaded up all over his body.

The old woman, whom Rein called Maester Mai, gave him a wide smile before speaking, “Rein, you should calm down. Both the mistress and your child are safe. Your newborn child is a boy. Mistress Amaria is currently resting with your child inside the room. It’s ok to enter now, but before that…”

Maester Mai took a handkerchief from the pocket of her dress and wiped the sweat off of Rein’s forehead. With a smile on her face, she fixed Rein Luo’s appearance as she spoke, “You have become the Governor of the Township of Lakar yet you’re still the same as back then. You really must fix that anxious face of yours. You should greet Amaria and your newborn child with a smile on your face.”

Maester Mai patted Rein on his shoulder before clearing the way. Taking a deep breath, Rein excitedly went inside the room, walking as gently as possible.

Unknowingly, a bright smile soon bloomed on Rein’s face. All the anxiousness and fear he felt suddenly vanished into thin air as he laid his eyes on his newborn child. His wife, as radiant as the sun, greeted him with a smile as she carried the delicate child in her arms.

“Rein… it’s our child.” Tears streamed down Amaria’s face as she called out to her husband. It had almost been a decade since they first married, however, they had never been blessed with a child, to the point where they were pressured to adopt a suitable child as an heir for the Luo Clan.

Rein tread his way towards the bed as a tear also rolled down on his face. He took a seat beside his wife, gently caressing his wife’s beautiful silver hair while looking at their newborn child.

“Finally, Amaria… the gods have blessed us. We shall call our child Raizel… a rose that bloomed amidst hopelessness.” Rein spoke as he used his free hand to touch the cheek of the newborn child.

“Raizel…” Amaria muttered as she gazed at the snow sleeping child in her arms. Blessed, they were truly blessed.

Five years after their marriage, the Luo Clan thought that Amaria was infertile, and they gave Rein Luo a choice: get a concubine or adopt a suitable child.

Since Rein wholeheartedly loved Amaria, he never dared to even think about the first choice for even a second, leading them to adopt a child. Now, five years after adopting a child, Amaria had suddenly become pregnant, and truth be told, this was something the couple considered to be a miracle.

While both Rein and Amaria were cherishing their newborn child, a small little girl hurriedly entered the room, clumsily running her way towards the bed.

It was the child they had adopted five years ago, Rhea Luo.

“Father, Mother… is that uhmm… my brother?” The child looked intently at the baby in her mother’s arms. At first, she couldn’t distinguish the gender of the baby, resulting in her stammering while speaking, but after observing the baby in more carefully, she immediately realized that the child in her mother’s arms was a boy.

Rein shifted his gaze towards the little girl; he nodded as he slowly lifted the little baby towards his lap, giving her the opportunity to look a little bit closer at her brother.

While patting her head, Rein calmly spoke, “Rhea, this is your brother. His name is Raizel. As his older sister, you need to take care of him, okay?”

“Yes, father.” Rhea then resumed her bewildered stare towards the baby in her mother’s arms. It was her first time seeing a newborn child.

“Are you happy to see your brother? Look, he’s really adorable, right?” Amaria spoke as she shifted her gaze between Rhea and the newborn child cradled in her arms.

“Yes!” Rhea answered, a smile plastered on her face. She was but a 6-year-old girl, and although she was a little bit more mature than her peers, her knowledge about the world was still lacking. However, she knew that a family took care of each other, and seeing a new member of her family made her really happy.

After a while, Rein, upon realizing that it was already getting late, stood up, bringing Rhea with him, as he spoke, “Amaria, I believe that you should go get some rest with our child first. Rhea, it’s already late at night and you should also rest. You can go see your brother again tomorrow, alright?”

Amaria nodded, and as for Rhea, she just cheerfully spoke an ‘okay’ before walking out of the room with the biggest strides her small and frail legs were capable of. Rein kissed both his wife and his newborn child on the cheek, and soon, he also left the room, leaving Amaria to have some well-deserved rest after labor.


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