CGA Chapter 73

Chapter 73 The Cat

When you don’t respect people, how can you expect people to respect you? When people show you kindness and you return it with arrogance, what do you hope to achieve? People are moved by love and not arrogance, or power, or something you think you have.

Give love first before you ask for something, or give money first before you order something, this is how life works.


Huo Kui and his people’s bodies had grown one and half times of their normal bodies. Their eyes were completely dark and their muscles grew almost thrice their normal size. Yet, they didn’t lose their sanity.

Jaime checked the abnormal status on Huo Kui with Book of Karma.

[Huo Kui, head of Huo Kui’s families from Huo Clan, sixth stage of Elder Realm, level 56. He is the faithful follower of Prime Minister Ang. He got a few drops of the ancient blood of legendary Asura as he pledged his loyalty to the Prime Minister Ang. Each drop of blood could help him to raise his cultivation 15 levels from his original level for an hour. The side effect after using the blood of Asura varies for each person. As for Huo Kui, he would burn away five levels of his cultivation and be weak for a month.]

“All of you! Who have no business here,” yelled Jaime loudly and waved his hand. “Quickly get out from this place. The fight between King’s Realms and Patriarch Realms is not something people like you can handle.”

People of Huo Clan looked at Jaime and Huo Bo Xiang at the same time, waiting for an order or someone to explain about what is happening.

“How can that youngster return?”

“All of Huo Clan’s people hurry and get out from here!” shouted Huo Bo Xiang in pain. He was helped by his son ,who brought him down the mountain.

Nineteen of Huo Kui’s people tried to stop the Huo Clan’s people from fleeing but they were unable to break the circle by the men in black clothes since they too were in the Patriarch Realms.

“You think you can run away from me,” roared Huo Kui releasing his King Realm’s aura in front of Huo Clan’s people. It caused many people exposed to the aura to suddenly kneel and tremble in fear. They couldn’t move their body to escape.

Jaime sneered. He lazily moved to Huo Kui’s side and waved his hand to slap Huo Kui’s face. “Man, focus on your enemy, don’t waste my awesome entrance just now and ignore me. I am not your bitch.”

“You!” Huo Kui immediately blocked Jaime’s hand and looked angrily at him. “I will kill them and then kill you, don’t rush your death!”

“Sorry but they can wait, I am a busy man. Truly speaking, I don’t have time for you either. So go die now.” Jaime took out the sword of Jiang’s family, Dragon Jiang’s sword and slashed it towards Huo Kui. “Crescent Moon Attack!”

A single wave of the sword caused a fierce rampage of energy shockwave; hundreds of low level people around him had been thrown out to the sky just by the energy shockwave.

Huo Kui didn’t dare to take the attack and hurried to move his body to another side. Jaime stopped his attack as he knew; he had gotten Huo Kui’s attention.

“You really rush your death!” Huo Kui’s took out a bright white and slim sword from his storage ring. He locked his attention on Jaime. As he started to channel his spiritual energy to the sword, an image of thousand petals slowly appeared in his surroundings.

At that time almost no one of Huo Clan’s people were on the top of mountain anymore, except Huo Kui’s people and the men in black clothes.

“So that is the famous Snow Flower sword?” Jaime was looking intensely at Huo Kui’s sword. “It is not wise to use my Dragon Jiang’s sword to block the attack from that sword, as it will cause a scratch to both swords and lower its selling price.” Jaime put away his sword into his storage space on his back hand and faced Huo Kui with his bare hand.

“Seriously?” asked Huo Kui in anger. “Don’t you think that you are looking down on me a little too much! You will pay for this with your life.”

“Me? Looking down on you?” Jaime laughed loudly. “Don’t think too high of yourself. Even though you are in King Realm’s, I don’t even put you in my eyes. Patriarch Meng where are you? It is time for you to appear and face him!”

From behind Jaime, Patriarch Meng came out with thirty people. At that moment, Huo Kui immediately released the most powerful sword attack of Huo Clan on Jaime. “Huo regain Universe!” Thousands of petals rushed to attack Jaime.

Jaime smiled lightly without showing any reaction to block the attack or to evade it.

Patriarch Meng shouted loudly, “Huo Kui, look who I got here especially for you! Continue to attack and he will die!”

Huo Kui took a quick glance at the Patriarch Meng and was shocked. The sword of Huo Kui was only one inch off Jaime’s neck, but Huo Kui desperately forced himself to stop the attack, canceled all the petals, which caused a rebound of energy to his body. He jumped away in a hurry and grabbed his chest in pain caused by the rampage of inner energy and vomited blood. His face turned pale.

He glared at the person beside Patriarch Meng and then to Jaime with a lot of anger. “You are shameless. Truly shameless!”

“Same to you, same to you,” Jaime smiled cunningly, cupped his both hands and bowed politely.

Patriarch Meng also shouted to Huo Kui’s people, “All of you stop the fighting immediately. Look, do you recognize these  people I brought especially for all of you!”

Huo Kui’s people, even though they were using the blood of Asura to boost their level and strength, they had not lost their mind and consciousness. They took a glimpsed at Patriarch Meng and people behind him.

Their attacks automatically stopped in weird angles and pose.

“My wife!”

“My Son!”

“My love!”


“How can you be here?” asked one of them in shock.

“All of them are my hostages!” announced Jaime proudly and hit his chest. “Did you think I ran away just now for fun? Since none of you were willing to give me your soul essences, I was waiting for all of you come up here and took away your most beloved person! Do you think I will just let all of you get away from my grasp?”

“You! You! You are not human!” Huo Kui was staring at his only son in the hands Patriarch Meng. He only had one son and since his blood had been contaminated with the blood of Asura, he couldn’t have kids anymore. He couldn’t give up his only successor.

“Same to you, same to you, you are not human too,” said Jaime as he cupped his hand and bowed politely. “Patriarch Meng, this honorable guest has praised me as not being human, could you please do something to live up to his expectation, like breaking his son legs will be good.”

“You dare!” Huo Kui angrily shouted.

“AAArrgghhhh, father… father please help me.” Huo Kui Long screamed as his thigh bone was broken by Patriarch Meng’s attack.

Huo Kui wanted to rush to Patriarch Meng but Jaime had spoken. “Patriarch Meng if Huo Kui moves a single inch more, just break his son’s skull! Cut his head!”

Huo Kui stopped his action and vomited blood again, this time by the rage he kept inside. Never in his whole life had he met such a shameless person, with no honor and dignity.

Some of Huo Kui’s group members wanted to make a move but Jaime clearly said, “If any of you dare make another move, I will kill all the lovely hostages!”

One person from Hua Kui’s group walked out without any fear. His name was Huo Liong Wi. He had the biggest body and a lot of scars on his face, he had the scarier face among all of them. “I saw you brought my brother here, but I don’t really feel threatened by you. You can kill him without my care. You can’t threaten me!”

Jaime saw him and nodded. “You are indeed special. But your brother here is not for threatening you. I am using him to threaten one of your friends here, his secret lover to be exact.”

“What!” Huo Liong Wi surprised. “All of us here are man!”

“Don’t worry, their relationship is of mutual love. Their deep love can even shake the sky, moon and maybe the heavens. Humans are slaves of love, what can we do except accepting their relationship and pray for their eternal love and infinite happiness.” said Jaime with sympathy and understanding.

One of Huo Kui’s people nodded his head in agreement and stole a glance to Jaime, he secretly raised his thumb up and whispered, “Thank you, bro.”

Jaime looked at him, secretly gave an understanding smile and raised his thumb up, “Don’t worry, bro. I support you.”

Huo Liong Wi waved his hand, “Don’t you dare to bullshit me. My brother is a tiger of the family, he won’t swing that way! Now I am going to kill you. I am a truly dragon of Huo Liong’s family, no one can threaten me.” He stepped ahead and caused all the hostages to scream.

“What about me!” yelled one woman from Patriarch Meng’s back. “I am your wife! Don’t you care about me?” She cried in misery.

Huo Liong Wi found his wife among them and sneered. “I really love you but a man has pride that can’t be bent by a woman! A man must make a decision without listening to a woman!”

The wife knelt and cried in agony. “The only man I believed has abandoned me, what worth do I have now!”

Jaime sighed, “Don’t worry lady, you are not here as a hostage for him. You are here to threaten your secret lover. I won’t tell his name, since it will cause a sad drama. So behave well and everything will be okay.”

“Secret lover?” asked Hou Liong Wi. “What secret lover?”

Jaime sighed with sympathy. “Well, one of your friends has been in love with your wife for a very long time, maybe since he was small and I must admit, they have a very hot and passionate love that can even put hells fire to shame. Their love is so magnificent that it will shake the heart of all people when they know the real story behind their secret love.  A sacrifice of love for the sake of family, deeply hurt by people they trust, a betrayal and even some heart breaking and tearful events that they had to pass.”

“Their love had passed the trails of fire and many tragedies of love and which made their love so magnificent and that it was admired even by the gods and goddesses. If one put their story in a romance novel, it will cause a lot of women to weep uncontrollably for its pure love.” Jaime looked Hou Liong Wi. “Compared to you, your is love only worth a candle light in front of the sun.”

Huo Liong Wi stood like a stupid person who didn’t really understood what Jaime was rumbling.

One of Huo Kui’s  people walked to Jaime and knelt.

His tears brimmed over and fell on his cheek. “If only one could understand my feeling for Hui Lian, the depth of my heart and the purity of my love for her. I don’t really mind dying. Just promise me, when I die, please write my story so everyone could know how much pain and loneliness I had endured for this long.”

Hui Lian, the wife of Hou Liong Wi also cried in misery. “Ie Xia, just forget me… Fate has wronged us!”

Jaime looked him warmly full of sympathy and understanding. “Huo Ie Xia, your love for Hui Lian, I will help to unite both of you even if I must break two families of Huo to the dust or destroy the fate that separates both of you. About your romance and deep love with a lot of dramas, I am sorry. So, you can only hope someone faithful readers want to take your story. Or you better write your own story and start being a author. It is not easy being a author, there will be times where you are alone with pain, with only instant noodle…”

“Stop that bullshit!” yelled Huo Liong Wi angrily.

“You too stop bothering me!” shouted Jaime’s back unhappily. “My plan is to drive the people to feel pity on the me and give me money! Damn you, now you caused me to expose my dirty secret. Patriarch Meng, take out the cat!”

“The cat?” asked many people  puzzled.

Huo Liong Wi  face suddenly changed into panic. “Not the cat!”

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