CGA Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Walk Over My Dead Body


Which would you choose if you had an option? Your body hurting, having a broken heart, a tooth ache, or a shattered dream? There was a saying, the worst ever torture for a human was a human chasing things that God would not allow him to have. Dreams sometimes are so powerful that they can change the future. Sometimes dreams also cause people to be in pain, hoping for something or someone they are not meant to be with.
Yet, this world never lacks in people who would like to die for their dreams.

“Gou Jie!” Chu Mie eyes reddened with anger. “Don’t you ever think because you are the successor of Gou Clan and that because our kingdom area is only one fifth of yours, that I will easily give you what you want!”

“You surely will!” Gou Jie smile broadly and moved one step closer to Chu Mie.

“Wait there, don’t move!” Chu Mie could sense thirty people also moving to block her way out. “I have fifty three demonic beast’s cores with me. If you dare to use force to take them, I will try to run and throw each of them in the forest, so you will have to search for them one by one. You know my body movement is the best at the academy.”

“Hahaha, you can run but you can’t hide from me girl!” Gou Jie smiled. “If you dare to do that, you will regret it for your whole life!”

“If you want these cores, you will have to walk over my dead body!” Chu Mie made up her mind. She must protect these cores, it was her dream to the end. “When you kill me, Teacher will know and you will be out of the Academy!”

“No one will know you died at my hands. I have many brothers willing to take the blame, why must I be afraid of killing you?” Gou Jie smiled evilly.

Jaime hid his body in the bush and secretly checked Chu Mie’s condition. “Things will turn out ugly for sure. I have to help that little girl!” Jaime began to release his real level.

“Gou Jie!!!!” Chu Mie shouted angrily and immediately lowered her voice. She spoke in a soft mellifluous voice. “Master Gou Jie the great, if you pay me 160 spiritual stones, I am more than willing to be a dead body for you to step on for taking the demonic beasts. How is that?”

Gou Jie and his brothers became dumbstruck, Jaime too.

Gou Jie fixed his eyes on Chu Mie and laughed loudly. “I almost forgot who you were for a second. Good, good, I should have known facing a poor princess from a poor kingdom won’t be this hard. The only thing I never lacked in my life is money! Take these 200 spiritual stones, think of it as a bonus for me looking down on you and your entire kingdom.” He threw the pouch of money down casually at Chu Mie’s feet.

Chu Mie bowed, grabbed the pouch and threw the demonic beast’s cores at Gou Jie. “I accepted young master Gou Jie kindness.”

Gou Jie checked the cores and felt satisfied. “If you have any other cores, I am always willing to pay for it. Or if you have any other dreams you want to sell, I will take it too!”

“I will keep it in mind,” bowed Chu Mie.

As Gou Jie and his brothers disappeared from the sight of Chu Mie, she was still stuck in her place. She started to weep silent tears.

“You are a smart girl, when you knew you couldn’t get out from the situation, you searched for the best way out with some profit.” Jaime appeared behind her. “You are good. You did it right. Men have honor and dignity, girls need not to have them, so don’t be sad.”

“You are a man! And you have neither honor nor dignity! You are a traitor! Shame on you!” Chu Mie eyes burst into tears.

Jaime sighed. “I have honor and dignity, it just I have a bigger purpose for this life, before reaching it, I can’t die. I can’t put myself in danger nor get into a fight. I have to keep this life intact till I reach my dream, before that, I can swallow everything. I am just like an earth. Earth is stepped on, Earth is spit on, people pour shit on it and it takes everything. Yet, it is never shaken from its path. So does my heart, it can take anything and never shaken from its purpose.”

“Turns out you are a great man.” Chu Mie wiped her tears.

“Of course I am.” Jaime hit his chest. “You too, are a good woman, first I thought your skin is dark, so your heart will be dark too. Turns out, your heart is pure and pristine.”

“It is red stupid!” Chu Mie stomped her feet. “Why did you come back here?”

“You know, I saw you crying.” Jaime scratched his head and looked shyly. “I know it is not a good time, but can you pay me 15 taels of gold from what you have promised me of the 20 taels of gold for 20 days. I am scared that you are going to run away with my money.”

“What makes you think I am going to run away with your little money! Speak!” Chu Mie was really angry. “You look down on me too much! I am a princess! Even though I am from a poor kingdom, I will still keep my promise!”

“You know when women weep crocodile tears; men will surely suffer with losing money!”

“Are you sure we will do this?” Jaime glanced at Chu Mie face. Their faces were so close and they were hugging each other. “You know, my mentality isn’t ready yet. I am not ready to take the responsibility. My heart isn’t prepared. Please… treat me nicely…. Do it slowly.”

“Speak no more. I will take  responsibility for you.” Chu Mie hastens her hug. “After this, your life will be my life. My life will be yours. I will be yours and you will be mine. No one can separate us again. You die, I die. You jump, I jump.”

“Wait, it’s hurting me. Slowly, please slowly!” Jaime was almost crying because of the pain. This is the first time he felt so much pain and so much joy at the same time. “It is so big!”

“I am going to enter it! Prepare yourself.” Chu Mie grinned widely.

“Nooo! Nooo!!! Pleasee… you will make me die!” Jaime was crying loudly. “I don’t want it! Let me go… please, I beg you. It is not that I don’t like you. It is just too fast for me, you haven’t told me that you love me and you already force me to do this stuff. I don’t mind it. It is just not the time and definitely not here.”

“Well, if it will make you happy, I am going to say it now. I love you. So there is no turning back. You are mine!” Chu Mie laughed evilly. “I am entering!”

“Arggggghhhhh!!!!” shouted Jaime in pain. “I don’t want to die!!!!!”

Both of them jumped from the valley to the new hunting ground.

A few hours ago, Chu Mie decided to enter the area B hunting ground, so she can win the first prize. In this mountain, there are three areas for hunting. Area A, B and C. Area A is for new students around elementary and junior realms. As for area B, it is for senior realm and true human realm. Area C is for the upper elder realm. Area B has denser demonic beasts and is at a higher rank than area A.

Jaime totally refused the idea. But, Chu Mie quickly hugged him and forced him to follow her. “I need your skill in taking the core. We will only hunt low level demonic beasts. Don’t be a sissy. I will take care of you!”

Jaime was locked in by Chu Mie arms and his face was unintentionally on Chu Mie’s chest. Chu Mie tightened her hug and dragged Jaime to jump to the new hunting ground.
“You are a barbarian girl! You have no shame at all! I might get pregnant because of you!”

Jaime set a camp in the middle of the forest. “This time you have to listen to me Chu Mie! I don’t care if you are a princess or not. Since you dragged me here, I will do everything to protect myself and I will help you to take out the cores from demonic beasts you have killed.”

Jaime took out one jade bottle and showed it to Chu Mie. “Inside this bottle is the feces of a demonic beast in the patriarch realm. It is very expensive and my only inheritance from my family! I had spread it around our camp to avoid other demonic beast getting closer. This camp will be here till the end of the hunting day. You can go anywhere but have to be back here at night! Understood?!”

Chu Mie nodded her head.

“Good, I will stay here. Please just go anywhere you want and kill your demonic beasts. Just leave the carcass where you kill it. I have my ways of taking the core without your knowing.”


“If you don’t believe it, just take the core by yourself, it will be easier.”

“I believe!” said Chu Mie letting her tongue out. She doesn’t want to take the core by herself. Each demonic beast has their own core hidden in different places. Without proper knowledge of the demonic beast, one must check the whole demonic beast’s body to find its core. It will take time and it is not easy to cut the beast’s skin too.

As the sky darkened, Chu Mie came back to the camp. She smelled toasted meat and her stomach immediately made a sound.

“Welcome back heroine.” Jaime was sitting comfortably beside the fire. “Today you have killed six demonic beasts. Those are the cores.”

Chu Mie saw the six demonic beast’s cores and sighed. Today she only killed six demonic beasts, yet she almost got herself killed. It is not easy to find low level demonic beasts in the middle of medium level demonic beasts swarm. Today she was chased three times by medium level demonic beasts and barely escaped each time. Her skin suffered from the black and blue bruises. There were also scratches everywhere. She was exhausted beyond belief.

However, by the time she entered the camp, her skin felt like it was being nurtured by a soft and glowing energy. She started to feel rejuvenated. “Did you see that?”


“The energy!” Chu Mie screamed joyfully. “It is surrounding me and entering my body. It is healing me!”

“Freak!” Jaime rolled his eyes. “You are just imagining things. Quickly eat and sleep. Tomorrow will be hard for you.”

“You truly didn’t see it?”

“No!” Jaime closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

Chu Mie didn’t bother with him anymore and started to eat as much as she could.
In the middle of the night Chu Mie suddenly let out a high pitched scream, shocking Jaime awake. He found Chu Mie crossing her legs beside him and started crying.

“What is happening?”

“A Niu. I just broke through junior realm!” She was crying out  loud. “I am entering the early junior realm.”

“Don’t wake me for something so trivial.” Jaime yawned and went back to his sleep.

“Wait!” She held Jaime’s hand. “You don’t know how important it is to break through the Junior Realm! Usually people have to buy a breaking through pill for reaching junior realms. It cost about 1.000-1.500 spiritual stones for one pill. I was at the peak of Elementary Realm for two years, without money, I couldn’t breakthrough. Today, I suddenly broke through; you know what this means to me!? I am saving one thousand spiritual stones! Oh I can’t believe it. I’ve reached Junior Realm.”

“Whatever, I want to sleep don’t bother me.” Jaime yawned again and shooed Chu Mie away. Before Chu Mie came back, Jaime had set a formation in the camp for gathering spiritual energy and mixed it with a healing pill. As for the breaking through pill to junior realm, General Long had a lot of pills. Jaime grinded the pills and mixed it with the meat for Chu Mie. Naturally Chu Mie would have a breakthrough.

“A Niu! I am breaking through!!!!”

“Oh shut up, if you are that happy, then you can dance around the fire and sing. Do a happy dance. If you do it naked, I will watch it and be happy with you too. Maybe I will join too.”

“You are useless! You haven’t even reached elementary realm, how can you know how I feel!” Chu Mie kept talking for the whole night.

Days slowly passed and on the third day, in the middle of the night Jaime woke up. The Book of Karma gave him a shock. Jaime’s eyes started to shine brightly. In his mind, the Book of Karma gave him information that one demonic beast in the Patriarch Realm was getting closer to him.

Putting feces of a demonic beast on the Patriarch Realm could cause the low level demonic beast to run away. But it can also attract the Patriarch Realm demonic beast to fight for territory. Jaime got out from the tent and quickly flashed to the forest.
Following the information of the Book of Karma, he found an empty place in the middle of forest. “How can….?”

Without knowing how, Jaime suddenly got hit badly. His chest felt like being hit by a big boulder. His body flew to the tree and he vomited blood.

“Book of Karma what is it? Why can’t I see anything?”

[King Chameleon, Patriarch Realm, level 63. Has ability to be unseen and dissolve its skin color with the surroundings, rare demonic beast and hard to catch.]

“You are just what I really need right now.” Jaime released his real level. A wave of energy erupted and Jaime showed his real level, the Patriarch Realm. Level 65. Jaime grinned.

“Once in a while I will need to show off my power or people will laugh at me!”

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Editor’s Note: As some of you guessed (man you guys are good) Jaime was sucking the energy of the beast those disciples and Chu Mie killed, so his Level really grew. lol. 

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    1. You can’t forget that he can pretty much reach any realm easily, he would be stronger than anyone in that place if he didn’t have to sacrifice levels all the time to buy life experiences of powerful people. Just killing a few people will level him up a lot, so he went and leeched on everyone else and took the energy from those dead soldiers and demonic beasts. It’s not weird at all that he all of a sudden got to the patriarch realm, but we can be sure that he will soon drop a bit in level again because he will get some new knowledge.


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