CGA: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Meat and Desire


Jaime proceeded through the forest and found a wide river.

“Conquer three realms, be the king of all living things and open one thousand beauties heart! Even Tong Sam Chong who took a journey to the west, walking thousands of miles, had to start with a single step, devotion! As for my single step, it will be… taking a bath in the river!” Jaime looked at his body that was packed with dry blood and mud. He removed all of his clothes, jumped into the river and enjoyed its cold water.

After a few minutes, he began to calm down. He looked around at this place that was far away from his original world. This place was much better than his original world. The air was much fresher. He didn’t know if he would ever go back to his original world anymore. Jaime clenched his fist.

“My hundred year research failed, but I got a second chance to meet Ye Xiu. Not to mention conquering the three realms and 1000 hearts. Even if it needs more than that, I will take the risk.” Jaime shouted with all his strength. “In 100 years, I will conquer everything under the universe! Wait for me Ye Xiu!”

He saw some fishes were swimming along the river and suddenly had an idea.

“Books of Karma, I need information about making a simple fish trap… no” Jaime glanced at the forest. “Information about creating traps for small animals in the forest.” Jaime felt his mental energy going to the book while he gained some insight about making animal traps. Jaime walked out of the river only with his underpants on and moved to the nearest bamboo tree. Using Hu Hai’s ancestor’s sword, the only thing that the dead body had and some clothes, he chopped down three bamboo trees and dug out the bamboo shoots. He chopped the bamboo into smaller pieces and would use them to make a basket like fish trap.

“Knowing how to create it is sure different from making it for real.” He noticed that fact after trying so hard to connect all the small bamboo pieces to make the fish trap. It wasn’t an easy task even though he knew how to make it. He asked the Book of Karma. “Book of Karma, can you give me the real experience of a trap maker?”

The Book of Karma responded and gave Jaime the real experience of a trap maker. At that moment, Jaime’s felt parts of his strength and health gone. His level fell down from level 5 to level 4.

“It took one level!” But in Jaime’s mind, he suddenly felt like he had lived the life of a trap maker, born and lived for 78 years. Death by old age. All of this happened in second.

Now the bamboo pieces in his hand moved really quickly, like he had known these things for his entire life. He only needed a few minutes and a bamboo fish trap was finished without much effort.

If this trap was put inside the river, fish may easily enter from a big hole in the front of the trap, but once it enters, it wouldn’t be able to get out again. For every trap that had been finished, Jaime went to the river and found a place where fishes would most likely cross. He put stones inside the trap, tied it to the river bank and sunk it down.

He was working as hard as worker ants or an ant slave. Making traps and cutting bamboo.

He checked one bamboo tree and started to hit it. After the second hit, a black figure fell from the tree near him. A two meters dangerous black snake bared its wide mouth and fangs. Suddenly moving fast,  it jumped to attack Jaime aggressively. Jaime turned around, trying to run away but at the same time, the snake had jumped and fiercely bit Jaime’s buttocks.

“Motherf**ker Heaven!!!!”

Taking his sword, Jaime quickly turned his body and randomly slashed at the snake’s body crazily. “Let go!!! Let me go!!! Arrrghhh!!!”

The snake’s body finally fell to the ground after being cut in two, but its head was still on Jaime’s ass. He could feel the snake’s head tightening its bite. The snake’s head is usually still alive for one hour, even after its body has been cut off.

”Árrggghhhhh my ass!”

Jaime forced his hand on the snake’s head and pulled it with all his might.

I am going to die! This snake has poison! How can I put my lips on my ass and suck it out! F**k maybe I can run to  bamboo peak and force one of the inner disciples to kiss my ass!

Jaime checked the snake’s head in his hand. “Book of Karma, what snake is it? Is it a poison snake or not!? I am going to die!”

The Book of Karma glowed.

[You have killed a level 3 bamboo snake. The snake was non-poisonous. It is already dead and its life energy is now without an owner, will you take the energy?]

“Take the energy?” The fact that it was non-poisonous already made him calm down enough. He didn’t have to think about getting someone to kiss his ass anymore.

Jaime looked at the snake’s carcass. It seems like there was a ball of light hanging off its body and it started to diffuse with the surroundings.

“Take it!” Jaime’s motto is, ‘everything free is good, if it isn’t good, you can always throw it away later. No harm in taking anything free in advance.”

The energy ball flew into Jaime’s body and made him feel really comfortable. Suddenly Jaime could feel his status change. He could sense his level going up from middle level 4 to the peak of level 4. Seem like he can rise to the next level by killing some random animals and collecting their energy.

When the nocturnals began ringing around the forest, Jaime had finished 4 fish traps and a simple backpack basket from bamboo to carry his loot. He had eight bamboo shoots and one snake carcass. Back at the bamboo house in Bamboo Peak, he saw a bamboo bed inside and fell asleep just 3 seconds after he laid down. He was just too tired to do anything anymore.

Feeling cold, Jaime awoke from his deep slumber. “What time it is?”

Deep inside his mind, Jaime had arranged a biological clock. In his previous life, to train his mind and intelligence, he tried a few things. One of them was a biological clock. He only needed to set a time in his mind and let his unconscious mind move the time like a digital clock. It was very easy. No matter how busy he was, he could always see what time it was inside of his mind.

Yesterday, he already set a time of 12:00 am when the sun was at the top of his head.

“It is 03:35  in the morning.”

After he awoke, he couldn’t see anything because of the darkness, so Jaime closed his eyes and let his mind draw a map of the surroundings. Jaime was once famous for his intelligence and photographic memory—the ability to remember things accurately and in great detail after seeing them once. With closed eyes, Jaime took two flints from the place he remembered, and then walked through the forest, heading towards the river using his memory. Without opening his eyes, he easily went down to the river and took four fish traps out.

He only opened his eyes when he was trying to make fire with the flints. Without any problem, the fire lit up and brighten the surroundings. Jaime caught 31 fishes inside the four fish traps and killed them with a wooden stick. After taking all of their ownerless energy, Jaime raised his level from level 4 to 5. He smiled smugly.

“Good, I feel that my strength doubled. Maybe I could waste those bamboo peak inner disciples already.” He looked at the fishes, the fire, and suddenly became dumbstruck. He never cooked in his lifetime. Why bothering to cook when you could buy them. Truthfully, he didn’t really care what he ate. He ate all kinds of instant foods and junk foods all his life. Sometimes he even ate expired food, it was okay, his stomach had gotten used to it.

But this time, it was a matter of life and death. If the food tastes like shit, I will be headless.

“Book of Karma, I need profound information and experience of the best chef ever.”

The Book of Karma quickly responded and a screen appeared in front of him. On the screen there were thousands of lists about chefs and cooking skills. He glanced at the top of the list. […

  1. God of Cooking’s skill and experience. Exchange with 1,000 levels and 100,000 mental energies.
  2. God of Cooking first apprentice’s skill and experience. Exchange with 900 levels and 90,000 mental energies.
  3. Demon Master Chef’s skill and experience. Exchange with 890 levels and 89,000 mental energies.
  4. …]

“Alright, lets check something affordable, window shopping is good but causes too much stress.”

Jaime looked to the very bottom list and the last one seem affordable to him.

[5996. Apprentice of some random lowly restaurant chef on a deserted village’s skill and experience. Self-proclaim as the best chef in the world. Exchange with 4 levels and 40 mental energies.]

Jaime sighed. “At least it has the title of ‘the best chef in the world.”

“I’ll take it!” His level and mental energy was sucked up by the book of karma. Jaime’s level fell down to level 1. And from the book, some information and experience flew out to fill Jaime’s mind.

In that moment, Jaime understood something, in this world there are two kinds of energies, spiritual energy and mental energy. Spiritual energy is stored inside the body. People with high density of spiritual energies inside their body will have a higher level. Mental energy is something like mind energy to process information or to imagine something.

The Book of Karma takes spiritual energy and mental energy to exchange with information from it. As it takes spiritual energy, Jaime’s level will be lower than before because the vanishing spiritual energy from his body.

As the Book of Karma forcefully filled information in Jaime’s mind, he suddenly experienced the life of the self-proclaim best chef of the world. It took only a second but it felt like 80 years. In no time, Jaime knew everything he needed to make a tasty roasted fish. His hand moved like a chef and processed the fishes.

Before sunrise, he divided the roasted fishes, roasted snakes, and bamboo shoots into 28 portions and wrapped each with leaves. Using his basket as backpack, he went back to  Bamboo Peak and delivered each package to each cave.

Looking at some of the dirty clothes in front of each cave, he grabbed all of them, bought them to the river and washed them. He also took water from the river and filled each big clay barrel in front of the cave. In his spare time, he made more fish traps. Day by day passed just like that.

On the third day he was there, he found a very big beast in the forest. The beast body was very big, like rhino or elephant, but filled with horns all over its body.

What kind of animal it is?

[ Hundred Horn Rhino, a leveled Demonic Beast. It is in the Elementary Realm, very aggressive animal with tremendous strength but low intelligence.]

Jaime laughed because he knew that the big thing’s intelligence was only 1 point, but that rhino strength couldn’t be laughed at. That beast could kill Jaime four times with one hit. And to kill that beast, Jaime would need to hit it a thousand times just to scratch its itch.

I won’t be able to kill it for sure.

Soon three day passed by again and Jaime met an inner disciple of Bamboo Peak when he delivered food. He was a guy around twenty, looking very arrogant and full of killing intent.

“Slave, I am sick and tired of fish, rabbit, or small animals. If you can’t give me something like demonic beast’s meat, I will collect your head.”

Jaime glared disdainfully at him.

“Who does he thinks he is?”

[Zhou Wei, level 25 – Junior Realm, an inner disciple of bamboo peak, a cousin of Elder Fan. Very arrogant and loves to kill people because of small matters, has killed 58 people on a whim.]

Jaime quickly turned down his head.

“Well, he only needs to hit this future king of the three realms once and I will die twenty times.”

He just reached level 6 after killing fishes and random small animals that were trapped by his land traps. How could he faced demonic beast whose levels were usually over ten and were at least at the elementary realm. Any animal under level ten was a normal animal, up from level ten, all animal were categorized as Demonic Beast. The beast is a believed being, mutated by demonic aura and grew stronger from other normal beast.

He knew from the Book of Karma, in this world, below level ten is categorized as normal, level 10-19 is categorized as Elementary Realm, level 20-29 is categorized as Junior Realm, level 30-39 is categorized as Senior Realm, level 40-49 is categorized as True Human Realm, level 50-59 is categorized as Elder Realm, level 60-69 is categorized as Patriarch Realm and next are King Realm, Emperor Realm, Ancestor Realm and Demigod Realm.   

“But I….”

Zhou Wei waved his hand and wind pressure hit Jaime like a solid wall. Causing Jaime’s body to fly five meters back and landed with his ass up the sky.

“I want demonic beast’s meat tomorrow! For each day late, I will break one of your bones!”

“F**k your mother and her nine generation, why not just say, please be demonic beast food wholeheartedly!”

Jaime knew for sure, he wouldn’t be able to kill a demonic beast. “Brother it isn’t good to follow your desire, find your life purpose in happiness, not desire. Wanting demonic beast’s meat is a shameless desire.  A monk shouldn’t want any meat, nor have desire, so you can cultivate smoothly.”

“You will die now!” Zhou Wei moved his hand.

“Tomorrow you will get the tastiest demonic beast’s meat you ever will eat in your whole life.” Jaime was already running as fast as he could. Facing a level 25 disciple or a level 12 demon beast, he knew which one was better to face.

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  1. I’m starting to dislike those bambo fuckers seriously even tough i’m laughing at our mc jaime’s misfortune i’m starting to get mad at those ungratefuls bastards :c anyway, Thank you whoever it is that is translating this story it rocks! i don’t know how hard is it to translate this but for doing this for free and only accept donations it’s very good english in my opinion 🙂

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  2. His misfortune is amusing, but these retards that he can’t even scratch yet seems to want to kill him for no reason whatsoever while giving out impossible tasks are just annoying. He’d better kill all of the people under elder fen.


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