CGA: Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Three layers Fortress


“When you meet your enemy, you don’t forgive them. Because how can you forgive a person who had killed your mother, raped your sister and tortured your kids in front of you? Dying together seems easier than forgiving him. And will you forgive him because some random monk told you, that forgiveness is better for your heart, health, and… your enemy?”

Jaime was sitting, facing ten people in front of him. He didn’t know where they came from but they appeared out of the darkness in the middle of the night . While he was sleeping in the Patriarch Cave, these people easily entered the cave, as he left the entrance open.

They wanted to kill Jaime. Yet he looked at them with a smile. “I do have a very kind heart. I will forgive all of you, because we are humans. Humans have a heart, we have love, we have kindness and you are my brothers. We come from same fathers and mothers… apes.”

Three of them were at third, fifth, and sixth true human realm or level 43, 45 and 46. The others were at least on level eight of senior realm or level 38. All of them could gang up and kill him in the second.

“So what made all of you come to deliver your items and ownerless energy to me?” Jaime sucked in all of their energy balls. His level was raised to level 43 after he killed and absorbed the energy of the Ten Thousand Legs Centipede. Now after eating the energy of ten people, he quickly reached level 50 which put him into Elder Realm.

Jaime scratched his head in bewilderment. He really didn’t know what just had happened here. “Brothers, did you come here to buy a pill from me? To give me a gift? Or what? This one won’t refuse your gifts.” Jaime checked their belongings. “You know? Yesterday, my disciples asked me to kill a very strong demonic beast, that of course, I couldn’t do.”

“So I learned how to kill and tame demonic beasts with poison, exchanging 25 levels for it. With that information, I made a highly toxic poison. Especially created for the venomous demonic beasts like that centipede, and as I was scared about that big beast, I doubled; no I tripled the poison dose.”

“I put it on cloth and burned it slowly, so the poison would spread by the air. Last night, I opened the cave, threw it inside and closed it. So this cave is already full of poison mist. This morning, I opened it and asked my disciples to stay 100 meters from the cave so they wouldn’t get poisoned.”

“The thousand legs centipede was already barely hanging on. Its breath was so thin it was barely there as I came this morning, I stabbed it only once with a sword and it died peacefully. I had absorbed its energy and raised my level back up. Then I dragged it out and sealed the door.”

“Tonight I thought no one will dare to bother me. Since I am in the cave, my disciples also won’t dare enter freely. I opened the cave so the poison could disperse in the thin air. Yet the air in the deep cave was still poisoned, why didn’t you ask for antidote from me? Why have you entered and died here? I am.. ah… all of you make me feel bad. I don’t like to kill.” Jaime checked the quality of the sword. “Thanks for this item. You can come again whenever you want.”


The ten people who wanted to kill Jaime had rough information that he was in the True Human Realm or about level 41. They didn’t know the exact level, but they assumed that he was at most at the peak of True Human Realm. So they thought it was better to be prepared.

In the middle of the night, they snuck in to rainbow peak and met with their informer. The disciple pointed towards Patriarch Cave. In the deep darkness of cave, was a bright shine of the fire.

“Leader do you want us to guard the cave?”

“No need, all of us will go in and out in seconds.”

Without hesitation all of them stormed the cave. They saw a young boy sleeping near the fire. Then, suddenly, all of them blacked out and went to heaven. The poison that Jaime made was for dealing with a Patriarch Realm beast. He had even doubled or tripled it! How could mere disciples of the True Human Realm hold on?


The disciple of Rainbow Peak was waiting outside the cave. Because he heard nothing, he started to become confused.

How could the ten people enter for killing and make no sound?

Suddenly Jaime walked out and looked at him.

“Master!” said the disciple as he knelt quickly. His face turned ghastly.

“Ah, I am truly glad you came here. Take this storage pouch and throw the things in the river, can you do it?”

“I will do it Master.”

“Please pray for good luck when throwing it.” Jaime went back to his cave.

The disciples went to the nearest river and emptied the storage pouch. “Ashes?” He checked closely and found a part of a human bone. “Human ashes,” realized the disciple and fainted.


The old man in the fifth division woke up in the morning and found nothing on his table. “Gu Fei!”

No one answered.

He went to attack with the others last night, why didn’t he come back yet?


Jaime worked very hard to refine the [Sun and Moon] pills and other pills in the last three days. On time, he passed to Fatty Chen one hundred and one [Sun and Moon] pills, so that he could share them between the disciples. Yawning, he walked down from the Mountain Peak and went to the Rainbow Peak to check the work done by the rest of his disciples. After he checked the 60 kilometer cycle,  he felt satisfied with the results. One meter stones were placed every ten steps. Jaime walked to the Rainbow Peak’s field and smiled at the four hundreds disciples.

“All of you are doing good work.” Jaime looked at Gong Na face. His eyes were red and blood shot. “You are a good leader.”

“Like I have promised, I will give you 5 chapters of Double Moon cultivation. It will be enough until you reach the True Human realm.” Jaime took out a green jade slip which already had the information inside. “In a week all of you must reach the elementary realm, or I will personally break your bones. Now you can start running circles around this mountain peak.”

Jaime drew a smaller circle in the stone wall map. “It will be around 20 kilometer. When you get back here, you can take the cultivation method from the jade slip, sit here in the middle of the field, and cultivate for two hours. Then you will start running again, cultivate afterwards and repeat this until sunset. When your body is tired, your muscles and blood will start breathing crazily. It will help your body to absorb heavenly and earth energies more easily.”

Some of the disciples became happy because they could start to learn cultivation now. But most of them were thinking of it as a hell training.

“All of you start running, you lazy pigs! I will break your bones in no time if you keep being grumpy. Start running now! The last runner will taste my fist!”

The entire group hastily started to run. Jaime stopped Gong Na and his forty or so followers. They were the higher level disciples, around 10-14 level. 

“Gong Na, in the past, you were promised by the other divisions, if you could follow their commands to cause trouble for the eighth division, you would be accepted as their disciple. I too can give you what they promised and even more, so follow me from now on. In a week, you can learn all the Double Moon secret moves.”

“Really?” asked Gong Na, his heart jumped with joy.

“No, I lied to you.” Jaime sneered. “Now move one hundred stones as big as a human body to surround this field! I want to make a formation for gathering heaven and earth energies here. Move your asses! You are my slaves; you will work for me till you die.”


The first runner finished running after an hour. He touched the jade disk, learned the cultivation method and suddenly realized there was a big circle in the middle of the field. It was so large that it could contain a thousand people without any problem. Outside of the big circle there was an even bigger circle. Each circle had an ancient symbol written on them, and some stones were positioned at the arranged point. Jaime had been drawing complex formations on each of the big stones.

“Cultivate in the middle,” yelled Jaime to the disciple. He started to sit down inside the circle and cultivate according to the jade slip. Suddenly he felt the heaven and earth energies surround him. It was a thicker and easier spiritual energy to collect.

Jaime crushed ten healing pills and mixed it with water. The water became fog, under Jaime’s spiritual energy guidance the fog filled the formation. The disciple who was tired suddenly felt his body recover quickly. All the fatigue was gone, giving him a pleasant feeling to keep cultivating.

Then Jaime put spiritual stones in the middle of each big stones’ formations. The spiritual stones lit up, pouring its spiritual energy into the formation and the mini formation started to move like a complex gear, making the big stone shine brightly. As the big stones activated one by one, the whole stone lit up and large cycle formation began to shine, giving an illusion of huge gear—with strange symbols moving rapidly inside the gear.

The huge gear’s illusion was accompanied by hundreds of small sets of formation gears—from each big stone— they created a complex arrangement of gears, moving like a complicated machine. The large formation caused a whirl of spiritual energy.

The whirl of spiritual energy gathered the heavenly and earth energies from the surroundings to the middle of the large formation circle. This caused the density of the spiritual energy to keep rising inside formation.  

While more and more disciples made it back to the field, Jaime kept working to create more stone formations. Gong Na and his followers also continued helping Jaime until sunset.

All of the disciples finally made it back to the field feeling tired with the urge to vomit. Jaime stood on one of the big stones and said, “From today till next week, all of you will sleep in the middle of this formation. You will eat demonic beast’s meat to help your body grow stronger; you will drink mountain’s mist and you will be nurtured by my unlimited love to you.”

No one dared to protest. Gong Na and his followers have finished cooking the demonic beast’s meat and actively distributed it to the others.

“Eat till you’re full, sleep and wake up earlier. Tomorrow, all of you will arrange a thousand stones for 20 kilometer’s formation cycle!”

Work more for me, heeheehee.

Later that night, all of the disciples were sleeping in the middle of the formation. Although there was no rain, the fog filled the field. It was still autumn, though in the mountains it was already very cold. No disciple had a problem with the hard earth and cold air. Instead, they felt really comfortable and fell asleep the second their heads touched the ground.

Jaime looked at them motionlessly.

“Thousands of years have passed, humans are still the same. They struggle to reach their dream; they fight hard and work hard. However, all of them will soon die because of old age or their enemies. Humans, what are they living for?”

Jaime saw, that some disciples, although they have worked hard, were smiling while sleeping. They thought that to sleep after hard work is a heaven’s gift.

“Tomorrow I will force them to work even harder, so they can wash their smiles off their faces.”

Following his words, Jaime forced all of them to move two thousands stones, which were twice as big as the stones used for previous 60 kilometers’ cycle formation. They were making a second large formation, with the peak rainbow mountain as the core; it was 20 kilometers’ cycle formation. It will suck heaven and earth energies to fill every cave inside the mountain peak with spiritual energy and the formation also can be used as a defense mechanism. The spiritual energy can create an invisible wall or invisible chains to trap enemy.


It’s been three days since the disciples started Jaime’s hell training. He stood on one of the big stones looking displeased.

“Your smiles are giving me a very bad taste in my mouth. These three days, all of you kept smiling even after I forced you to train under my hell training! Maybe my heart has become soft. My hell didn’t as harsh as I think.”

Most of the disciples continued smiling, because in these three days, almost all of them raised their levels real quickly.

Majority had already reached elementary realm. It was because Jaime kept pouring hundreds of spiritual stones, healing pills and strengthens pills to boost their cultivation.

From normal realm to elementary realm, the level will be rising quickly if provided with enough spiritual stones, pills and tremendous amounts of heavenly and earth energies. Even with the most stupid and untalented one, just sleeping in the middle of the formation can raise his level.

How could they not be smiling, if every day, they have increased their levels? Now, if Jaime wanted to kick them out, they would come back kneeling, crawling and begging to let them join.

“Good, we will start to clean this place.” Jaime drew a smaller circle on the wall map. The circle was surrounding the peak of the mountain. “It will be around 10 kilometers, and you must move stones four times bigger than the first circle. Finish it within three days!”

Jaime laughed hard, because when his three layer formation is done, no one under patriarch realm could enter.


In the first division’s courtyard, the elders were sitting together. Elder Hu from Black Crow division glanced at Elder Meng. He had waited for a week but nobody of his top ten disciples ever came back. Those ten were his secret weapons to became the Patriarch of Double Moon Sect.

“Elder Meng, you quietly cleaned out my secret weapons and can still act like you don’t know what happened! None of the elders here can mobilize a power to kill my top ten disciples except you!”

“About the discussion!” said Elder Hu. They have discussed for half day and were near the final decision. “In the next five days, we will have an outer and inner disciple’s tournament that happens annually, but this time, the winner will have the entire eighth division place, Rainbow Peak. Any disciples bellow 30 years old can join the competition. Are we in agreement?”

“I don’t refuse but why must it be so quick? Why not wait until next month and follow the annual schedule.” said Elder Meng in a disagreeable tone.

Elder Hu stood to voice his stance, “Elder Huang, Rainbow Peak’s elder, has been gone for 100 years. There are more than five hundred disciples left. We must take care them; they are our sect’s disciples too.”

“Really?” Elder Meng looked at the elder Hu. “I heard that in the past week, a senior disciple appeared in the eighth division and organized the disciples there. Didn’t you ever think that maybe he is Elder Huang direct disciple? He already takes care of the disciples. Why do we need to care about them anymore?”

“Do you think I don’t know? That disciple is yours and you want to take the eighth division!” Elder Hu angrily looked at Elder Meng. Both of them have their own power and elders that support them.

“I don’t care, we must announce the tournament for our disciples! Winner takes it all! How many elders agree with me?”

Four elders raised their hand. It made four out of the seven and elders agreed.

Elder Meng sighed. “Seven divisions of our disciples will fight for the winner, but what about Elder Huang? What will we say to him when he comes out of his closed cultivation?”

“He will step down from his Elder position. As for Rainbow Peak, all of our seven divisions will help each other to conquer it, if Elder Huang doesn’t want to let it go!”

Elder Hu sneered, “Even if you and your whole first division want to protect Rainbow Peak, all of us will destroy your division together with eighth division. Now, what will you do?”


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