Q11 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 To Stick Together through Thick and Thin

Fierce winds blew across the entire main street, seemingly  coming from the Yellow Springs (hell), harshly approaching to curl up under the youth’s clothes, causing their long dark hair and clothes to flutter in the wind. Honor did not allow anyone to glance back, one must throw oneself at the fire and die like a moth. Stratus clouds piled in the sky, while large black birds were flying overhead and flapping their wings back and forth, through the snow like cotton flower catkins. Suddenly a long mournful cry sounded, a warhorse was breathing out white smoke in the frost as it galloped across the main street. A bloodthirsty beast ready to massacre. Then, a long sword flickered like a red star like blood, issuing from the torches’ reflection. This made if feel like the beasts came right out of antiquity.

   Yan Beiwei, who departed from his homeland to protect the crown prince, gradually collapsed with his men, as the whole sky was filled with arrows akin to flying locusts. Yan Shiqi, whose shoulder was dyed with blood, struggled to cut the arrow from it, “ Protect the Young Master! Breakthrough the siege!!”

   Several guards shouted in affirmative, as their swords danced in the full moon. Yan Xun was enclosed in the middle. One guard close by, thundered, “Shiqi, we will meet at Lou Qiao*!”

   A loud bang echoed! A small stone was cast, waves of troops arrived at the front of the huge rock, screaming, but only one broke out of they Yan guard’s encirclement. The Yan guards were steadily spraying blood, while their bodies that were hit, fell to the floor, kicking up large amounts of snow and fog.

   “What are you going to do?” Yan Xun grabbed the child that was escaping, she was only holding a crossbow and was so slim, that created the impression of a frail girl without an ounce of aggressiveness. The youth anxiously tried to protect her by his own side, thus he angrily shouted, “Do you want to die!?”

   “Let me go!” The child struggled, her anxious eyes swept back and forth across the crowd as it was hard to break out of Yan Xun’s grasp.

   Yan Xun was furious, he swung his sword to cut an arrow flying towards them and his brows, sharp as scimitars, stood erect as he yelled at her, “You’re going to get yourself killed!! I won’t let you go!”

   “Now that there is a chance to rush out to life,” Chu Qiao turned around, with an expression containing some anger and snapped, “Do you want me to stay here and die with you?”

   The youth was surprised for a moment. Even in at such a critical juncture, to have heard what was said, he still could not help but tremble. He nodded, as the fire in his eyes looked a bit gloomy. When he spoke, a little bit of childish anger could be heard,” Do not worry, even if I die today I will not implicate you.”

   Chu Qiao’s brow picked at that, she knew that he misunderstood what she meant, making her slightly angry. Rather than explain, she simply turned around with a ‘hmph’.

   “Shisan, Shiqi,” Yan Xun said: “In a while later, take the child and rush out. Then send her to a safer place.”

   “Young Master!”

   Yan Shisan’s brow locked, retorted: “My mission is to protect you!”

   “Your mission is to obey my orders!”

   Chu Qiao frowned looking at the people in front of her. Yan Xun paid her no attention as she grabbed a mounted a horse to escape. Riding on a horse, her skinny and flexible body quickly rushed out of the encirclement.

   “You!” Yan Xun was shocked. Allies and enemies heard this and suddenly all eyes were on the little child.

   Chu Qiao horsemanship was outstanding, flying around them like a fierce tiger. Grasping two sharps swords that two Yan guards were conveniently holding. While moving around, holding on her small crossbow. Maybe due to the insufficient light, the rain of arrows unexpectedly did not injure her at all.

   “Quick! Shield her” Yan Xun shouted while shooting his own arrow through the heads of the other archers, his skills were exquisite.

   Clip Clop, the horse moved as she approached the enemies’ front. Although her strength was small, she was cunning and clear-sighted, a discerning person would understand at the first glance that she did not  know martial arts, but for victory she was bold and cautious. The child suddenly and unexpectedly charged through the crowd, brandishing her sword she split a few men in half and then threw a couple of daggers at some more men. Quickly advancing forward, she rushed and started to launch an attack, hitting them abruptly. She used the momentum to rushed towards the general’s head and her sword thrust through the Wei army’s throats.

   The Yan’s Guards seeing the child being so aggressive lifted their morale. Yan Shiqi, noticing these things too, shouted “ Follow me!”

   “Surround them! Don’t act recklessly” Wei Shu You coldly snorted as he raised his crossbow, rapidly shooting his silver arrows like meteors.

   The arrows whistled in. The child discovered them too late and therefore only had moment to dodge the arrows. Her eyes shook excessively as she slanted over, and in a flash fell from the horse.

  “Girl!” Yan Xun eyes turned red as he exclaimed, then he turned to Wei Shu You. His eyes burning straight into that man.

   Wei Shu You cruelly smiled and loudly shouted “Yan Shi Zi resistance is futile, the public will listen to you. We just want to capture you, this isn’t a matter of life and death!”

  The Wei Army cheered and the Xiaoqi Battalion soldiers rushed forward. The siege of arrows changed into hand to hand combat. Yan Xun kicked a burly enemy as he sheathed his sword and attacked two more enemies three feet away.

   “Yan Xun, you want to rebel?” Zhuge Huai did not join the war situation, but led the Zhuge Residence soldiers standing outside the battle circle of war, seeing Yan Xun’s actions he loudly shouted.

   “If you want to condemn someone, don’t make up a pretext, Yan Xun never thought to rebel. The Wei Family is relying on the church to entrap the very loyal Yanbei people but we are not going to sit here and be slaughtered like pigs!”

   “Crazy boy,” Wei Shu You coldly snorted, before immediately waving his hand, “In that case, do not blame me, in spite of this old friendship.”

   Just as he was about to give the signal for an all out attack, an unexpected sound was heard. Wei Shu You stared blankly, then turned just in time to see the Xiaoqi Camp’s Major General Ma’s body falling off his horse. The man’s eyes wide, with an arrow pierced through his head. His mouth was open wide as if he was trying to say something, but nothing came out.

   The Wei Army and Xiaoqi Battalion stood between General Ma and the enemies, so an arrow could not have come from that directions. So where did the arrow come from?

   A sudden sense of crisis suddenly hit his heart. Wei Shuyou swaying suddenly turn his horse. He must go forward but at this time, the horse suddenly whined as its two front legs were hit. Bang bang, it knelt on the ground. Wei Shu You could not stop himself from falling from the mount. Suddenly a sharp cold dagger was pressed against his nape, and a child’s voice coldly resounded in his ear, he thought his mind was playing tricks on him, “Eldest Wei Gongzi (son of an official), Do you want to provoke me?”

   “Everyone, stay your hand for me!”

  Constant wind and heavy snow changed of direction, as the child suddenly raised her head showing her meager, tiny face, and with a stern voice shouted, “Or else, I will kill him!”

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