Q11 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Yan Xun Shizi

During the past few days Jin si has been uneasy. Every time she sees that Jing child, she feels a wave of overwhelming coolness coming all the way from her feet.  She could not eat for fear of a fish bone being stuck in her throat. This morning the fine weather made the snow in the garden sleek, as the servants started in good uniformity the day work.

For the first month of the lunar year, food was being concocted to be conveyed. A person from the Hongshan Courtyard suddenly came to inform them that Lingnan Mu Residence’ had hosted the young Master and that the Yun Chou’s Fief ’s Young Prince Jing, 7th young majesty Zhao Che, 8th young majesty Zhao Jue, 13th young majesty Zhao Song, and the Crown Prince Yan of the palace left together from Hongshan Courtyard  to  Liuli Hall. The Eldest Young Master accompanied them, with the 3th and 5th Master catching on. Since the 4th master’s body was unwell, it was good to see them together being lively.

In contrast , Zhuge Yue’s disposition was curious. While the few princes and several of his brothers were taking a walk, he was stuck all day long in the Qingshan Courtyard. He didn’t read or eat the fruit refreshments. There was no eagle flying with it’s feathers on fire, that would be too cruel. At this point, he was just lying in bed. After listening to the news the messenger delivered him,he notified the servant that he was not healthy and would not be joining them.

Chu Qiao next to the incense burner, fanning it gently. Her brows were twitched along her livid   face as she sat there in silence. For a long time, food was presented to the young master but Chu Qiao quietly sent the food back out as he declined it.

Jin Si looked on slightly askance, secretly disapproving in her heart, before drawing back.


Liuli Hall was known as the reception hall. It merely was a Pavilion that was in the middle of the Hongshan Courtyard on Mr. Palgak. Below flowed the  Qingse Bi Lake , Now, in the depths of the winter, the surface of the lake was frozen over. The snow was boundless,  and both sides of the lough were flanked by claret and white Merlins (birds). Winter was in full bloom, but it preserved its colorfulness  .

In addition to the Merlins, the Zhuge family had the Paoma Mountain. It was wide and the entire hillside was filled with all kinds of plants. That was the origin of the Zhuge family’s excellent horses ,no one lived in this place . It was very quiet and Little Chu Qiao  passed without be noticed by the guards and entered Mt. Paoma through climbing a slope. She had unexpectedly succeeded.

Jing Yue’er’s small body had this advantage. It also had its weakness like, if she wanted to move those potted plants, it took a lot more of effort.

She was just about to leave when she suddenly discovered a figure lurking on the mountainside. Chu Qiao lowered her body, slowly getting closer to them. Tied to a pine tree was a dark horse, tall and full-bodied, but it did not have mixed wool all over it’s body. It saw Chu Qiao but did not respond to her. She found this strange, that this good horse did not guard against a stranger’s approach. She looked down and sure enough there was buckwheat and the horse was not done eating. Chu Qiao stood there and looked at it for a long time, but it took no notice.

She was about to depart again when she saw on the horse dozens of feathered arrows. Taking an arrow out she saw the tiny strokes of Yan majestically carved on it.

The various Young masters and Princes were enjoying meals and plum at Luili Hall, so Chu Qiao took this opportunity to follow the escarpment track to Mr. Palgak. To get rid of the burned vines. As she was getting rid of them, the side of her bag opened and a few snakes poured out.

“HA! I knew you were an evil demon!”

A shrill voice sounded from behind. Chu Qiao turned back to see Jin Si standing there, proudly looking at her “ I did not tell the 4th master yet, this time you will die for certain.”

“Is that right?” Chu Qiao cocked her head to the side, with a sly smile hang at her lips. Her ears twitching slightly, listening for any distance footsteps approaching. She then shook her head, “That is not necessarily true. “ Suddenly she jumped backwards, flipping down of the cliff.

“It’s that!” A young voice exclaimed at almost the same time. Jin Si didn’t even have time to shout as a man mercilessly kicked her to the ground.

Zhu Shun looked at the girl indifferently, making his teeth itch, “Jin Si, You are caught red-handed. Now, you have no more words to say.”

Jin Si was startle and hurriedly spoke, “It wasn’t me, it’s Jing Xing! I followed her here!”

“Nonsense, I,saw with my own eyes, that you sneakily stole those vines, and tried to blame Zhu Guanjia, you must not falsely accuse others!”

A light voice said. Jin Si turned to see a little girl following by Zhu Shun’s side. Her appearance was unexpectedly familiar. In her mind, she quickly put all the pieces together and thought through the over-all situation, then called out loudly, “She and Jing Xing’er are of the same group! Zhu Guanjia, you can not believe her!”

Zhu Shun sat on the soft chair that was being lifted by four servants. He still recalled   a couple of days ago, being spanked 20 times stupidly. His butt was still swollen. He wrinkled his nose at that “You said you came with Jing Xing, where is she?”

“She jumped off the cliff.”

“What!?” Zhu Shun snapped, “ Do you think I am an idiot? You mean, that Jing gil framed you, then jumped of the cliff to her death unexpectedly?”


“Utter nonsense!” Zhun Shun huffed, “You’ve been in the Zhuge household for 4 to 5 years, and I’ve always treated you well. You and Jin Zhu always competed for favors, but that is your Qingshan courtyard’s matter. Why bother throwing my head in filthy water? Now what do you want to do? You want the various Young masters to use my head to sling mud at?”

“Zhu Guanjia, you must believe me.”

“Come! I’ll play with you!”

Piercing screams suddenly rang out. Chu Qiao was holding onto the ropes she prepared and swung into a small cave. This Palgak  Mountain was piled with ink rock and every spring the rock would grow this purple moss. This moss was extremely rare. When burnt, the unique aroma was perfect for meditation. The Zhuge Residence’s servants, would collect the cliff moss every spring. They even dug a hole up to the moss, for  a simple access. Chu Qiao, being a cleaning servant, knew where the hole was dug. She pushed aside the several refined rocks, carefully making into the enclosure. She slowly pulls the rope, unhooking it and taking it back. The she calmly waited there for the above crowd to leave.

At that moment, warm breath trickled down her ear, a male voice spoke, “Are you that little girl? How can you be so evil and cruel?”

Chu Qiao was startled and quickly turned her head. She didn’t forget about the hook in her hand, and aimed it at his neck.

“I have seen countless fierce women, but none as fierce as you. It is really difficult to imagine that you are less than ten years old.”

The guy was agile, and firmly held onto Chu Qiao’s small hand, sounding very calm.

Chu Qiao was physically weak, be held by a person with a single hand. But she stubbornly gained ground, startling the intruder. “It’s you?”

The man gawked while carefully looking at the child’s eyes. He immediately became enlightened and smiled, “ Do you know who I am? It turned out to be you, did the medicine worked well?”

She saw only a person with straight eyebrows, that slanted upwards and out. Like they could fly away. A nose as high as Gao Ting and jet black eyes. But under the gentle guise concealed a sharp blade. Impressively today’s guest was none other than the archer, Yan Shi Yan Xun.

Chu Qiao stubbornly raised her head, and spoke coldly, “Why are you here? What do you want?”

Yan Xun chuckled, “I should be asking you that, right?”

Chu Qiao thought about her options, considering pushing him down the cliff to have more assurance. She thought this while tracing her dagger at her waist. Yan Xun raised his finger to his mouth, and said quietly “If you don’t want to be discovered, those thoughts in your head are a bad idea. This little child, why are you so cruel?”

Chu Qiao arched her brows at that, “When it comes to being vicious, it is far from you. Hiding here, presumably not doing work. You and I are not the same. Do not busy yourself helping me, hypocrite.”

Yan Xun stood up after she said that, pushing aside the grass, and shouted loudly above, “Who is the person above here?”

Chu Qiao was frightened at that, and wanted to stop him but it was too late. If she was exposed, Xiao Ba was also doomed. She immediately drew her dagger and stabbed at Yan Xun’s chest, ready to flee.

Yan Xun unrestrainedly caught her, hooked her around covering her mouth and holding her in his arms. At the same time the voice from above responded. Yan Xun sticks his head out of the hole, “This crown prince is enjoying plum here. What kind of ghost are you calling above? Quickly disperse.”

Zhun Shun peered over the cliff and saw Yan Xun. Immediately his power and prestige was completely lost, kowtowing for half a day before departing quickly.

Yan Shi smiled as he let loose his arms, looking a Chu Qiao, “ There, I helped you a lot, right?”

Chu Qiao felt small standing in front of Yan Xun. She didn’t even reach his shoulders. She strained her ears to listen above, making sure they left, before hooking her rope back up to climb out.

Yan Xun narrowed his eyes at her. Seeing that she was so skilled and agile, but didn’t look like she knows martial arts. This only made him regard her cautiously, watching her agile movements. The ledge from the Cave was about one meter, Yan Xun used her hands to hold the walls before slightly jumping up.

Chu Qiao hook was securely fasten, and she turned to leave.  Hearing Yan Xun’s question, she glanced at him, “I don’t owe you anything. Later when you go back, pay attention to your horse.”

Yan Xun was slightly surprised for a moment, but about time he reacted, the child’s shadow was long gone. Like a puppy, she climbed up the rugged cliff and disappeared without a trace.

Yan Xun stared where the child was with a grin, “Interesting.”

As the morning sun rose higher, the snow became more boundless. Standing on top of the mountain by the lake, the sunlight was kind of different that day, beautiful.

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