CGA Chapter 67

Chapter 67 The power of Curse

Inside every heart there is love, but sometimes, it is clouded by hate, anger and many negative emotions. If one can free their heart from bad emotions and strong desires, they will see a wonderful world that is full of love. It is simply because their heart is full of love and everything they see and  do is filled with love.


At the same time Jaime’s lips closed onto An Tie’s soft pink lips moved away by the distance of one hair.

“Stop there don’t you dare to steal my husband’s first kiss!” Kuang Li Yin appeared and forcefully pulled Jaime away.

“Kuang Li Yin?” asked Jaime in surprised.

“Bad husband, really bad husband! I just turned my eyes for a second and you are already hunting other girl’s lips!” Kuang Li Yin hit Jaime’s shoulder. “Remember you had promised me, your first kiss, on the beach, at the sunset so our love will be eternity and infinity!”

An Tie listened carefully about what Kuang Li Yin said and her eyes shone brightly. She was whispering in soft voice. “First kiss, on the beach, at the sunset… love will be … eternity and infinity.”


In the far away country, Nie Sha’s eyes also shone brightly. “First kiss, on the beach, at the sunset.. our love will be eternity and infinity. Oh my dear love, there are a lot of beaches here! You must come here, to your honey or…”

Nie Sha held her chest and in experience of agony she spoke carefully, “I will go there to where you are… For our love!”


Jaime’s was flying high on a Lion Hawk Beast, alone to attack the Huo Clan. Blowing by the hard wind, streaming by sunshine, soaring to the blue sky, a young hero started his journey to conquer the world.

“This continent is so wide!” Jaime flew a cross majestically mountains, thousands of hills, a very large forests and hundreds of rivers. “This place is really beautiful. If only Ye Xiu could see it…”

Jaime’s eyes looked straight to the wide blue sky.


Tears fell from Jaime’s eyes. He wiped his tears and continued his journey. A hero will always walk a lonely path into glory and majestic. Fight alone, bleed alone, in pain alone, and die alone. Without anyone to know.

“Wait! Let me try to control the beast!” yelled Kuang Li Yin on other Lion Hawk Beast.

“No you can’t control it yet, if we fall, we will die,” replied An Tie.

“I wanna try it! I will curse you if you don’t give me!”

“If you curse me, we both will fall!” Two little girls had been arguing non-stop since they departed from White Eagle City.

“Guys!” shouted Jaime. “Don’t you know that I am still trying hard to attract readers to try  and understand how cool I am and how lonely I am, can’t you both be quiet for a moment? And let them admire me for a second?”

“Yes master!” said An Tie politely.

“Why?” protested Kuang Li Yin.

“If the readers love me, I will get more fans, more readers, more good ratings, and if we are lucky we can get donation to buy instant noddle. You understand?” Jaime shook his head and sighed heavily. “Instant noodle also rose in price, how can we survive this month?”

“Understood master!” replied An Tie.

“Understood husband,” replied Kuang Li Yin. “Please work hard for our kids. I don’t want to give instant noodle for our kids.”

Jaime sighed, “Aiihh, pain of poor author can only be acknowledge by another poor author. Yet, some poor people have nothing to share, and can only rub each other’s back for comfort, exchanging deliriously words and using pen to fight against time to reach a great dream.”

“An Tie, move back, I want to be at front!” yelled Kuang Li Yin again.

“Don’t move, we can fall!” protested An Tie.

“I don’t care,” shouted Kuang Li Yin trying to move.

“Damn, why did I take them with me!” Jaime sighed again.


Five hours ago.

“Husband where are you going?” asked Kuang Li Yin.

“Somewhere, but I will return soon.”

“Let me follow you!”


Kuang Li Yi hugged Jaime. “I won’t let go. You must take me with you.”

“But it will be dangerous Li Yin. This is not playing, you can die if you follow me.”

“Told you already, if you die I will follow you!” protested Kuang Li Yin almost burst into tears.

Jaime looked at Guan Pu Yi. “Do you have Lion Hawk Beast?”

“I do,” said Guan Pu Yi. “It is on the barn.” He quickly asked some slaves to bring  the beast.

Jaime looked at Kuang Li Yin, “I will take you but promise me, that you will listen to me.”

Kuang Li Yin quickly nodded.

“An Tie, can you drive a Lion Hawk Beast?” asked Jaime.

“I can communicate with any kind of demonic beast.” answered An Tie.

“Good, you follow me.”

“Why that girl has to follow us?” protested Kuang Li Yin.

“To protect you when we arrive at the destination, I won’t have time to protect you on the Huo Clan’s land.”

“Can we..” asked Kuag Li Yin.

“No, we won’t stop at any beach if that’s you want to ask.”

Kuang Li Yin pouted sulkily. They used two Lion Hawk Beasts to reach Hou Clan’s land.


Slaves of Heaven Garden were shocked when they found their lunch had meat.


“There is meat at our lunch!” A lot of people quickly became excited and happy.

One old slave suddenly cried painfully in front of all slaves. “This is the end. This is the end of our life.”

“Old man, it’s just meat, why is it the end?”

“You know, when building a palace, a lot of slaves are needed to be buried alive with the foundation, to repel bad luck. I had been working here for a month and was always worried that when the time comes we will be buried alive.” The old man looked at the meat. “That is the sign. It will be our last lunch! We will be dead.”

At that time many people ate the meat while crying.


Fatty Khu got the message from Guan Pu Yi and was shocked. “No more Loli?” He turned around his self to find there were hundreds of loli looking back at him. The entire of the loli have been paid and ready to be delivered to Heaven Garden. “No way!”


Jaime and An Tie landed their Lion Hawk Beasts on the top of hill. From the hill Jaime could watch the Huo Clan’s biggest city and overall Huo Clan’s land. Huo Clan was built around thousands of years ago, but that time they were considered as small clan.

Five hundred years ago, Huo Jo, the eleventh of Huo Clan’s Patriarch became the number one martial artist on the Phoenix and Dragon Continent. He was undefeatable for 120 years and lead Huo Clan into prosperity.

His descendants had been married to many powerful dukes, lords and sects. It made Huo Clan become the most powerful clan for the first time. By the time after Huo Jo died, Huo Clan started to decline.

Dukes, Lords and Sects slowly cut their ties, but even if it was not as powerful as before, Huo Clan had succeeded in putting its name as the most powerful sect. Once, Huo Clan had five hundred thousand disciples, but now, they only had about one hundred and twenty thousand disciples. Yet, it was almost thrice the disciples of Double Moon Sect.

On Huo Clan’s land, they have a population of four hundred thousand people under its control. They have the powers of a duke over their land, but they keep their position as sect and produce cultivators. There was a rumor about it, Huo Clan’s Patriarch is like a king in itself.

Why be a Duke if you can be a king.

“I want to conquer the whole Huo Clan’s land. I want you to follow me closely and listen to my orders,” said Jaime to Li Yin and An Tie. “Understand?”



“Now,” said Jaime grinned widely. “Who wants to buy new clothes in the Huo City and be pretty?”

An Tie and Li Yin’s eyes shone brightly.


The next day in the middle of market, a lot of people crowded to one open stand. Like there was something interesting for all of them. At the open stand, there was a young man wearing white clothes and two pretty girls at his back.

“What with this crowded people?” asked a big man to the other.

“You can read the banner yourself and you will understand,” answered the other.

The big man found one white banner, written beautifully.

Deserted by world into poverty

Have no heart to see wives in hunger

Great man can suffer, not his wife

Looking for great man for my wives


Fight me with bare hand

Winner takes my wife

And my inheritance

Please only bad guys

Has no intention to wound good guy

“What is his inheritance?” asked the big man. “His baby in his pregnant wife?”

“No stupid, look at the sword in the middle of the young man,” answered the other.

The big man looked at the yellow sword and gulped. “That sword looks expensive.”

“Man, you saw that two girls?” said one young man. “They are pretty like an angel. I bet both of them can stand together with five Hou Clan’s beauties.”

“Didn’t you see their clothes and jewelries? I think they are from rich families.”

“Ahh, they are wasted by that bastard.”

The big man pushed toward the crowed people and yell, “I am a great guy. Fight with me.”

The young man looked at the big man and smiled. “You are on fifth Senior Realm, lvl 35, and I am on sixth Junior Realm, lvl 26. Why not? Prepared yourself!”

“I am always ready,” said the big guy and put his both hands in front of his body, making a Huo Clan opening stance. Almost all people inside Huo City, learned Huo Clan’s martial arts.

One pretty girl looked at the big guy, secretly touching her back and whispered things like mantra.

The young man stood, gave a polite bow and said, “I will attack now!”

“Come!” said the big guy. He laughed happily because no way the young man with cultivation below him can win. At that time suddenly a bird’s feces fell from the sky and aimed at his face.

The big guy was a high level cultivator, he used one of his hands to wave the bird’s feces and at the unlucky time the young man’s hand had hit his dantien.

“URGHHH!” The big guy knelt and was fainted by one hit. That caused the crowd to become dumbstruck.

“One hit down.”

“Bird’s feces, aihh he’s truly unlucky.”

“Lucky young man.”

One pretty girl dragged the big guy to the corner.

“Who else,” said the young man?

“Me,” One handsome guy entered the field. “I will take your pretty wives and turn them into my slaves.”

“Be ready,” said the young man.

“I am ready!” Suddenly a crazy dog rushed from nowhere to bite him. He quickly kicked the dog and that time the young man’s hand had hit his dantien, causing him to faint.

“Uggghhhh” yelled the crowd.

“Truly unlucky guy.”

“Where did that dog come from?”

“Who else,” asked the young man.

“Don’t be arrogant boy, you win only because of your luck!” A big mustache man walked to the young man’s front. “This time, I will teach you about pain and take your wives.”

“Are you ready?” asked the young man.

“Always ready!” said the big mustache man and suddenly there was a scream from the crowd.

“You bastard. You are just like a damn dog, I give you food to eat till you are full at home and here you are sniffing another girl! Another garbage!”

The big mustache man was shocked. “My wife, it is not like…UGHHH..”

The young man hit the big mustache man’s dantien.

“Who else?” asked the young man.

The crowd kept getting bigger and some people opened bets there. Yet one by one the challenger was wasted and stacked in the corner, making a small hill of fainted people.

The pretty girl smirked, “Beware of my curse power!”  

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  2. James

    Man Its becoming more unbearable hopefully this doesn’t last too long. I need a time skip or something these females are hella young you’re a freak if you find this amusing.

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  3. In the far away country, Nie Sha’s eyes also shone brightly. “First kiss, on the beach, at the sunset.. our love will be eternity and infinity. Oh my dear love, there are a lot of beaches here! You must come here, to your honey or…”
    Nie Sha held her chest and in experience of agony she spoke carefully, “I will go there to where you are… For our love!”

    This girl is a serious stalker, or whatever you call someone that peeks on someone else 24/7… Shit, imagine that if he’ll have some fun alone time in bed, she’d be watching, when he takes a shit, she’d be watching… That’s enough to kill a lifelong love.

    “If the readers love me, I will get more fans, more readers, more good ratings, and if we are lucky we can get donation to buy instant noddle. You understand?” Jaime shook his head and sighed heavily. “Instant noodle also rose in price, how can we survive this month?”

    Break 4th wall much? I think he continuously broke it in a combo for a few paragraphs in a row… Damn.

    And no one is questioning why everyone has such bad luck 😀


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