CGA: Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Patriarch Jaime

“I hit you, you hit me! What fun in choosing which part to hurt. Your hand hurts or head hurts. Becoming black and blue like a stupid person. You kill me, I kill you. Well this is… err… do you prefer to kill or being killed? See, nothing fun about that too. You either end up in jail or in the graveyard.”

“If you ask me, to love or be loved, well, both are okay for me. Why do people need to hurt people if they can love? You kiss me, I kiss you. Damn! You hug me, I hug you. See what I mean! I make love with you, you make love with me! Why do you need to kill if you can add more humans to this world? Believe me; never hurt people while you can love them. People are born to be loved and die as lovers. If you can’t find love inside yourself, then try forgiveness. It will lead you to the love.”

Zhou Wei stood in the arena. Elder Hu had already arranged his fight with Jaime by pulling some strings. There were hundreds of fighters for this tournament. Everyone was known by the number they picked earlier. The condition to be the winner of this tournament was very simple. Everyone had ten fights and who had won the most, would take it all.

“Number 344 and Number 164, please come to the arranged arena.”

Jaime eyes locked on Zhou Wei as the other looked back at Jaime with killing intent. Zhou Wei had number 344 and Jaime’s number was 164.

“Come here, I will show you how to butcher a pig!” Zhou Wei was smiling with high confidence. In this short time, he already had reached level 28. He knew Jaime was still
level 20. His confidence was raised to the peak.

Jaime smiled, “Do you think that only you can show how to butcher a pig? Today I will show you how to butcher a worm!”

“Huahaha… speak no more just get up on the arena!” Zhou Wei took out his sword.

“But lucky you.” Jaime sighed. “Just now, I got divine a vision to spread love to everyone in the whole universe. I have no love for you, so I opened the path of forgiveness. Now I don’t hate you anymore, there is more love inside my heart. I forgive you.”

Jaime stood at the side of the arena. When he was ready to walk to the arena, one big guy stepped on the arena instead.

Jaime secretly whispered. “I have forgiven him, don’t kill him. Just break all his bones, waste his cultivation and make his face as ugly as you can. I am a kind person to my enemy.”

“Hey, what are you doing here?” asked Zhou Wei. A big guy in front of him, who had a level of 38 or eighth Senior Realm, towered menacingly in front of him. He was a core disciple from the first division. “You are not the fighter!”

The big guy showed a token with the number 164 in his hand. “I am the pig that you are going to butcher!”

Zhou Wei face turned really pale. “I… I…”

The fight ended easily. Zhou Wei’s nose was broken. Rib bones, hands and feet were also broken into many pieces. He totally couldn’t fight anymore.

Jaime sighed in relieve. “Ahhh… really forgiveness makes me love myself more and more…”

Watching the fight, Elder Hu and Elder Fan didn’t understand what just happened.

“Did you pull a wrong string?” Elder Hu was asked by Elder Fan. “You let my disciple  be wasted by the first division? Is this how you are going to repay my kindness?”


The big guy walked to Jaime.

Jaime quickly took out 2.500 spiritual stones and one [first dragon] pill. “Thanks for the help.”

The big guy laughed hard. Both of them had won two fights and Jaime proposed to exchange their numbers. As the big guy checked his fight and saw it would be with Zhou Wei, he made a large smile and agreed. Because he would get an easy win.

“You can pull the strings; don’t you think that I can too?” Jaime smiled and took out his new token number 671. He moved to his stage for the third fight.

“Brother,” said Jaime to his enemy on arena, which was on level 32, Senior Realm. Not someone Jaime could play with. “You know, I have long heard about your big name. Every one keeps talking about you. Your big name has soared into the sky and everyone in the continent is talking about you.”


“You are Liu Ou right? Third young master from Liu Clan.”


“So I didn’t hear wrong then.”

“Yes, but I don’t think that I am that famous.” He scratched his head. “Am I that famous?”

“Yes, people keep talking about you, and girls are secretly throwing their hearts and love for you. Maybe brother is too busy with cultivation and didn’t hear about brother’s well-known name. Brother is truly a great martial artist, a big hero, and a dragon among men. Really, I salute.”

Liu Ou faced blushed. “Well maybe it is. I am too busy with cultivation.”

“But I heard something. That Brother Liu doesn’t have a great sword to keep up with his greatest name. A big hero must have a good sword and a grade one steed. Imagine that brother with a shining sword and riding a great golden hawk, while flying across the Kang Ow.”

Liu Ou scratched his head shyly. “It has always been my dream to have a great sword and good steed. But they are too expensive for me.”

Jaime took out one sword, a gift from the one of ten unknown guests at that night. It is a grade three sword which price is about 2.000 spiritual stones. “If brother is willing to let this lowly one advance, I am willing to pass to you my ancestor sword, since it will be better in the hands of a great hero and sure my ancestor will be happy. As for the steed, I am willing to give brother 1.000 spiritual stones. It might not be easy to buy an adult golden hawk, but it would be easy to buy a young golden hawk and raise it to an adult. What does brother think about it?”

Liu Ou eyes shone brightly. He joined this tournament just for fun. Even the prize for the top ten winners will not be this big. Losing one fight for him was not really a big matter. He quickly imagined himself riding a golden hawk with a great sword in hand. While thousands of beauties were calling out his name in awe!

“Thank you brother, I am more than willing to surrender!”

Some of the audience saw the abnormal behavior in Jaime’s fights. He never fought and people kept surrendering. That caused people to put more attention on him.

“Is he some legendary disciple? Who is he? Causing people to keep surrendering?”

“Don’t you know? He is the elder of eighth division?”

“No way, he is so young!”

“Young? I saw him waste the Patriarch Realm of Huo Clan with a single hand!”

“I heard that seven elders and a thousand disciples lost from his single hand!”

“His disciples said that he killed one thousand people in a single hand!”

“For real?”

“He captured Huo Clan Patriarch! It was real, I watched with my own eyes!”

“Truly a hero!”

Elder Hu felt disappointed but sent a sound transmission to the referee. “This time don’t make it wrong again. That Jaime, I want number 671, let him meet Elder Zhang disciples!”

Elder Hu looked at Elder Zhang. “This time you won’t be wronged anymore. He will meet your disciples in the fourth fight.”

“Good, I want to see how that cockroach lives after this.”

Forth fight.

“Number 221 and 671 please be prepared on arena 16!”

Cho Ming from the second division was waiting for Jaime. He already knew who would be his opponent, Jaime who was level 20. But suddenly, one big guy appeared and showed number 671. He didn’t know who was his enemy anymore, but one thing was for sure, he will be wasted by this level 38…… tragically.

Jaime took out the number 164. With a smirk he went to his fourth fight. When he sensed something wrong, he quickly changed the number. Sure he needed to pay, but he is quite rich. That Huo Clan Patriarch Realm old man had five hundred thousand spiritual stones in his storage ring, hundreds of pills, and some good weapons and armors. Now it was all in Jaime’s hand.

As he walked to the arena, hundreds of eyes locked on him. Jaime glanced at his opponent, a disciple of third division.

Bai Lixiong checked Jaime. Ten minutes ago one of the disciples met him and said. “Master wants you to kill that opponent. He was supposed to be killed by Cho Ming but luckily he fell into your hands. You must kill him to make Master happy.”

“I won’t kill a disciple that surrenders and I don’t like to kill easily.”

The disciples sneered. “You and your attitude have made master angry at you. Look at you, you are wasted by master. Now, Master gives you a chance but you ignore it. You are a stupid cow. If you don’t kill him, please resign yourself from third division. We don’t need people like you.”

Jaime also checked Bai Lixiong level. He was at level 29. A very strong man but he is the kind of human that walks a straight road. Honest and simple. Cannot be bribed and very upright.

A Really stupid one.

Jaime entered the arena. Bai Lixiong bowed to Jaime, ready for fight.

“Brother, you have already reached a very high level, half a step to senior realm, but no one took you seriously and willing to give you [First Dragon] pills for you to break through to Senior Realm. You are already one and half years stuck at that level, truly make me sad.”

“How can you know that?” It was the secret Bai Lixiong kept for years.

“You are Bai Lixiong, I always admired you and kept my eyes on you. I know you have the biggest talent ever but your master never liked your honest and hardworking attitude. Your master only thinks about talented disciples and ignored you. That caused you to be unable to advance for a year. How about this, I will give you two [First Dragon] pills, one for you and one for your little brother. Usually only a chosen inner disciple can get it, but I think you are special.”

Bai Lixiong eyes seemed to be full of doubt. Suddenly his eyes looked resolute. “I am sorry, I can’t accept that kindness.”

“I also know that you will get married soon and have nothing to give to your future wife. I, as your brother, will always think about you. Let me give you 10.000 spiritual stones so you can buy a land, build a house and everything you need to make a big family of your own. You can use it to pay your family debts. I also will give you ten healing pills for your old sick mother.”

Jaime threw a storage pouch to him. “Please take it, I won’t ask anything from Brother Bai Lixiong. Your honest attitude and hard work, I truly admire them.”

“These things, I can’t accept it,” said Bai Lixiong again but this time his voice trembled a bit.

10.000 spiritual stones were equal to 10.000 kilo of gold or 1000.000 taels gold. It worth so much for mortal human, and Bai Lixiong was from the poor family. He reached his condition now by his hard work yet his honesty kept him poor. That really causes Jaime to admire him.

Admire that there is such a stupid person.

“If brother can’t accept it, so be it. I will give it to your mother so please keep it. Don’t you remember how your mother wanted you to be a dragon among men and worked hard to pay your entering fee to this sect? Please accept it as my admiration for your mother. Let’s stop talking about it, let us fight for now.”

Bai Lixiong stood without moving. Suddenly his eyes became teary. “Humans walked the Kang Ow full of blood and tricks to reach the glory. Yet I luckily met a brother that understands me and have shown me and my family kindness. In this Kang Ow, glory I don’t want, this kindness I will accept. I surrender to my brother.”

Jaime smiled really wide. Human always have a weakness. “No brother, let us fight. I don’t really want to use that thing to have this winning. Please don’t look down on me. My moral is as high as you. That is why I admire you, because you and I have a same honest and upright attitude.”

Bai Lixiong shook his head. “I know that you don’t want to win by doing this, you really showed me your kindness. So please accept this little kindness of me, or I can’t accept this kindness of you.”

“If it is like this, then I will truly accept it. Thanks to you brother, my eyes has never wronged me. You are really an honest and upright man.”

Some of the audience that had low levels couldn’t hear what Jaime said to Bai Lixiong. They knew that Bai Lixiong is one of the elite inner disciples of third division.

“He surrendered so easily. I think Bai Lixiong couldn’t hold his self in front of Jaime’s aura.”

“He is truly a dragon among men!”

As for the other high level cultivators, they listened from the beginning till the end.

Fifth fight.

Jaime walked to the arena and meets a girl. Her level was 28, before Jaime could say anything,

“Stop the chit-chat what can you give me?” She already saw all of Jaime’s fights and didn’t bother with it anymore, because even if she could win this fight, it would be just a dream to win all the fights and get something. So for her, it was better to get something before losing with nothing.

“One cleaning meridian and bone pill. One [first dragon] pill and 1.500 spiritual stones.”

“Add more.”

“Ten healing pills.”

“I surrender, just give me the things.”

The audiences give big applause. “One more to surrender, I can’t hold his aura! He really is a great man.”

As for the fighters they screamed in their heart. “I want to fight him! God, please let me meet him in the arena!”

Sixth fight.

“What do you have?” asked a man.

“Two [Sun and Moon] pills, two [First Dragon] pills, 2500 spiritual stones.”

“I surrender!”

The audience was shocked  in an uproar. “One more to surrender! He is unstoppable! He really has a Patriarch Realm Aura, I am sure no one can stand in front of him.”

Seventh fight.


“Two [Sun and Moon] pills, two [First Dragon] pills, 5.000 spiritual stones.”

“I surrender.”

More and more of the audience joined and shouted in unison. “One more to surrender!”

Eighth fight.

“Who do you think you are, a man can’t be bought by pills. I am a rich guy, why do I need pills that I can buy…”

“A storage pouch.”

“…” The guy was stunned. “Do you really have that legendary item?”

Jaime took out a storage pouch. “There are four [First Dragon] pills inside. Even if you have the money they are hard to buy.”

“I surrender.” The guy quickly bowed, honestly admitting his defeat.

The audience stood and gave big applause, “Never in my life have I ever seen something like this! I watched 40 tournaments and this is the best one ever. Undefeatable! He may be the new patriarch of us all.”

“He won the fight with Hou Clan Patriarch Realm, of course he will be our Patriarch!”

“Patriarch! Patriarch! Patriarch Jaime!”

Elder Hu face turned ugly.

Ninth fight.

A very big guy stood on the area. “You are shameless. You make all of the disciples follow your corrupted heart. I, your daddy Feng, will give you a really painful lesson. I can’t be bought, I don’t need anything. All I want is to hit you, because I have had enough of you. My Master already tried so hard to catch you, now you will die in my hands!”

Elder Hu hit the table. “This time I really need him to die! Tell Feng Chu, whatever Jaime will offer him, I will double it!” He really didn’t understand how it could be so hard to kill this only level 20 disciple!

Elder Zhou laughed, “Before he stepped up I already promised to give him thrice! Take it easy. He can’t run away this time,”

Jaime prepared this guy’s information. Seem like this time won’t be easy like before.

[Feng Chu, top disciple of third division. Level 35, fifth senior realm. A talented disciple of Dragon’s division that had everything he wanted. His master, Elder Zhou, provided him with all the pills, weapons, and spiritual stones….]

Jaime was not ready when Feng Chu moved and kicked him hard. Jaime used his wind movement to avoid the kick and made a gap. This time it seems he will really need to fight. Blood will spread and a black and blue beating won’t be avoided.

Jaime clenched his fist. He was ready for the battle even if he was just level 20.


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Editor’s Note: I enjoy this chapter so much. No matter how many times I read it, it still makes me cry with laughter. Lol. He is such a scammer.

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