Q11 Vol 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Military

Time stopped on May 12, 2009, at two o’clock in the morning. In a desolate area outside the heart of Beijing city, seven black cars were traveling at breakneck speeds. Two in the front, two in the back, and two on the sides. In the middle was a black Mercedes, a vehicle with a smooth and powerful engine. The body was completely made of aluminum alloy and you could also see the faint spiral bullet-proof marks on the windshield. No license plate, no special military identity, one couldn’t help but wonder, ‘how did this team come out from the heavily guarded capital’s gate?’

After a few hours, the convoy pulled into a suburban and inconspicuous khaki-colored building. Four soldiers dressed in camouflage came up and motioned for the people in the car to stop for inspection. As the front door opened, a young man wearing a black suit came out. He handed one of the soldiers a crimson paizi, for him to check for a moment.

“I need to consult with the higher authorities” said Chen Sheng

The man in black’s brow slightly furrowed with anger. With a low voice he said “This here has the signature of Commander Hua. Who else do you need to consult with?”

The soldier blankly continued, “Major, our superior just issued an order. Besides the head, no one else is allowed to enter this restricted area without the signatures of both Commander Hua and Chief Zhang. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to pass.”


“Li Yang.”

A deep voice suddenly sounded from behind the car. The black Mercedes drove up slowly up. The window was rolled down, exposing some slightly old tired faces inside. The soldier looked surprised, and then suddenly stood at attention, saluted and said, “Sir!”

Commander Hua lightly nodded, “Now we can go in, right?”

The soldier hesitated slightly before saying, “Reporting to Commander, Chief Zhang has ordered no one is allowed to travel by vehicle in the restricted zones. All must travel by foot.”

Commander Hua gently wrinkled his brows and patted his leg, “I have to walk?”

The soldier’s face became more ugly. He looked through the window at Commander Hua’s wounded leg. With resolution, General Chen Sheng finally said, “My apologies Commander. Superior’s orders, no person shall drive. All have to walk!”

This caused Li Yang’s complexion to change. He suddenly became angry and was about to say something before Commander Hua beckoned him with a deep voice, “Li Yang, you go with my documents. 005 must be intact. The Military Intelligence Bureau can no longer afford any type of loss like they did with 003. It’s our country’s wealth.”

Li Yang’s countenance changed immediately. Facing the gray-haired old man with a salute, “Commander, rest assured. I am determined to complete this task!” he said resolutely.

However, at that moment, a loud crashing sound came blasting. The glare of fire on a large black mushroom cloud rose suddenly in the night sky.

Li Yang eyes widened as he stared for a moment. He had nothing else to say. Without a word, he turned around and ran in to the restricted zone!

That night, the people in the capital were still silently sleeping. However, the fourth military prison outside the city had received a huge explosion which was large enough to shock the world. In the darkness, the heads of various countries had all gathered in one place, waiting a few hours after dawn.

Four hours ago.

In the courtroom of the national fourth detention barracks, seven senior officers sat. All of them were wearing uniforms decorated with shining star badges showing their rank. In the judgment seat, five military judges were seated. They were of higher military position, and were not a part of the subordinate military system. Below them were more than 20 first-level special troops, armed with a Colt M OD733 5.56mm assault rifles. They looked alert and were on guard for any critical situation.

During the trial, the entire court’s atmosphere was solemn and respectful. All eyes were focused on the person wearing a military uniform on the defendant’s seat. The presiding judge cleared her throat, “Name.”

“Chu Qiao.”

A light, calm voice responded. Although it sounded hoarse, you could still determine the person’s gender.

Sure enough, a pretty woman was seating on the defendant’s chair wearing green military trousers and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up exposing half of her white arm. She looked calm with pure eyes and even the slightest tension could not be seen.

The presiding judge continued with the dry process, “Sex.”


“Date of birth.”

“October 8, 1982. ”

“Origin. ”

“Antu County, Jilin province. ”

“Army history.”

“In 1999, I was admitted to the central military school. In 2001, I was assigned to the central military command headquarters’ fifth intelligence service to study. In the second half of 2001, I entered the hawk group’s seventh army to undergo training. Then on August 27, 2003, I formally joined the fifth intelligence service. I was then assigned in the second group engaged in intelligence analysis and deployment. In December 2003, I was transferred to the Intelligence Bureau of Xinjiang and MI 9, with the implementation of the sweeping process plan. In June 2004 I left the country to perform the ambush. After 7 years, I returned to the homeland and entered the 11th command headquarters. I was the assistant commandant, until now.”

“During your service, what type of missions did you carry out?”

“From 2007 to April 2009, we carried out 11 big missions and 97 medium missions. I personally completed 29 missions. 11 five-star, 9 four-star, 5 three-star, 4 two-star missions and I did not have a one-star mission.”

“According to the facts reported, you have carried out 2 one-star level mission.”

“In August 2007, with the intelligence provided by MI 7, MI 9 came forward to cooperate with me and 9. Lee planned and carried out the ‘sea salt plan’ which managed to get 300 tons of uranium ore. In November 2007, 11 and 6 cooperated in the implementation of the trap strategy to capture the rats was known as Mika. Half of the treasonous generals blew up the nuclear reactors of F country. In April 2008, a plan to stir up rebellion using the loophole password of Central Bank with different functions in E Country, was recaptured. In June 2008, with the help of X country, using 11’s plans and the different functions assistance provided by MI 9 and 003 by using the focus motion formation, we have obtained the HK47 blueprints successfully.“

The presiding judge pushed up her glasses while comparing what was said with her documents, and said, “In detail, please state your relationship between you and secret agent 003 of MI 9.”

Chu Qiao slightly raised her eyebrows when she heard the question and looked at the seven officers with a slightly cold expression for a long time. Finally, she said, “In 2001 when the seventh army received training, agent 003, 11th staff officer Major Huang Minrui, and I shared the same quarters together. In March 2004, we planned out the implementation of Section 003 to Xinjiang, East Turkistan terrorist, to destroy the intelligence program. We worked for two months. In 2008 we carried out the mission with 003’s cooperation.”

The presiding judge said “What is the extent of your relationship with your comrade 003? Colleagues, co-workers, or casual acquaintances…?”

She looked calm, with slightly raised eyebrows, “We are friends.”

The jury immediately had a minor uproar. Chu Qiao looked towards them with her sharp facial features with a smile present on her lips.

“In other words, you and 003 have close contacts. As in intimate friends that tell one another everything, is that right?” The 40-year-old female judge asked.

Chu Qiao turned her head to look at the seemingly gentle judge before speaking, “Judge. 003 and I have received high-quality special state training. We are very clear about the words we can and cannot say. So, for you to interrogate me in this matter is a complete disregard for the national interest of our heroic martyrs. It is of the greatest disrespect.”

The judge’s face paled as she pursed her lips, no longer able to speak. The atmosphere within the courtroom suddenly became awkward.

She quickly regained her composure and continued, “Chu Qiao. Pertaining to M1N1, please explain your actions and statements.”

Finally, they have reached the highlight of this session. Upon hearing these words, the two fifty-year-old jury members, suddenly looked focused. Chu Qiao lowered her head for a long time before speaking and said while stressing each syllable, “I request to see my superiors, or to stand in the Supreme People’s Court under the military court. Otherwise, I will not make any statements regarding M1N1.”

The presiding judge heard this and frowned. With an obvious hint of anger in her voice, she slowly said, “So, are you questioning the authority of the joint five military parties and legal experts set up by the highest authorities of the military court?”

“I’m not.” Chu Qiao raised her head and repeated, “However, I request to see my superior. In the absence of Commander Hua, or a declassified document signed by the commander, I am afraid I am not in liberty to disclose the documents and content of M1N1.”

The judge’s frown deepened before continuing “Well, you ordered the blasting of the General Buildings. This resulted in the death of more than 20 hostages. Please make your defense and elaboration.”

“They were not hostages.”

Chu Qiao looked straight at the judge and said, “Under my command, everything was in line with the military’s doctrine, we did not kill any civilians. As long as I see my superiors and a document with the signature of Commander Hua, I will make a complete statement to the military court. Otherwise, I will not make any statements.”

The trial came into a deadlock. They were unable to go further. Afterwards, Chu Qiao was brought out and all the judges and generals also exited the hall. Strict monitoring devices captured all their images, but sitting in the corner where the top military commanders were, a small device flashed red.

Time was running out.

Chu Qiao sat on an iron bed, with her head looking down in silence. The prison cell she was in was surrounded by a special armored glass. From the outside, you could see everything happening inside, but the person inside could not actually see outside or hear the  the least bit of sound. A person loses his or her privacy detained in this cell. Also, the glass is so durable that even if you took a German M7KB heavy–caliber sub machine gun and continuously fired for one year, you would only be able open a small hole. If you want to break the glass to escape, you may need the help of an atomic bomb.

Even if she couldn’t see or hear outside, as a senior commander of the country‘s most secret intelligence service, she knew the full layout. Feeling the pulse on her hand, she silently counted the time. She knew dinner time was coming.

Sure enough, with a clatter and a click, under the glass a side door opened. A tray of food was slowly pushed in.

She sat on the bed and did not move, but at that moment a small stone suddenly flew out. And with great accuracy, it silently hit the wrist of the deliverer and a watch fell on the prison floor.

Outside, the surprised soldier felt something and looked around twice, but did not see anything. Chu Qiao heard him move and seemingly turned away with a frown. She knew that in addition to him, another man was standing outside monitoring her closely.

Normally, inmates are not allowed to close the door during the meal, but at the moment, with Chu Qiao made hand gestures to herself. Seeing it clearly outside the door, the soldier put out his fist to beat on the ground twice and agreed.

Chu Qiao jumped off the bed and picked up the watch. She took it into her hands secretly so that the soldier outside wouldn’t see. She gently smiled, picked up the food and went back to bed.

Outside, quickly quieted down.

Everything was so natural. Nothing seemed strange.

After her meal, she walked next to a simple toilet and pulled the door open.

The Government was fairly humane. They set a fairly private bathroom. Except for above the shoulder, below was made of plastic that wasn’t completely transparent. Chu Qiao sat on the toilet, lowering her head slightly. She knew that someone outside was still watching her. She could not stay in the toilet for more than 20 minutes.

Others could not see what she was doing in the bathroom, so she gently stretched out her fair palm. On her fingertips, she carefully extracted a transparent film. The other soldier carelessly allowed her to get his fingerprints. Chu Qiao, knew she didn’t have much time. She had to move quickly.

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