DGM Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Crescent Moon Wand

In the Feiloma continent, how can he, in a short period of time,  effectively enhance his combat effectiveness? There are no more than three choices.

Equipment, Medicine, and Magical Increase (buff).

In the Apprentice dorm, there are magician apprentices. Magic repair is very low, and as for the magical increase….don’t even mention it.

As for medicine, Link did not have many ideas, because in the Apprentice dorm there is no alchemy room. The nearest alchemy room is more than 50 meters away within this academy. Outside of the dorm was covered with assassins, so those 50 meters were an insurmountable divide .

So the only thing left was, equipment!

What is the most important equipment to a magician? Something to focus the magic!

Or what other’s popularly call, a magic wand!

A magician may not need a magic wand to cast magic, but the magician’s body is usually very fragile. The body can not let out high-intensity magic focus, so the power is very weak.

Thus requires the help of external objects, that is, the role of the wand.

For example, a magician apprentice, without the use of a wand, can release a level 0 fireball. The power of the fireball is equivalent to a small firecracker, but if he took the most common wand, he could upgrade the power to a. …. large firecracker. Even to the point where it can make things explode.

The magic used in the whole process does not change. The secret is that with the magic wand, the magic can be compressed.

If the magic is a bullet, then the wand is the one that fires the bullets. Whether the gun is good or bad, this directly determines the power of the bullet.

A wand is very expensive. Even the cheapest, costs 100 gold coins. From a small aristocratic family, Link is also the youngest son at home. His magic talent is weak. Of course, he does not have a luxury wand.

He does not have, but other people in this dorm do!

This Apprentice dorm is home to more than 50 magician apprentices. Many of them are local tyrants, and at least more than 20 of them have a wand. The best wand on the second floor is in the hands of the magician apprentice, called Grant.

Link knows that the magic wand is called “Crescent Moon”. The magic wand was Great Master Henila’s proud early works. It’s worth more than 1000 gold coins and it was Grant’s father gift to his beloved adult son.

Grant is said to cherish his wand and sleeps with it in his arms.

That Crescent Wand is Link’s goal.

Now he just have to think of his next move!

Link took clothes from the bedside and was prepared to put them on, but that action was quickly stopped. He noticed that the clothes were the Magic Academy’s apprenticeship robe allocated by the academy. The style and material are very unique, so they let  people know that he is a magician apprentice. This appearance is usually okay, but for tonight, the more striking he looks, the quicker he dies.

Throwing the apprentice robe aside, Link opened another cabinet on the bedside. Inside, he found a gray cloth gown to wear. It is his own clothes, without any features. It completely diminishes any distinction. So when he walks the streets he could disappear in the crowd easier.

After putting on the gown, he wears his boots then goes out.

Magicians prefer round towers, so the Apprentice dorms are made in a round tower shape. There are a total of five dorms, each one has 10 rooms, arranged in a circular fashion.

Outside of Link’s room is a diameter of about 10 meters of a circular hall. The hall itself is floating above the Hall of Light. The light is very bleak, since it’s about 9:45, and it is the common habit of magicians to go to bed early. It is now ‘that time’.

He quietly walks along the stone staircase to the second floor, to find Grant’s room. Link gently knocks on the door.

Since there is no response, Grant should be asleep.

Hesitating for a second, Link gave up knocking on the door. He doesn’t want to wake up any neighbours because what he was about to do was not a good thing.

He gently stretched out his hand, point at the door lock, and then launched  Master’s Hand.

Master’s Hand

Magic consumption: 0.2

0 Rank Magic

Effect: Moving objects without touching (Master General equipment * force means)

Master’s hand is a magic that Link currently knows. It is very simple and only uses up 0.2 of his magic consumption.

The lock of an Apprentice dorm door is an ordinary cylinder, with Master’s hand, opening such a door is really easy. Five seconds later, a soft ‘click’ sound resounded and the door opened.

Link very gently opened the door. Because the door was made of wood, it issued a soft ‘squeaking’ sound. For a beginner thief, this sound is very nerve-wracking, but to Link, when he was in the virtual reality game, it became the first law of God to him. His soul and nerves are firm as a rock.

Without batting an eye, he opened the door and walked in, then gently closed the door. The whole process was natural, like he was entering his own room.

The room was very dark, and the layout was almost identical to Link’s room, but the furniture was more refined and luxurious than Link’s. The Academy does not provide furniture, which is why Grant’s room was furnished with his own money.

Grant was lying in bed, sleeping very deeply. The rumors were accurate. Grant really does not leave his wand unattended. This guy handles his wand with extreme care. Even in sleep he is grasping the wand tightly.

If Link was a real thief, he would have hesitated to still steal the wand, but Link was not. He knew that the upcoming massacre will annihilate the whole city. No one will know what had happened in the city.

Now, he can act completely without scruples.

Moving to Grant’s bed, he reached out and gave Grant’s handsome face a heavy slap. Making a loud ‘smacking’ sound.

In the past, Grant used to bully others. Though he did not usually bully the previous Link, during one of his pranks he broke Link’s arm.

Grant’s father is a Duke, so the previous youth endured and remain silent, but this Link does not.

The slap in the face woke Grant up. Surprised he suddenly sat up from his bed, clutching his face, looking around, shouting, “What’s going on? What’s going on?”

His eyes were not completely clear, so for a time he did not understand what had just happened.

Afterwards, he naturally relaxed his hands holding the wand.

Link’s sharp eyes noticed the well-made wand fall and caught it. Then he raise a knife from his waist, using the hilt he slammed it on the back of Grant’s throat.

Grant’s head fell back into the bed as he fainted from the shock.

From start to finish, he did not figure out what was going on.

Now he had the wand in his hand!

Link looks at the wand in his hand. It was forty centimeters long. At the base of the wand was a ring of fine gold and the entire object was engraved in fine runes. Finally, at the tip of the wand was a Crescent Moon shaped topper which was exquisitely carved out.

Using his observation skill, a virtual box flashed next to the magic wand.

Crescent Wand

Quality: Excellent

Effect: Magic attack power + 20%.

(AN: Earl Grindan gave his second son Grant’s rite) (TN: I reread chapter 1 and this chapter so far, I have no idea who Earl Grindan is and what Grant’s rite is. I am just keeping it just in case it is important later.)

Link laughed, “The glorious God of this game system actually made such an item exist and such a get too. It really is much better than it looks.”

After looking at the Crescent Wand, he took out the pocket watch, 9:50. There is still  forty minutes left. He still had enough time. He went to the door, opened the door, went through the door, then closed the door. Using the wand, he launched Master’s Hand at the lock.

‘Click’. The blessing of getting the wand was already apparent. Even the power of the Master’s hand had greatly increased. The cylinder lock was destroyed instantly. So now, the door was lock from the inside and outside. Even if Grant wakes up, if he wants to leave he would have to spend some time in order to go out! After 40 minutes when the attacks happen, no one will have time to bother about other people’s business.

First step complete: Magic Wand, Get!

Link quickly went down to the first floor of the apprentice’s dorm. On the first floor of the dorm there were a few display cases, one of which had a magic bracelet called the ‘Guardian Bracelet’, which was a low-level magic item. The caster will be able to cast a level 2 defensive magic called, ‘Guardian Enchantment’.

For Link, this bracelet was a must!

In this day and age, because of the density of the world’s magic, the number of strong individuals are not a lot. A level 2 defense item, for now, is considered very strong. It could save his life in a pinch.

Of course, with this ongoing worldwide war, a variety of powerful forces continued to erupt. In Feiloma a large number of space cracks appeared causing the density of magic to rise again and again throughout the world. More and more strong individuals will begin to appear. At that time, level 2 will be nothing.

Now his current problem is that the first floor is also home to a formal magician. She is Mrs. Fairfax, a kind old lady, that is the administrator to the apprentices’ dorms.

The old lady is a light sleeper too. Any sign of trouble, she will instantly wake up. With her presence, the difficulty of stealing the bracelet increases, but Link already has a plan in mind.

He walked to the stairs, but after a few steps, Link suddenly came to a stop in front of a room.  A surge of emotion started to overwhelm him, so he had to stop to get his heartbeat under control.

Link stared blankly, as memories from the previous youth emerged.

The apprentices’ dorm is mixed, and the magician apprentice of this room is called Celine. She has a very good magic talent, so she stays in the academy free of charge. After entering the academy for three months, she had already mastered three level 0 spells. Her future development is unlimited.

In his memory, Celine was a very beautiful girl, a natural beauty. Calling her the number one beauty of the academy is not an exaggeration, but this is not the point. The point is that Celine helped Link a lot even when she was busy. Just after his arm was broken by Grant, Celine took care of him for more than a month. Her reasoning is that she was responsible for that accident.

Link is introverted and has an inferiority complex, so he wasn’t able to make any friends in the academy. After that month, it was hard for him to let go of his feelings for Celine.

‘Oh ~ boy, she is your first love?’ Link’s heart softly smiled, he is not prepared to meddle. He can escape by himself if he is lucky, but with another person, the risk definitely increases greatly.

He turned away, taking a step, two steps, three steps, by the fourth step, Link once again stopped.

He found that the sadness that poured out of his heart was really strong, he could not ignore it.

“Well, well, since it is your last wish, I’ll help you complete it. After all, I still must account for your body.

Strange to say, but Link wanted to make sure these sentiments disappeared. He will become relieved when his whole mind and soul is his own.

Link has a feeling that after he completes this task that the body’s original owner will completely disappear.

“Really infatuated, huh.” Link gently shook his head.

He will take this Celine and go. Of course, not now, he now has to steal … … No, take the Guardian Bracelet.

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