Q11 Glossary & Snippets

Well this is where I will be working on the Glossary and character index. Since there is so many of them. I will try to make it. It’s a lot, so bare with me. ^_^ There will be spoilers here.

Snippets (I did not translate these snippets, I got it from Angelhwz off of shushengbar)

Chu Qiao – “Did you know? This, is my faith.”

Zhuge Yue – “The moment I turned my back, I already knew I could not go back. From the moment I walk out of this door, everything will sink into a river of blood, flesh, bones and fire. Family and lover will be torn apart. People will be dying, and war will be endless. Still, I will keep walking without glancing back. I will prove it to you using the fresh blood of all of those people, what I really care about.”

Yan Xun – “I thought, this kind of life will never end, just like the soaring wind in the Yanbei Plateau, or the unmelting snow in top of the Longji Mountain. But I was wrong , my eyes were blindfolded by the brightness of the gold, I didn’t see what was hidden behind those peaceful time; those ambitions to rule the world, thousands corpses of massacre, and the bottomless trickery. Now, I will walk in to a golden cage, bringing the bloods of my father, mother, and my siblings, but I will swear to the sky of Yanbei, I will go now, but one day, I will come back.”

Li Ce- “We are all ephemeral lives in the hand of fate, in those hastiness, there are a glimpse years of intense struggle, Qiao Qiao, I hope you can go out from there.”

Zhao Che – “You’ve never seen the extensive world, because it has not been created, one day, from the plateau of Yanbei to the east sea of Huaisong, from the west desert of Adu’s wasteland to the southern border of Jiuwei mountains, will surrender to the empire, and all this will be started by my sword.”

Nalan Hongye -. “Only having a devoted brother of equal, with a husband whose heart is full of another woman, I am the princess of Huaisong, I am Nalan Hongye.”

Wei Shuye -. “I do not want to become this kind of weak people, growing up following the iron order over and over, growing old and dying gradually. One day I will break through the cage, discard what my clan has brought to me, completing a heroic feat using my life, no matter how insignificant others thinks of it, so that I can tell myself in the brink of death, I finally be brave for once!

Zhao Yang – “I swear, this life, I’ll never chase after others horses again!”

Wu Taoya – “In this world, there’s another thing that is worth more than love and freedom, It is worth to pay everything to keep it, the dream of Dadong, has been left in the high plateau five years ago.”

Miss Yu- “The joy of my life, perhaps just a good sleep, nothing to do, nothing to think, without wars, without massacre, without deceptions. There are swirling storm outside, the person I love lay beside me sleeping peacefully, not moving, not talking. It is a pity, I will never have this chance again. ”



Chu Qiao/Jing Yue/ Xing Yue: Our main character who reincarnated into an 8 year old         slave.

Zhuge Yue: 4th Master of the Zhuge Residence of the Xia Dynasty. He is very cold on the outside but has a good heart on the inside. He eventually falls in love with Chu Qiao.

Yan Xun: Prince of Northern Wei. He actually saves her multiple times since the hunting grounds. He loves her first. He is very warm on the outside, but inside he is cold blooded.

Zhun Shun/ Guanjia: Head Servant of the Zhuge Residence household

Xiao Ba: The only other surviving slave of the servant’s courtyard where Chu Qiao is from. She is her precious little sister.

Feng Mian: Yan Xun’s right hand man and trusted aide

Laotiaye Zhuge/ Zhuge Xi: Zhuge Yue’s grandfather (uncle?). And an old pervert that likes to rape and kill women and children (sex of the child does not matter)

Jing Xiao/ Jin Pao/ Zhao Song: Prince of Jingzhong, 13th Prince of the Xia Dynasty

Wei Shu Ye: The eldest child of the Wei Clan, one of the 7 powerful families of Xia. Very tenderhearted, but lives in a cruel family. He is also the Rear Admiral of the Wei Clan’s army. He was also the first person to be kind to Chu Qiao after the reincarnation. He never got her name though.

Wei Guang: Shu Ye’s uncle and head of the Wei Clan. He is cruel and merciless.

Zhuge Huai: 3rd Master of the Zhuge Residence. The one who started the child slave massacre…for fun……

Mu Yun: One of the noble young masters of the Xia Dynasty

Zhao Che: 7th Prince of the Xia Dynasty

Zhao Jue: 8th Prince of the Xia Dynasty

Lin Xi: Little slave boy that helped feed Chu Qiao while she was ‘jailed’. Known as the ‘5th Big Brother.’

Xiao Qi: Little slave girl that was a part of Chu Qiao’s cliche. Known as the ‘7th Little Sister.’

Zhi Xiang: The oldest slave girl in the courtyard where Chu Qiao lived when she first reincarnated.

Aunt Song: The head female servant of the slaves. Basically she orders all of them around. Big boss.

Jin Zhu: Servant Girl who serves Zhuge Yue. She was the main instigator that caused Lin Xi’s death.

Jin Si: Jin Zhu’s younger sister. Also serves Zhuge Yue. She helps incriminate Lin Xi and is always looking for a way to ruin Chu Qiao.

Huan’er: Zhuge Yue’s right-hand man servant

Jifeng: Yan Xun’s prized horse

Hope this helps with the confusion….That’s a lot of people I will update as the story progresses.

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