CGA: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Master


When I speak, no one understand me. So I don’t speak. Therefore, people don’t need to understand me. I don’t need to understand them either. I need no one. I care for no one. I understand no one. But, why is there always a longing for someone with a warm heart to understand me.”

I am so cold here.

Xiao Yun woke up from her cultivation but her awareness couldn’t detect Jaime’s presence near the cave. “Where did he go?” Xiao Yun closed her eyes again.

“No one will come for you, because no one will ever need you.”

“When you need someone, you will only get hurt. Forget people, forget everyone. You need no one.”

“This lonely life will be your curse; you will be awake but be inside the prison of your heart. You will live and die in that heart’s prison.”

Tears fell from Xiao Yun eyes… a very soft voice could be heard… “Help me… I am not that strong.”


“Why are we  here?” said a skinny guy below the waterfall looking at his fellow brothers.

“Whoever lost from that Bamboo Peak disciples fight, there is a 50% possibility the winner will throw the loser’s body into the river to get rid of it. Then we can take anything from that dead body. Hopefully there will be a Double Moon’s cultivation. We really need it.” A fatty guy answered. “Look, the water exploded!”

Four people looked up as mist of water started pouring down.

“A dead body fell from the waterfall! Quickly take it before the river washes it far away!” Two people jumped into the river and swam to Jaime’s dead body. They dragged Jaime’s body slowly to the river bank. As they reach the ground, the four people checked Jaime’s body at once, competing with each other to grab the best item they could find. Surprisingly, the head, legs, and hands of Jaime were still intact with his body.

“Space storage pouch!” The skinny guy looked disbelievingly at what he had gotten. He quickly took out some jade bottles and checked the pills inside. He was shocked and started to stutter. “Lots of First Dragon pills!”

All of them were shocked and checked the jade bottle with disbelief.

“He must be a special disciple!”

“A senior!”

“He is still alive!” said Fatty suddenly.


The four of them were shocked. Jaime suffered broken bones in many places, his skin and muscles were stabbed and he was bleeding all over his body.

“He is just like a cockroach, stubbornly hanging on to his last life.”

Without the four of them knowing, Jaime unconsciously murmured with a very soft voice, “Ye.. Xiu…” Tears fell from his eyes mixed with water and blood.

“Are we going to save him?” One small boy stupidly asked.

“How are we going to save him? We don’t have anything to save…” Fatty stopped, his eyes locked at the other jade bottle. “Are those healing pills?”

“Hundreds,” said the thin guy took out everything inside storage pouch. “And cauldron…”

The four of them became dumbfounded and shouted at the same time while looking at each other. “PILL MAKER! SUPER STRONG SENIOR! OUR MASTER!!! SAVE HIM!”


“Master woke up!”

Jaime moved his eyes and saw hundreds of people staring at him intensely, like seeing a super rare animal.

“Wooaaaaah!!! ” Jaime screamed.

“Whooooaaahhhh!!!” They shouted back in unison.

“Who are you!” Jaime was confused.

Am I still dreaming?

“Master! Your disciples show their respect to you.” All of them shouted in unison then knelt in unison. Hundreds of people were bowing to Jaime.

“Me?” Jaime pointed at himself.


“You?” Jaime pointed at them.

“Your disciples!”

“When did I accept you?”

“Every one of us had paid 5 spiritual stones, to first senior disciple Fatty Chen and had kowtow to master three times, while master still slept.”

“Fatty Chen?”

“I am here master.” A fat guy around 15 years old came and knelt.

“You are…” Jaime didn’t recognize him.

“I am your faithful follower, the first one. A week ago, me and three brothers went to White Snake River to find herbs, we watched master’s fight with Zhou Wei. That shameful bastard used all those shameless attacks, throwing poison, initiating sneak attacks, launching secret weapons, but Master still won the fight. After that Zhou Wei called nine people for back up and ganged up on Master!”

Jaime’s eyes opened wide . “Mee…???”

All of the disciples opened their ears and listened carefully.

“After eleven people attacked together, Master started to feel a little pressure. Still, just using one hand, Master attacked them fiercely. Nine of them got injured and suddenly each of them called ten more people for back up. One hundred people swarmed master. Each of them attacked fiercely.” Fatty Chen stopped the story for a second.

Most of the disciples’ faces seem tensed and some of them swore and cursed angrily. “That cheap bastard!”

“Then what happened to master?” Jaime asked.

“Master, each of them launched a thousand sword’s attack at you but, you bare-handedly and personally injured ninety-nine of them!”

The disciples’ eyes shone bright like stars. Some of them gave a standing ovation. Their faces showing an awe expression.

“But alas, knowing they would lose, the one last person sneaked an attack at Master’s back with a secret weapon. Causing Master to fall in the waterfall. After that, the four of us quickly saved Master and brought Master here. Luckily Master had hundreds of healing pills and those pills helped bring master back to life.”

Jaime stared at Fatty Chen. ‘So this fatty is my life saver. Seem like they didn’t know what happened while Zhou Wei chased me down. They only appeared when I fell from the water fall.’ Jaime, before losing his conscious under Zhou Wei attack, sent a desperate mental energy attack to Zhou Wei’s mind. That mental energy may have caused people without strong mental fortitude to see an illusion but only for 1 to 2 second.

What Jaime sent that time was an illusion of his body parts being separated under a heavy attack. He hoped that after Zhou Wei saw it, he would let Jaime go. But Jaime had lost his consciousness before knowing the effect.

Usually that sissy illusion attack wouldn’t affect people like Zhou Wei, since that illusion attack is simply child’s play. Most people with mental energy could launch that kind of attack to cause confusion to weaker people or normal people without cultivation or mental energy.

At that time, Zhou Wei’s mental balance was in turmoil by anger and wary of Xiao Yun. Also he didn’t put any energy on Jaime, because he would never think that lowly slave had the ability to attack him. The illusion quickly attacked Zhou Wei’s mentality and caused an illusion. It affected Zhou Wei’s brain only for 1 to 2 seconds since the attack was weak and Zhou Wei’s mental energy would automatically dismiss the other mental energy. But, it was all that Jaime needed, as the illusion was dismissed, Jaime’s body had fallen from the waterfall. So Zhou Wei didn’t have time to check it.

Jaime let out a deep sigh. The most important thing was that he was still alive.

“You are all wrong,” said Jaime shaking his head to Fatty Chen and all of the disciples. “It was not one hundred people who attacked me.”

Fatty Chen’s face turned so red; he had spread that story to all of the disciples for a week and took 5 spiritual stones from each of them when Jaime was still sleeping and recovering.

Jaime forced his weak body to stand up and hit his chest hard. “A man must be honest to himself so people will respect him! It was not one hundred that attacked me.” Jaime raise majestically and yelled with pride . “IT’S ONE THOUSAND ENEMIES that attacked me!”

All of the disciples looked at Jaime with shining eyes and couldn’t help feel their blood surging up. For now, they really thought their master was really awesome, a god-like figure, a king of all humans and an incredible cultivator.

Jaime held his head up high and roared, “I am the almighty under heaven. A future king of three realms! Killing gods, stomping demons and becoming a future king of all humans! It needs one thousand to injure me! But I killed all of the nine hundred and ninety-nine attackers. Only that coward, Zhou Wei, escaped with his tail clamped. Sooner or later, I will take his head!”

One disciple rushed to the front and knelt. “Master this lowly disciple  has eaten every kind of blow, punch, kick and humiliation since the first time I put my foot here. Bullied and bullied again by Ba Khu from second division and his brothers, please teach me to fight, so I can avenge this suffering!”

“Me too, Yu Yiu from fifth division also bullied me every time he saw me. Please teach me. I am willing to do anything.”

Other disciples quickly complain the same thing. Seem like there are a lot of people here being bullied.

“Rise my children!” Jaime shouted magnificently. “You are in the right hands. You have fought harshly, you have searched arduously and now you have found the right master. Your suffering time has ended. With me you will never lose again. Come with me to the promise land! Where you can beat your enemies to your fullest and turn them into pulp! Where you won’t be hunted or hurt but you can hurt and hunt people you don’t like. Your time has come, your heaven has arrived, believe in me my children!”

“We believe in Master!” All of the disciples knelt. “Long live the future king of the three realms! We swear our loyalty to you. We are your faithful disciples till death separates us!”

Jaime stood like a real king and start laughing hard. He felt very proud of himself and was already using his eyes to check for a way out. He must escape from these stupid disciples that take his bullshit like real gold!

How can there still be such stupid people like them!

I have said it before, blind believers with blind faith will only get schemed blindly.


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