CGA: Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Sweet Revenge

“Any man who drives safely while kissing a pretty girl, is not giving the pretty girl the attention she deserves. Well, it is a good saying. It only means that, when you are determined to be a robber, you need to rob everything clean and leave nothing attached, or you are not giving them the attention they deserve. You always need to keep and lift up your name as a robber too, or you will give it a bad name. Anyway, live to shorten others end of the stick,  not to live with the short end of the stick.”

The storage pouch in Jaime’s hand had a space of about 3 x 5 meters. He created about thirty of them and one was a very special storage pouch. That special pouch is named an animal storage pouch. Usually a storage pouch is only at a size of a palm of an adult human hand. This animal storage pouch, however, had a size of a 5 years old child. Inside the animal storage pouch was a space of about 100 x 50 meters. It was used in ancient times to move their beasts through continents. So the difference is, this animal storage pouch was specially made to be able to contain a living being. Not like other storage pouches, which rejected living beings.

Jaime was very patient in planning this robbery. Every night, he would use the book of karma to check the conditions of General Long Chang’s residence. Well, he did want to rob that night as he promised himself. But, after using the book of karma to understand the General Long Chang’s residence and what that general had, he knew he needed more storage pouches. He needed better preparation to break through the high defense wall—General Long residence was very big and was located near the city wall—and many other things.

Being a robber is easy, being killed as a robber or a dead robber is even easier. The hardest part is being a living robber who can enjoy his treasure without anyone knowing.

As a robber, he must complete three things before executing the robbery plan. First, it is having the information about the item he wants to steal, details about the guards, and the blueprints of the place. Second, is about how to enter the place, shake off the guards, and steal the item or items. Third, and the last one, is how to get out from that place and still live until the end of the day.

General Long Chang was in the General Realm or the same as the Patriarch realm. He had ten people in the Colonel Realm or same as the Elder Realm. Fifty in the Major Realm or same as the True Human Realm, one hundred in the Captain Realm or same as the Senior Realm, five hundred in the Lieutenant realm or same with the Junior realm, one thousand in the Second lieutenant Realm or same with the Elementary Realm. And five thousand as soldiers in the normal human realm.

Except the low ranks which stay in the barrack outside the city wall, most of high rankers stayed around General Long residence. While Jaime was still determined to rob General Long clean, he also knew that with General Long Chang’s authorization and power, most likely the whole city will be turned into turmoil, after general finds out that he was robbed. His soldiers will pour throughout the city and start the search for the robber. He needed to find a safe place to stay out from the great turmoil.

So, he endured for a few days while hanging a big poster that said, “I will do any work for money, I can cook, I can clean and I can do anything.” Jaime was already on his third day of handing  out the papers in the street, which faced the back wall of White Lion Academy. 

White Lion Academy was one of the places that General Long would not be able to touch, the others were the city lord hall and the other generals’ residences. White Lion Academy was the easiest one to enter, since the generals’ places already had a lot of soldiers to do any work they needed.

As to why Jaime stayed at the back wall of the Academy, is because everyone knew. The students and teachers always walk from the front gate, as for servants, workers and the chefs, all of them used the back door on the back wall.

“You!” One chef of the academy suddenly appeared in front of Jaime. “Can you do the butchering and clean the animals?”

“I can! I can, Sir! I can kill everything you want except humans. I can clean them really nicely. Just try me.”

“Can you cook?” The chef gave disdained look at Jaime.

“I can cook everything; I worked at my family’s restaurant since I was five. Please hire me, you won’t regret it. If I do wrong, you don’t need to pay me. Please help me; I am so hungry for these few days.” Jaime begged and kneeled to show how pitiful he was.

The Chef was quite a fat guy with an oily face. His stomach bulged out like a nine months pregnant woman. “Well, I will try you out for a week. If you do great, I will pay you. You won’t get paid for now but you will get food to fill your stomach.”

“I accept it, Sir. Please take me as your servant. I plan to be the greatest chef in the three realms!”

“Stop chit chatting, you talk too much for a guy. Follow me.” The chef walked to the back door of White Lion Academy. One guard in the Senior Realm stopped him. “Who is this young boy? Chef Bai, You know White Lion can’t let  unknown people enter.”

Chef Bai sneered at the guard. “This little boy will be my new helper.”

“What happened to little Yao, your helper?”

“That little brat got drunk four days ago and got into fight. He broke his hands and legs. What do you want me to do without a helper? Lessen your food?”

The guard frown. “Still I need to check his background.”

Chef Bai rolled his eyes. “It is not like you don’t know, this little boy already stood in front of you for three days. As for the other days, I dare to say you saw him collecting garbage from our place every day. He is just a beggar that turn out to be helper. If you want to check him, please go on.”

The guard looked at Jaime and didn’t know how to start. In front of him is just a little guy of 14 years old, dirty with tattered clothes, and his body was thin like a hungry ghost. Only his eyes look bright. “Alright, you can enter. Chef Bai you must keep him in the workers area and never let him out to the student and academy area.”

“I get it, to serve a thousand people in this academy; he will only find his time on his bed and in the butchering house. He won’t even have time to jerk off.” Chef Bai took Jaime to a smelly butchering house. It was truly smelly with blood, animal shit, some leftovers of animal intestines, animal fur and bones. All of this was scattered around the butcher’s house and inside of it.  “This will be your work place, as for your hut, it will be that!”

Jaime stared at a small hut like a horse barn. “For real?”

“Hei! Be grateful, you usually sleep on the streets right? I am already doing my best to help you. Now, there is a cage with about two hundred chickens, you must clean them before lunch time. Do it now.”

Jaime quickly took a butchering knife and started killing the poor animals. Chef Bai checked Jaime’s cleaning work for a few minutes feeling satisfied and went away. “Someone will take those chickens and remember you can’t go anywhere except this place.”

“All right!” replied Jaime, thinking that he will need to clean this butcher house and the area around before he got sick.


Jaime stayed there a week more; he was waiting for the right wind to blow at General Long residence. That night, he secretly went out from White Lion Academy. His level was only 17, it was raised by butchering hundreds of animals every day. Because he was going to fight with General Realms that were around level 65, his blood boiled with excitement. “Today is the perfect day to do the robbery. For two weeks, as I started to check the general residence, this is the best day ever. All of the people staying in  General Long’s residence, are not going out. The wind is blowing from the right angle and I can’t hope for more than this. I will fight till the end! One general realm and ten  Elder realms!”

With Jaime’s wind movement speed, it will be hard to detect Jaime’s presence. The movement he used was from the self-proclaimed best thief under heaven. Even if it was just a first movement, it was more than enough to take care of the patriarch realm and below.

Jaime stood at the city wall, camouflaged by the darkness. He took out one small bag and burned it. That small bag let out the smoke, which was taken by the wind and blown to the General Long’s residence. Jaime moved to another wall and did the same. In his mind, he had a complete trajectory of the wind flow. He let the smoke completely surround  General Long’s residence.

After an hour, he checked with the book of karma that almost 60% of the residence was already asleep by the smoke. After two hours, no one was still awake. Jaime smiled. “The sleeping poison this daddy created will even make a king realm sleep without knowing what just happened. Let alone a patriarch realm. Today I will take back what you took from me. Revenge sure is the sweetest thing.”

“This is my home!” said Jaime laughing as he walked inside  General Long’s hall. In his mind, he already knew every stone in this place. He flashed to the treasury room. Easily undoing all of the traps and killing formations.

“This daddy is too cool to be stopped.” Jaime got inside the room; there were lots of cupboards filled with herbs, rare medicine and even pills. At the other side, there were wood cases filled with weapons, treasures, gold and spiritual stones. Jaime took everything completely, within the cupboards, wooden cases, and everything else. 

Out from the treasure room, Jaime moved to the ancestor hall, the place where the ashes of Long’s nine generations of ancestors were kept. Jaime lit up the incense and bowed to the ancestor altar. “This greatest thief under heaven will take everything you collected for one thousand years. Please forgive me.”

Jaime put the incense, moved a few things at the altar, and caused a secret door behind the altar to open. It was the secret room where General Long and his ancestor kept their real treasures. He cleared a few traps and a formation which usually only the right successor knew.

Inside the secret room Jaime stared in awe. The things inside are real treasures that will put things in the treasury room to shame. The cupboard was filled with truly rare herbs, which even can make a dead one live. As for the treasures, there were swords, talismans, many other weapons used by Long Ancestors. All of them were rarely seen treasures.

“Everything is mine!” Jaime laughed and took them all. At one wall, Jaime used a knife to gouge out a few stones and suddenly there was a small wooden box. Inside the box, there were five storage rings. Every ring was filled with one million spiritual stones. These storage rings are Long Ancestors emergency funds. They were prepared. If one day a strong enemy successfully robs them clean without them being able to do much, those rings will have enough for them to raise the Long family back to its glory. Yet, they had never predicted, that one day a little thief with knowledge of everything will rob them clean and won’t even let the emergency funds to stay in their place.

After everything was cleaned out, Jaime moved to Long Yu’s room. Inside the room, Jaime found three women sleeping with him on the bed. They slept like  dead bodies.

“Truly a lucky guy.” Jaime moved Long Yu’s cupboard, ward board, and even his bed into the storage pouch. Checking the empty room Jaime felt satisfied. “Wait, don’t put a shame on the robber’s name.”

Jaime stole Long Yu’s clothes and his women’s clothes. Letting them be completely naked and sleep on the floor. “Their clothes are the high class ones, high price in the market!”

He left a writing on the wall. “You dare to steal my stuff, I steal your stuff.”

He moved to the General Long Chang’s room and cleaned it too. General Long had a storage ring which the contents were truly amazing. It was filled with all the good stuff like weapons, pills, armor, and so on. It also contained a lot of money for paying his soldier wages this month.

Jaime also left a writing on the wall. “Long Yu stole my stuff, Father must pay and his ancestors also have to pay.”

After clearing every room, Jaime moved to the kitchen and took everything inside! Not leaving even one stone he could move. The things he didn’t take were only things connected to the earth.

Jaime found his way to the guard residence and found the two people, who had attacked him. They were sleeping soundly.

“Good, it is time for both of you!”


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      1. Knightlight

        Glad you reminded me, now i don’t feel sorry at all for them, letting their son abuse their authority for such stupid stupid STUPID acts of stupidity. like familys already loaded, yet you keep stealing from random people sowing bad karma.

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  2. ayy, the long ancestors must be turning in their graves now, poor fellows.
    one thing though, the general of this city is a patriarch realm? isn’t that strange, considering a (declining) sect focused only on cultivating hadn’t had one for two hundred years. how can a common man cultivate to that level?

    thanks for the chapter though.

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    1. Skoll

      The city the MC is in is currently one of the top cities in the continent. So it is not just some random fellow who cultivated that high. Higher level cities=stronger practitioners. While the General is not the peak practitioner in the city, he is at least one of the top ten, Therefore, his strength is justified.

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  3. He left a writing on the wall. “You dare to steal my stuff, I steal your stuff.”

    I was thinking that this is a retarded thing to do, but this guy steals stuff from people every day, so there’s no way it will lead to the mc. It will only make his father rage on him for causing this 😀


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