CGA: Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Robbing and Massacre

“Have you ever heard a story about the monkey and the gold fish? Once upon a time, there was a monkey and a gold fish, they were good friends. One time, on a rainy day, the monkey luckily found a cave to hide. The monkey thought, what a terrible friend I am, I found a cave and let my dear friend gold fish suffer outside in the rain. The monkey quickly rushed to the pond and called out the gold fish. As the gold fish appeared, the monkey grabbed the fish and rushed to the cave. ‘I am holding you, stop writhing.’ The monkey hugged his dearest friend. ‘I will keep you warm.’ The monkey hugged the fish for one day and night.”

“Believe me, sometimes your intentions are good but not always good for others. Like unrequited love, one sided love, ah… loving is truly full of sin.”

Jaime looked at the two guys who hit him. They were in an intimate position, you know, the legendary 69 position? And their mouths were on the each others… you know… balls, birds… whatever your imagination takes you to. Jaime robbed them till they were naked and gave them a great pose, so when they both awake…..heehee. They will feel each other’s deep unrequited love. Jaime also tied them up together, just to make sure they would enjoy each other more intimately after they awaken.

Jaime took all of the guard’s armors, weapons, boots and even their beds. Letting about two hundred of them to sleep on the floor. He moved to the barn, found about two hundred horses, ten demonic beasts of Junior Realm, three demonic beasts of Senior Realm and one Golden Lion Hawk beast of True Beast Realm. It was a jackpot!

After cleaning all of the things and still having a few hours left before dawn, Jaime started to take the tables, chairs, stone figures at the garden, pretty marbles, toys of random kids. Even the poorest beggar still had his broken mug. Yet, Jaime left nothing to the General Long.

Suddenly he remembered something and wrote very big words on the ancestor hall. “I opened this road, I planted this tree, I picked the stones and I cleaned the road every day so people can travel comfortably. But your ancestors built houses on my road so you have to pay the taxes to the Band of Eagle Bandits”

They surely will pay a visit to my good friends.


General Long Chang was the first person to wake up from his sleep; he was not in the Patriarch/General Realms for nothing. The first thing appeared on his mind when he stared at his empty room was. “We have been robbed!”

As he got out from his room, the sun was already high in the sky, he quickly went to the ancestor altar and found the secret room was opened. He made his way inside and checked the empty room, his anger raised to his head. And as he looked at the small hole at the wall, he fainted.


Chef Bai went to the butchering house and became dumbstruck. He hadn’t come for a week and this butchering house had transformed into a whole new house, so clean and so tidy. Jaime was butchering animals on one large stone tub.

“That is new.” Chef Bai checked the stone tub.

“Yeah, it will keep the blood flow in the right basin and won’t dirty the surroundings.”

“These tubs?”

“That right one is for burning the furs and the left tubs for making the leftover into fertilizer. It will keep everything clean.”

Chef Bai impressed. “You are doing great for a village boy.”

“Yeah, you are doing great for a country boy too.”

“I remember you can cook. Can you also do the deboning and cleaning for demonic beast? Young students want to go to the mountain for hunting and wanted to cook it there. I don’t have time to serve these pampered students. What about if I send you there? Their tip will be good for you.” Chef Bai suddenly remembered why he came here.

”I remember the guards won’t like it if I leave this place.” Jaime frowned. He really doesn’t want to go out. Today the famous General Long Chang will turn the city upside down and there will be a lot of blood.

“Ahhh… don’t worry for this small matter.” Chef Bai rounded his hand on Jaime’s shoulder. “Since the request comes from the teacher; the guards only can follow it.”

Jaime was taken to the academy field. There were around two hundred young disciples gathering. Most of them were still in the Elementary Realm and Junior Realm. New fresh bloods who were looking for blood for their first time.

“Teacher Hua, I took one new guy to accompany your lovely students.” Chef talked to one pretty teacher. That teacher had long black hair and looked around thirty years old.

“Really? Thanks to you Chef Bai, this time I really trouble you for the ‘Bloody Hunting Scary Demonic Beast’ event.” Teacher Huo smiled very sweetly at Chef Bai.

“Oh, there’s no need to say, I am always happy to help you.” Chef Bai face turned really red. Jaime sighed. So he was a victim, as someone who is trying to kiss his idol’s ass.

A pig loving a goddess of the moon, it surely will end with a tragic tragedy ending. Even monkeys needed millions of years to became human and create rockets to the moon, how long will it be needed for a pig?

“What is your name?” Teacher Hua asked.

“Yeah what is your name?” Asked Chef Bai, he never asked before.

“This lowly one’s named A Niu, my mother named me as a cow, so I can be as healthy as cow and work hard as a cow. And die as a cow.” Jaime glanced at the Chef Bai. “Usually cow dies after being sold. It will be killed for its meat.”

“Typical village kids.” Chef Bai said to Teacher Huo.

Teacher Hou laughed, “Don’t worry you are not going to be sold. They are going to hunt demonic beast for twenty days in the mountain. It just a few groups that don’t have a servant to cook for them, so you will only need to follow them and cook for them. After this event is finished, I will give you 20 taels of gold.”

“Your safety will be guaranteed. Some teachers will be following by secret for the disciple’s safety. So don’t worry and don’t tell them. We are trying to put them in pressure. Anyway, the demonic beasts will be only around the elementary realm.”

Jaime rolled his eyes, this place was really amazing. Young students were going to hunt demonic beasts, there were teachers following them, they had a servant to cook for them… how much can these young masters and young mistresses be pampered? They were definitely just going to have happy camping with the title of Bloody Hunting Scary Demonic Beast. They even wore their best and latest models of clothes.

Do they seriously want to get through the mountain and forest with those kinds of super fluffy clothes?

“And you are on…,” Teacher Huo scanned Jaime. “You don’t even reach elementary realm. Don’t worry they will take care of you.”

Previously Jaime’s level was on 17. To hide himself from being targeted, Jaime used 5 levels to learn the way to conceal his level. So he will be appearing as a normal human around level 5.

Teacher Huo took Jaime to a group of ten people, girls and boy. “This is A Niu, he will be your cook for these twenty days of hunting. Please take care of him.”

There were six young girls around 15-16 years and four guys at the same age. Some of them still on elementary realm, but four of them were in the Junior Realm. Jaime hit his head. Even his lowly disciples that were on level 5 could easily gang up on one demonic beast!

Chef Bai threw to him a very big pack. “There are pots, a knife, water bottles, seasoning and everything you need to cook the demonic beast!”

Jaime carried it on his back and followed the group moving out from the academy. In the middle of their way to the north gate, which was closer to the mountain, Jaime could see a lot of soldiers flashing like a worker bees along the road. People panicking, their faces turned pale, and most tried to hide themselves.

“What’s going on here?” asked teacher Hua’s friend, named Teacher Kok. He stopped one soldier.

“General Long’s residence was robbed last night. The General asked for all of the gates to be closed and all of the soldiers will search every building and frisk everyone.” The soldier looked specifically at Teacher Huo and showed a perverted smile.

Teacher Kok kicked the soldier and said coldly. “Be careful or your eyes will cause your death.”

“How dare you do this to me! I am Ji An, the second lieutenant! I suspect that you are a friend of the robber. All of you must be frisked out. Show me everything you have!” The soldier named Ji An angrily called ten of his soldiers to encircle Teacher Kok.

Teacher Kok is a guy with a scholar look. He laughed hard. “So when you think I am robber then I am a robber? Have you never put your eyes on White Lion Academy?”

“I don’t care who you are, General said everyone must be frisked including all of you!” The soldier was totally like a deer struck into the big city or maybe a cow never knowing a tiger. Well, he was just a village young man, recruited by General Long’s barrack and got brainwashed that General Long was the almighty general under heaven.

Teacher Kok waited no more; he took out his sword and quickly killed the ten soldiers and let Ji An alive. Teacher Kok was in the Elder Realm, level 51, but the soldier was just a normal human, level 6. Even before Ji An finished one word, all his soldiers have dead. “Any last words?”

Ji An legs shaken. Today he really kicked a hot iron plate.

“Halt there!” One soldier in the Captain Realm with fifty soldiers quickly moved to Teacher Kok. “All of you! How dare you kill General Long’s soldiers. Put down your weapons and surrender or all of you will be killed on the spot!” At that time, more soldiers in the Captain Realm appeared with their soldiers. In a minute four hundreds soldier encircle Teacher Kok, Teacher Huo and all of the students of White Lion Academy.

“Truly General Long put no face on White Lion Academy.” Teacher Kok hit Ji An’s meridian spot and cause half of his body to be paralyze. Teacher Kok threw that poor soldier in the middle of the students.

“What are you doing!” shouted the Captain.

“He will be a witness that he was the first one to started this trouble.” Instead of being scared, Teacher Kok laughed really hard. “Today, we thought of giving our dear students an experience of killing. Our target is demonic beast, but who ever thought that there are hundreds of low level humans that want to sacrifices themselves as stepping stone for them! All students hear me out, if you kill one soldier, you will get one point, second lieutenant or Elementary Realm will give 5 points, lieutenant or Senior Realm will give 10 points, Captain 50 points, Major 100 points, Colonel 500 points and General Long will be 1000 points!”

“Teacher Huo! We will start the killing! Tell everyone in the academy to start the killing too. The target this time is all soldiers of General Long. Before General Long and his entire soldiers wipe out from this city, don’t stop the killing.”

Teacher Huo smiled she took out two spiritual stones and put it into one talisman then launched it into the sky. Suddenly the talisman exploded in the sky and big red words appeared in the wide sky.

“Soldiers of General Long disrespected the White Lion Academy. All White Lion Academy’s people and students will start massacring all General Long soldiers in the city!”

All of the students of Teacher Huo and Teacher Kok took out their swords. Their levels were mostly around 15 to 25, facing soldiers that are only at 5-10 level would only be a fun fight for most of them.

Jaime hid himself in the middle of the students and squat. He found Ji An paralyzed and put his hand on Ji An shoulder. “Brother you are really amazing and very awesome. Your one glance at Teacher Huo could cause the death of all five thousand soldiers, let thousands of wives become widows, thousands of sons and daughters losing their father and thousands of lovers crying. You really are the man of this year, I salute you in respect.”

Ji An face turned ugly, he didn’t know what just happened. Last night he dreamed of having a lot of feces. In his village, there is a saying; dream about having feces means that there will be a lot of fortune soon. This morning he checked his feces that looked so solid and beautiful. He knew today would be his lucky day. Suddenly the general gave the command to search buildings and frisk all the citizens. All of the soldiers turned really happy and high spirited. They knew once they do the search and frisk, there will be a lot of items that they could take by force and a lot of women they could touch. It truly was a happy time to them. Now he can only cry without tears.

General Long also read those sentences in the sky and his face turned really pale. Today seem like a day when all his power will be rooted.

“Who caused this to happen? After being rob, White Lion Academy announces war with us. What just happened? Does heaven really wish for our Long family to cease? How did all of this start?!”


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  2. Knightlight

    apparently he hasn’t found the obvious words that he should connect to his son, but apples don’t fall far from the tree, so he and many others in the family are probably also Righteous thieves.

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  3. Ji An face turned ugly, he didn’t know what just happened. Last night he dreamed of having a lot of feces. In his village, there is a saying; dream about having feces means that there will be a lot of fortune soon. This morning he checked his feces that looked so solid and beautiful. He knew today would be his lucky day.

    Best fortune telling ever? Seriously:D


  4. It’s not mentioned, but is he “stealing” the levels of everyone that gets killed around him? would be a waste if he didn’t. I would be really disappointed if he didn’t get to around level 30-60 now.


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