CGA: Chaper 32

Chapter 32 Legendary Beast’s Core

When a man loves a woman, he is willing to do anything for her. Die for her, catch a grenade for her and yeah… hide his feelings. When a woman loves a man, she is willing to do everything for him except letting him add another woman. When a girl loves a girl, there will be a lot of tears and fluffy things. When a man loves a man, they are ready to kill whoever does the betrayal.

Love is strong if both parties hold it together, but will turn ugly if muddled with doubt. Love causes pain, and love causes happiness; but what is the real face of love–happiness, sweetness or pain?

“Love is when you give me everything and I don’t need to give you back anything. That is what people call True Love. Now who will give me true love.” Jaime smirked at the demonic beast. “I love you. So I will give you a lot of hits and you don’t need to return them. Just give me your life and I don’t need to give you anything in return.”

The beast was totally invisible, but Jaime still had a smile on his face. After absorbing spiritual energy from the war between the academy and General Long’s soldiers twenty days ago, Jaime had raised his level every day using spiritual stones. He consumed nearly one million spiritual stones to reach his current level. Were this method of cultivation made known to the public, nobody on the continent would have believed it. Consuming spiritual stones like that was a totally crazy and unthinkable method, akin to wasting money.

The unseen attack hit Jaime and the surrounding trees, hurling Jaime into the night sky.

“Chameleon beast! Do you think you are the king of this forest?” Jaime swallowed the blood in his mouth. Even though he had blocked it, the attack was just too powerful. “I’ve had your information since the first day I took a step in this place. I set a formation, a camp, and never moved out. You know what,” Jaime smirked, “all of this was preparation to catch you, the ‘Uncatchable Demonic Beast’!” He shifted his body quickly between the trees. “Your blood and bones are very expensive, of course, your core as well. With your body parts and core, people can create hidden weapons and hidden talismans. I can create a vanishing mat with your skin! I can even create an undetectable storage space!”

The Chameleon beast closely chased Jaime without knowing it had entered the trap’s zone. The beast tripped a single thread, triggering one hundred arrows to attack from every direction. The Chameleon beast was reputed to be the hardest beast to catch. Its movements are agile, it can hide its body, and its aura is undetectable.

The Chameleon lithely dodged the one hundred of arrows and started to attack with more fervor, its anger was ignited.

Jaime made his escape to one big tree and stood there waiting for the beast. He couldn’t see the beast nor feel its aura. “Good boy, keep coming and follow me to…” Immediately a sound of crushing could be heard. Behind Jaime a huge hole appeared. “Got you!”

“Your daddy worked so hard making a super big hole circling this tree, how can you escape from me! Except if you have wings, but I don’t think you do…” Checking the entire hole, Jaime realized the beast was already gone. There was nothing there anymore. Scratching his head, Jaime returned to his tent, he didn’t want to chase the beast out without any plan. “Having a big mouth once in a while sure will be good for one’s health.”


In the morning, there was a firework exploding in the sky. A sign to all disciples to assemble at the entering gate.

Chu Mie face frowned with sadness. “No matter how many times I counted them; there are only thirty-four demonic beast cores inside!”

“Be grateful with whatever you have young girl!” Jaime showed a priest’s face and gave his blessing. “You know, if you don’t feel gratitude towards little things, big things will never come to you.”

Chu Mie glanced angrily to him. “You know, I am supposed to win the first prize, with fifty cores before, and with thirty now, I would have had around eighty cores! I would be the winner!”

“Keep dreaming girl, it is free and it will only be painful when you fall or stop dreaming. So keep dreaming and you won’t get hurt.” Jaime swung a broken sword in his hand to cut the bushes. They walked through the forest.

“I only got thirty-four!”

“Oh shut up young girl, I am going crazy! Even if you keep counting them, the number won’t be added by its own. So stop it!”

“A Niu! Count them. Maybe I counted them wrong!” Chu Mie threw a pouch at him. Jaime grabbed the pouch and counted it.

“Thirty four, and none of them seem pregnant.” Jaime threw them back and started moving faster. The faster he got out, the faster he would separate from Chu Mie.

As they reached the way out, there were already two hundred disciples waiting for the counting.

Teacher Huo and Teacher Kok were busy counting each disciple’s cores and wrote it on the big cloth banner. Gou Jie’s name was positioned at the highest place, with 102 beast cores. The second is Hu Die with 38 beast cores and the third is Liu Ri with 36 beast cores.

“Well, your thirty-four beast cores will get you nowhere within the top three.” Jaime smirked. “It is not my concern but, can you pay me 20 taels of gold now?”

“You…you…you…” Chu Mie stared at him and her eyes burst into tears. “You really have no shame, a young pretty girl here is weeping sadly caused by injustice of this world, yet you don’t show any attention to comfort her! You don’t know this princess suffering day and night thinking about the condition of ten thousand of her people. How dare you show your shameless face to ask for money.”

“You also don’t know this prince here also suffers a headache day and night thinking how to conquer whole universe!”  Jaime protested. “And I have shame! My father didn’t teach me honor but my mother made sure to teach me about shame!”

“My mother always said when I get 10 taels of silver and I think I can get 10 taels of gold, I should feel shame to myself. I should rob more than I can take. When I get something free to eat, if I eat little, I should feel ashamed of myself. I am supposed to eat more than my stomach can hold and fill all my hands and pockets before leaving. And you!” Jaime held his waist. “Don’t you ever think that your crocodile tears can soften my heart and give you a discount, I demand payment in full! Not one bronze less!”

“Shameless!” said Chu Mie.

“Pot calling the kettle black!” Jaime sneered. “Quickly give me the payment, so I can stay away from you and I don’t want to see your tears again. If you don’t pay right now I am going to take off my clothes and scream that you are raping my human rights!”

Chu Mie was annoyed and kicked Jaime buttocks. “When I finish the counting I will give your money!”

“You already counted it hundreds of times and every night! It is still thirty-four! I demand my payment now.” Jaime showed a disdained face. “My mother taught me, hero can’t pass a beauty’s trap, women can’t pass money’s trap. Nine out of ten women won’t ever let go of their money once it enter their pockets! And never ask money when women are in a bad mood!”

“Do you think I am stupid? When the result is out and you lose, you will cry and be in a very bad mood. At that time, I have to say goodbye to my money. You will use my sympathy against me, which I have none for you. So I demand my payment now!”

Chu Mie stared at Jaime and wish she could eat him alive. “You think that you are almighty just because I owe you 20 taels of gold! You will regret it for sure! Even if you are begging me, I won’t accept you again. Here take your 20 taels of gold and return 80 taels of gold to me now!”

Chu Mie gave Jaime one spiritual stone, which equal to 100 taels of gold, “Return me 80 taels of gold now! If you can’t return it now, you have to wait until I have scrap money for you.”

“You look down on me too much girl!” Jaime sneered. “You will need to cultivate one thousand years more to mock me on the same level.” He took out one big pouch from his backpack and tossed it to Chu Mie.

“What is that?”

“80 taels of gold, equal to 8,000 taels of silver and equal to 800,000 bronze coins.” Jaime smiled evilly. “You can count 800,000 bronze coins inside that big pouch!”

“Where did you get all of these coins?”

“Once, I was a handsome and happy beggar. I collected many of them.”

“It is about 160 kilograms!” Chu Mie almost vomited blood. “How can I take it?”

“If you don’t want that scrap money, you can always give it to me.” Jaime walked away, he felt satisfied after cleaning all the bronze coins from his storage pouch. “Good luck with the first prize and take  good care of your kingdom with your money.”

Chu Mie gazed at the big pouch. Even if it is bronze, the little children in her kingdom could exchange one bronze with bread. She grabbed it and walked to the counting counter and put down her beast cores.

“Thirty four demonic beasts for Chu Mie.” Teacher Huo went to write the record on cloth.

“No more?” asked Chu Mie.

“No more!”

Chu Mie stood there not wanting to move. She worked so hard for years and not even giving rest to her body all for one purpose, the first prize, a flying transportation, a Golden Lion Hawk beast. She had dreamed everyday of using the Lion Hawk to fly to her kingdom, give her father medicine, giving her people food and money so they can live better. Once she had a storage pouch, she could take more and give more…. and more…

Her tears brimmed over and fell on her cheek.

All she did was never enough to cover what she was burden with. And maybe she will never be able to, the gap was already far, farther and farthest away.

“Wait!” Teacher Kok was checking one small beast core. “Teach Huo, please come here. What do you think about this core?”

Teacher Huo took the core and checked it, her face suddenly turned seriously. “It is impossible!”

“Do you think like what I think?” Teacher Kok’s look very serious.

“It is only a half core but I think it is!”

Chu Mie watched them excited without reason and grabbing one core like a treasure. “What it is teacher?”

“Did you get all of these demonic beast’s cores by yourself?”


“Tell me where did you get this one?”

Chu Mie scratched her head. “I think it is one like the others, I got it from Hunting Ground B.”

Teacher Huo and Teacher Kok exchanged glances and concentrate on the core. “This must be that legendary core!”

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Editor’s Note: Huhuhu, don’t forget Jaime loves the ladies. Early release today because I have other stuff to do today. Enjoy!!

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