CGA: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Xiao Yun


“I am  the almighty hunter! This whole jungle is mine! All the animals and demonic beasts bow to me!” Jaime ran for his life. Four demonic beasts were chasing him restlessly. “F**kkkkkkkk!!!”

He jumped and two demonic beasts fell in the traps behind him. The other two kept chasing him a few more meters before they also fell into the next pitfall traps.

Without resting, Jaime jumped in to a pit, killed the demonic beasts, then sucked out their ownerless energy. His level advanced to level 21, the junior realm. These last four days, he was working like crazy. Killing as many demonic beast as he could.

With bloodshot eyes, he cut the demonic beast’s heads off and collected their core. Finishing his work, he looked around. There were fifty demonic beast carcasses. Some had already started to decay and turned smelly.

No matter how hard Jaime worked, reaching 200 stones for two sets of ceramics seemed to be impossible. He only had 50 low-level demonic beast cores that were worth 50 magic stones, even though he already worked day and night without much resting.

“I am going to die!” Jaime felt like he was going to cry. “If only I had that—whatever—pills. 1,000 magic stones for one pill. Where can I steal that pill! How can I have that pill!”

“Tringg!!!” A screen appeared in Jaime mind.

[Making pill information, exchange with 1 level, would you like to proceed?]

Jaime was speechless for a moment.

“How can I be so stupid! I can make my own pills! Damn… my stupid brain!” Honestly, he never thought about making pills. Because he was under pressure and only thought about how to hunt 200 demonic beasts  these past four days. In his previous life, he almost never got threaten or was in  danger for his life. Now, under life and death pressure, he was stressed, shocked, and forgot to be calm and use his brain.

“Cancel the first order, I want the information and experience of the greatest pill maker ever!”

By the time the book of Karma finished it’s process, Jaime eyes had already rolled to the very bottom of the list.

[  4590. The third generation of  the self proclaimed best chef in the world. Son of the self proclaimed  best medical chef in the world, studied how to make pills by using herbs and demonic beasts. He is the self proclaimed greatest grandmaster pill maker of the world. Exchange with 10 levels and 100 mental energies]

This is how I will more likely  get rich soon and get two set of ceramics. “Got it.”

Suddenly Jaime gained the information and experience about making many kinds of pills. He lived 150 years as a grandmaster pill maker in second. He stood and laughed hysterically before suddenly collapsing. He fell asleep before he even touched the ground. He was just too tired.

In his dream, Jaime flew to the stars. He hit the king of god brutally and stomped on the king of asura. He had a very big gold crown on his head, with many jewels on his body. Thousands of beauties shouting his name in awe, making him feel so good. But suddenly,  shadows came and attacked him brutally while screaming, “Set of ceramic…. give me set of ceramic… castrate you… no birdie….no eyes….!!!”

“Never!” Jaime shouted. He had his hand on a storage ring on his finger   wanting to take out a sword. But instead of a sword, a horde of demonic beasts flew out the ring and chased after  him.

“Ceramic…. castrate… no birdie!!!!”

“Arggghhh!” Jaime woke up, with his body  soaked in sweat. “Shitty dream.”

Looking around, Jaime saw the dark forest filled with a silver light. Today was a full moon, so the moonlight was so bright that it made everything look clear. Suddenly the rotten carcass smell hit Jaime’s nose and made him swear again. “If only I can throw it in to the valley.”

Moving the demonic beast carcass that weighed over a ton from a hole was not easy. It would be easier to throw the earth in to the hole and bury them. But Jaime felt sad about the meat. “It would be easier if I had a storage ring like in my dream.”

“Storage ring…..” Jaime thought about it for a second then suddenly laughed hard.

“Book of karma, give me the skills and experience of making storage rings and space rings, or a cosmos pouch maker. The greatest space maker ever!”

There were thousands on the list that the book of karma gave. The top of list was the God of Space’s experience that needed to be exchange with 10,000 levels and 1,000,000 mental energies. But the ring made by the God of Space could contained a whole planet.

So Jaime moved to the very bottom of the list.

[ 1219. Forth generation of the self-proclaimed  best chef in the world. Son of the self-proclaimed greatest grandmaster pill maker in the world. In his lifetime, he was the most talented person that only appear one in one thousand years. He studied about symbols, formations, array transformations, and laws of space. Self-proclaimed as the greatest symbolist in the world. Exchange with 15 levels and 1500 mental energies.]

“I’ll take it!”

Jaime’s level dropped to level one. After experiencing the 140 year life time of the greatest symbolist,  he then knew how to make a storage ring or a cosmos pouch. He could make one and us it to contain the demonic beast carcasses. From what he knew, anything inside the storage ring, which was a space rift, will stop in time.

“Lets quickly make one!” High spirited, Jaime moved his hand but suddenly his face changed color. “I won’t be able to make any bags of cosmos if I don’t have  great mental energy. I must at least reach level 10 or Elementary Realm to make the lowest grade of storage pouch. Damn it!” He felt regret for a moment but killed that feeling.

Only a stupid person wastes his time to regret when his girlfriend had already gotten pregnant. He just needs to marry her and be a good father, end of discussion. If there was something to regret, regret that you did it too late. You should have made your father and mother happy as soon as possible then give them grandchildren while they are still young. Before they die of old age.

The only time you need to be smart is when you choose who to get pregnant. Only choose a beautiful girl, a kind-hearted, a rich one and an only child in her family so she inherits all of her family’s fortune. If her father is already in his sickbed, then it is much better to plant the seed ASAP. If you do  the opposite, be a man and take  responsibility. [You can die without it for all  I care]

Since he already woke up and wasn’t tired, Jaime decided to wash his body in the river. He hadn’t washed for a week. Near the river he removed all of his clothes and jumped in to the river.

“Tomorrow, this king will make his first set of pills!” It was just a wishful dream, because he wouldn’t be able to make any pills without proper strength or at least be at level 8. He needed to hunt those demonic beasts again tomorrow until he had a proper level.

He dived in the river and swam around. He was so happy to be released from the pressure and played more. Feeling refresh Jaime was suddenly shocked and shouted loudly. He found a girl in front of him…..


A young lady who possessed a peerless beauty. She had dark long hair and ivory skin. An absolute Goddess-like beauty at a catastrophic level that made heavens pale in color while dulling the moon. This kind of beauty could not be described and explained.

The eyes of the young lady locked on Jaime. She didn’t speak and her face looked emotionless.

“Are you a river goddess? A wandering spirit? Or a human?” Jaime looked at the dream like beauty.  Under the moonlight it gave the illusion that she was never a human. She didn’t answer as Jaime looked at her naked body.

“You know when you stare at me like that,” added Jaime. “I feel ashamed.” He covered his birdie with his hand and lowered his body under the river then moved to the bank of the water.

The girl kept watching Jaime without any reaction.

Jaime ran out of the river and took his clothes. He glanced at the frozen girl and ran to forest while shouting, “You pervert.”

Wearing his clothes hurriedly, Jaime ran with all his might. He already checked that girl’s information with the book of karma.

[Xiao Yun, 14 years old. Level 29, peak of Junior realm, a half step to senior realm. Bamboo Peak disciple number 21.]

This girl was the highest level disciples he ever saw in bamboo peak, even the third senior sister was only at level 25. Not to mention this Xiao Yun was still young and very talented. She must be special. Jaime ran for his life before that girl came to…

A shadow flashed and a cold sword appeared out of nowhere and stopped at Jaime’s neck. He didn’t dare  move a single finger.

“I am sorry I never intend to  peek at anything.”

The girl had put on black clothes and appeared in Jaime vision. Her eyes looked a little curious.

“I am a slave of bamboo peak, I make food and wash your clothes everyday. Please forgive me, I never knew that you were there.”

The girl’s eyes look determined and the sword moved wanting to cut Jaime’s neck. Seemed like slaves really had no reason for living here.

“Wait! Wait! I am not a slave for real. I am the future king of three realms. But now I am here because I need to save you.”

The sword stopped.

“Your name is Xiao Yun right? I knew it before I asked you, because God sent me to help a beauty like you. To make your heart feel the love…”

The sword moved.

“No… I mean…” Jaime tried hard to push his brain to work and keep shouting inside his brain.

Book of Karma give me something, anything that will help me save this neck!

Suddenly the girl’s naked body flashed and the book of karma sent  information. “Wait.. wait… your body has too much Yin Energy and it is causing problems to your health. Every night when the full moon comes, you feel like thousands of fire ants attack all of  your meridians. This is already the fifth month you felt this pain. If you do not get treated soon, the thousand ants will attack your brain and make you become crazy.”

Xiao Yun eyes trembled for a second.

Jaime already recieved the experience and information about medical knowledge. He only needs a simple glimpse of the girl’s body and he could determine the problem. But of course the last diagnosis was a lie. He just tried to make it sound scary to save his life.

“Only I can help you. Curing your sickness and solving your bottleneck problem. I know you already tried to reach Senior realm but failed because of that bottleneck.” Jaime put his most sincere face. “Believe me, God knew your pain and misery so he sent me away to save you.”

It was silent for a long time and only nocturnal sounds could be heard.

“You can heal… ?” Xiao Yun opened her trembling lips.

“Of course I can.” Jaime hit his chest proudly.

“Then do it now!”

Jaime’s face turned pale. “You know, I was just kicked out by God and landed here from the moon. After meeting you and seeing your body, I already knew your problem. All I need now is to take breath and collect some medicine to treat your health. It needs time. If you can give me a month, no.. a year, I can help you.”

“A week!” said Xiao Yun coldly and then she  left.

After being silent for a long time, Jaime could finally breath again and shouted, “Your grand nanny! When you said a week do you think I must follow your command? A week to treat you! F**k I will never treat you.”

A shadow flashed and Xiao Yun appeared again in front of Jaime. She was full of killing intent.

Jaime bowed humbly. “Next week in this place, this humble person will have a senior realm breakthrough pill and Yin Energy pill to cure young misses yin problem. Relax, this lowly person is sent by God to help miss Xiao Yun to achieve happiness in this life.”

Xiao Yun body trembled and showed a conflict in her mind before she disappeared again.

“Miss, please have a safe trip,” shouted Jaime loudly.


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  1. Man i really hope he becomes stronger soon cause he has to sacrifice his levels to learn stuff.. i admit it’s an op ability but if this goes on he’ll never progress and stay weak :/ anyway Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Whaaaa?

    Soooo…. she was willing to KILL the only person who could save her life? Who forces a doctor to hurry a medical procedure where life itself hangs in the balance? Pretty F-ing dumb. Dumb. Yah… dumb.


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