CGA Chapter 66

Chapter 66 You are my Master

Never take the risk… when you take the risk.. more likely you will lose. Maybe a lot of young people will disagree with it. But this is just an old man for you. Being old means being wise. Living in this world as an old man is like building  happiness and happy experiences without destroying the base. Taking risks always mean a 50% chance of losing everything. That also means you may lose everything you ever had.

So become wise, never take a risk. Add happiness  little by a little, enjoy this life, don’t be rushed. Put your roots in the ground, and grow steadily. Everything needs time, patient people will be able to conquer everything.


Six years ago, An Tie’s was only a seven years old when Duke Ou and his five thousand soldiers marched to their tribe. Duke Ou commanded the people of Guri Tribe to move out from that land. Because there was an information that there was a spiritual stone’s mine under their land.

Guri Tribe had stayed there for five hundred years and refused to leave their ancestor’s land. Then war broke out one thousand soldiers of Guri Tribe defend their village from Duke Ou’s army.

Guri Tribe’s ancestor was Asura from descendent of Leopard’s bloodline. Some soldiers of Guri Tribes turned their self into Leopard Demonic Beast and ripped the soldiers’ neck. Under heavy attack and losing in number, the entire soldiers of Guri Tribes were killed. Because none of them willing to surrender and choose to die. Some females also fought hard and died.

war lasted for 3 days,in this period the whole Guri Tribe was burned to ash, some females and kids were raped by soldiers and killed, and some were sold as slave.

From 2,314 of Guri Tribe’s population, only 54 survived and they were sold as slaves. All of them were kids and one of them was An Tie, at that time she was seven years old. In slave market they were not put into a big iron bar with other human, but they were in a small iron cage for themself, an animal cage.

“Come, come, a new arrival from north, a mixed bloodline of leopard and human. You can use them as your pet, your fighter, your research or even a sex slave if you want! Kill them, cook them, eat them, rape them, do whatever you want! They are not human. They are Demonic Beast!”

An Tie inside a small cage, looked at hundreds of human who were staring at her. Fear was the only emotion she had. Suddenly she was taken by a man with only one eyes, there was a big scar on his left eyes. She was thrown into an arena with iron bars filled with 40 people. All of them were still young.

“I only need ten of you so kill each other and survive.” The guy threw 20 small knifes to the arena. “If tomorrow, I didn’t find ten of you, I will kill all of you. Like this!” The guy randomly picked one young boy and beheaded his head in front of all of them. The blood spurted out, people screaming as the head rolled in front of them.

Some people, including An Tie, with high response quickly felt danger and grabbed the small knife before others. The blood in front of her raised her demonic instinct and her senses.



An Tie rushed to Guan Pu Yi’s office and knelt. Her eyes were dark and she seems exhausted.

“What are you doing here?” asked Pu Yi as he walked out his room and find one of his guards kneeling waiting for him. “Aren’t  you the guard in charge of the restricted area?”

“Chief,” said An Tie in fear. “This lowly servant missed one slave last night and has searched for him a whole night but still can’t find him. I am here to accept my punishment.”

“Slave runaway? Do you have his name?” Guan Pu Yi always believes no slave would dare to run away from Heaven Garden because he has a soul contract stone of 2,347 slaves on Heaven Garden. Running away is same like killing their self.

“I apologize, I don’t have. He was found by me on restricted area and sent to digging site. He is a young man at 16-17 years old, handsome, and wearing dirty clothes.” An Tie quickly draw an image of a young man on the ground.

Guan Pu Yi looked at the ground and frowned. “I think he is …”

“Yep, I think it is me.” Jaime suddenly appeared behind the An Tie and looked at the picture.

An Tie turned back quickly.

“Hei my mistress.”

Ant Tie grabbed her sword and asked with angry tone. “Where are you from! I searched for you a whole night?”

“I am in that room, sleeping,” said Jaime pointing at one building.

“You!” An anger rose inside An Tie. She moved fast to grab Jaime’s head and kicked his legs. Caused Jaime to painfully kneel.


Six years ago. Stimulated by the smell of blood and fear, An Tie lost control of her body. With a small knife on her hand, she killed a few people who tried to come near her. By the time she could think right, there only ten people left. All of them full of blood, red eyes and in high trance. All of them were from mixed blood race. As they want to start killing each other, a man entered and hit all of them hardly.

The next thing An Tie knew was she was on a small iron cage and carried by demonic beast cart.

“Awake!” Hit the man on her cage. “Listen carefully. I are your master. You must recognize me as your master. If you tried to attack me even once, I will kill you. If you deny my order, I will kill you! I have your soul contracts don’t play with me. I know you are hungry, very very hungry.”

An Tie nodded.

The man pointed to a horde of bandits riding demonic beast towards them. “Kill them, and I will give you food.” He opened An Tie’s cage and gave her a sword. “Go and kill them!”

As An Tie got out some people readied their sword to prevent An Tie from running amok. But An Tie grabbed the sword hastily run to the horde of bandits and killed a few of them. The man also commanded his people to attack the bandits.

At the end of the fight, the bandits were annihilated. An Tie tried to run away from all these people but suddenly her heart felt pain like being stabbed. She fell to the ground and screamed in agony. The man came and kicked her stomach. “When you finish killing, you must return to your cage! Remember that.” The man kicked An Tie’s head and caused her to faint.

Since that day, she was always following the mercenaries in delivering some stuff. When the bandits came, she will be released from her cage. Once she done with her job, she will returned to her small cage and got some demonic beast’s meat as food.

Sometimes the mercenaries bring two cages or three cages together for their journey. Depend on the item which they delivery. At that time, she would meet people of her kind, mixed blood. After travelling for five years with the mercenaries, she had seen some of her kind’s death in fighting, death by not following the order, death by hunger, death by torture, death by raping and many more.

She was a smart girl, she killed when she got order. She killed her enemy cruelly, beheaded the enemy, ripped off their stomach, and chopped them into pieces, till the mercenaries vomited. Every time any of them tried to come near her, she will release high killing intent. That caused no one dare to rape her. She ate, she killed, she slept, no one dare to do anything bad to her.

One year ago, she followed the order to kill a group of bandit, not aware that the group of bandits appeared behind them,they were attacked. That caused all the mercenaries to be killed. An Tie’s escaped from the bandit and hid herself in the city. Joined some orphan group and survived by stealing from the road. People thought her as normal young female, since she was strong no one dare to do anything to her. She lived like normal human, till a few bandits came and used her soul contract’s stone to bind her. The same bandits those killed the mercenaries and got the soul contract stone. With that soul contract stone, they can easily found the slave’s location.

An Tie was taken and sold to slave market with her contract stone.



An Tie forcefully pushed Jaime’s head to the ground and she also knelt with Jaime. She quickly whispered to Jaime. “Slave, kneel to the Chief and asked for apologize before he decide to kill both of us.”

Jaime turned his head and looked at An Tie with dumb face. “No I won’t!”

“Chief,” said An Tie quickly. “This slave is new here. I apologize for his mistake. He didn’t understand the rule. Please forgive him. I will give my hand in exchange.”

An Tie used her right hand to swung her big sword to her left shoulder. Jaime’s right hand quickly caught the sword and used his power to hold it. Yet, the sword cut Jaime’s hand and cut her left shoulder. If Jaime didn’t moved fast, her left arms must be gone by now.

“Stop! He is…” said Guan Pu Yi and stopped because Jaime sent transmission voice to him.

Guan Pu Yi exchanged glimpse with Jaime and sighed heavily. “Guard, I believe your name is An Tie. Do you know that I bought you with 1000 spiritual stones. As the young man beside you, he is only worth one bronze coin.”

Jaime was quickly staring to Pu Yi in disbelief.

“Your one arm is more valuable from him. I can’t take it. And since he has broken the law of Heaven Garden, he will be punished by death.I will destroy his soul in the soul contract’s stone.”

“Chief,” said An Tie in hurried without bothering a blood flowing from her left shoulder. “I will do everything. Please don’t give him death punishment?”

Pu Yi sighed. “Is he your brother?”


“Your friend?”

“No? We just met.”

“Then why you want to save him? Losing your arm? He is’nt worth that much. He is harming you. Tell me why you want to save him.”

An Tie bowed deeply and hit her head to the ground. With tears in her eyes, she spoke, “Because he was the first person ever told me that he likes me.”

“I lied!” said Jaime in shocked.

“He lied,” said Pu Yi.

An Tie turned her head to look at Jaime. “You lied?”

“Yeah, I lied to you. I was playing with you. Saying random thing. Don’t be stupid and believe it.” protested Jaime.

“So it was lie.” An Tie’s tear rolled down her face. She turned back her head and bowed again. “It is okay, no one ever lie to me like that too. Even it is lie, it is okay.”

“You stupid girl,” said Jaime sighed. He looked at An Tie, thinking deep and sighed again. He slowly moved his hand to patted An Tie’s hairs with care. “You really are a stupid girl.”

An Tie felt happy because this is the first time people ever patted her. Still she afraid by doing this in front of Chief will cause trouble to both of them. She raised her head and that time Jaime hugged her warmly.

“You stupid girl. When you showed me that kindness, what can I do except return it to you. How couldn’t i love you back.”

An Tie felt her lung about to explode. She blushed and unspeakable for the moment. Shocked beyond belief. She was  a virgin and never hugged before. “He..He..Hei… sto…”

“Guan Pu Yi, give me her stone contract,” said Jaime.

“Yes General,” said Pu Yi bowed to Jaime and took out one stone out from his storage ring. He gave the stone to Jaime politely.

An Tie saw both of Jaime and Pu Yi in shock. Unable to understand everything.

Jaime looked at her warmly and softly. “Little girl.” Jaime patted her head. “Thanks for showing your kindness. Take your contract stone. You are free now.”

An Tie took the stone and held it carefully. That stone has bind her for a very long time and forced her to kill, something she never liked.Her tears broke out and she cried in silent, suddenly she remember everything. Her past, her parents and her hardship. At last, she is free. Free like a bird. She won’t be afraid of anything anymore and won’t be haunted by people who held her soul stone.SHe cried silently.

“Be a good girl, everything is over,” said Jaime patted her head and stood. “Pu Yi, whatever she need please give her, I want to go to Hou Clan right now.”

“Yes General,” said Pu Yi.

“Wait,” said quickly An Tie stood and chased Jaime.

“What do you want?” asked Jaime softly.

“Do you like me?” asked An Tie looked at Jaime with her big eyes.

Jaime sighed, he took out a medicine from his back hand and pull it on An Tie’s left shoulder. “Yes I do little girl. But if you harm yourself like that, I will hate you.”

“I won’t do that again.” Answered An Tie quickly.

“Good. Then I don’t have reason not to love you.”

“Take this!” An Tie gave her soul contract’s stone to Jaime. Forcefully pushed it to Jaime’s chest.

“It is your soul contract’s stone.”

An Tie nodded. “Take it with you.”

Suddenly, Jaime was forced to enter a new place. A void room in dark blue color, in the middle of the place was a leopard in cage. The leopard looked at Jaime sharply. There was a sadness and pain in the leopard eyes. Suddenly the cage slowly disappear and released the black leopard.

The black leopard looked at Jaime in caution and moved elegantly to Jaime. The leopard rubbed its head and body to Jaime’s body acted very docile. “I acknowledge you as my master please kindly take care of me.”

[Congratulations, An Tie’s dungeon heart has been conquered, nine hundreds ninety six more to go. You now can perform the secret of the heart.]

[You have share life and heart with An Tie, now you can perform secret of mixed blood.]

Jaime returned back to the original world and found An Tie deeply looking at him full of love and admiration. Jaime’s heart beat fast and slowly moved his lips to An Tie’s soft and pinky lips. An Tie’s eyes closed and surrender everything, in the position accepted Jaime’s kiss and his everything.

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EN: Yes another non proofed chapter. I am sorry. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

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      1. Yep, his physical age in that world is around 15, the age of his memories is over 100 and if you count his experience, he’s got several lifetimes thanks to the karma book.

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