CGA Chapter 71

Chapter 71: One hit Conquer Heaven

How can a lonely soul survive in this harsh world? Just do their best before they die and be forgotten.

When we die, will we be forgotten? There were millions of people who had lived 5000 years ago. They died and we don’t even know them at all. We will be like them. Shine for now and forgotten when we die, erased from all living things’ memories.

So shine brightly before you die, maybe someone will see it and remember you.


“So there are 780 people left?” Jaime nodded his head. He took out three recording Jade. Used his spiritual energy to make them float in the air and make them stop at the right angle. He activated the jade and suddenly there was a projection of 318 names in the dark sky with bright silver color.

That caused people there to look in awe.

“If you found your name on the sky, you can go home and I assure nothing will happen to you or your family.”

That caused few people to stun and hastily checked the name list carefully. One middle age man walked in front of Jaime, “I am Huo Bo Xiang, head of Huo Bo family. My name and my son’s name are on the list, please tell me, why do you send us back without us needing to do anything?”

Huo Clan’s Head Patriarch was Patriarch Huo Tuo and under Huo Tuo there are two people in charge of the overall Huo Clan, Huo Bo Xiang and Huo Xie. Both of them had their own people and are supported by many head families of Huo Clan. Huo Bo Xiang was supposed to be the next patriarch since he has high talent and is wise, but he met a problem with his cultivation. At that time, Huo Xie reached Patriarch Realm one step faster than him. So he became the number three person of Huo Clan. Still, he never agreed with Huo Xie. Both of them have different characters.

“Well,” Jaime scratched his head and yawned boringly. “You know, living in Kang Ow is harsh. When you hit people, people will definitely hit you back. When you don’t attack people, they will not attack you too. At least I know, when Huo Clan was making a decision to attack Double Moon Sect, some people refused to take part on it and didn’t agree with the attack. Those people’s names are on the list. You don’t do something wrong to me, never cross me, so why must I cross you? I don’t need your soul essence too, so go home, I won’t do anything to people on the list.”

All people there were shocked, they didn’t  believe what they just heard but they know the people on the list were the people that refused to take part in attacking Double Moon Sect.

Huo Bo Xiang still stood and spoke, “You speak about it just now, you took down Huo Clan and destroyed the hundred years of history. I was born and raised here, I can’t get away by doing nothing. It would be unfilial to my Huo ancestors.”

“Listen,” said Jaime, “Huo Clan started the war and attacked Double Moon Sect. It is your Huo Clan’s first mistake. When you attack people and can’t accept the counter attack, that is the second mistake. You do nothing to me so I let you go, if you do the third mistake by attacking me, I can’t do anything other than sending all your families to heaven to meet your ancestor. Don’t think I will let go of your son and your grandson when you cross me. So think before you act. I will even clean out your dog and slave. I am a guy digging the grass to the roots to prevent future problems.”

Huo Bo Xiang stood still. He knew Huo Clan had made a big mistake by attacking Double Moon Sect, just because of Patriarch Huo Xie’s private matter. Yet, honestly accepting Huo Clan had been destroyed was putting him on dilemma. He knew he can’t do anything to stop Jaime, but doing nothing makes him feel wrong.

“I don’t have time for your whim. So people whose name on the list can go home, or moved to the left for now. Till you know what you will do. I need to work here so help me,” said Jaime waving his hand. “Huo Bo Xiang, move aside please.”

He and some people moved to the left, since they knew they are not in danger anymore, they want to stick here longer to know what will happen to the others.

“Good 462 people left. Last chance, give me your soul essences.”

Some people were smart enough to extract their soul essences and give it to Jaime. Yet 212 people were still not willing to do it.

Jaime sighed, “212 people who did not give me your soul essences, you have shown me how big your pride is and how loyal all of you to Huo Clan.  I really like you guys, people who don’t admit mistake even after doing it. At least people who gave their soul essences knew, they have lost and admit their mistake. You are wonderful.”

“I didn’t  do it!” said one of the people.

“The Patriarch forced me,” said the other trying to reason.

“Patriarch Meng!” said Jaime. “You know what to do with them don’t you? I will let some of my brothers on black clothes to help you. You must finish it tonight. Quicker is better.”

“Yes master,” said Patriarch Meng. “I will turn all of them and their family into cash. Seize all of their wealth, sell their land and their business. Sell them and their whole families to the slave market and get some money for you.”

“Good, there would be 6 main families of Huo who will be gone tonight.” Jaime sighed heavily, “War really cost a lot of money I need some profit now.”

Some people started to extract their soul essences but it was too late, Elder Meng and a few bothers in black forcefully took them away.

“Huo Bo Xiang, Huo Bo Xiang, help us. Let us fight him, we can defeat him. Please…” said one of the 212 people. Since their future was already set to the worst, they wanted to fight.

Jaime yawned, “Any help to those 212 people, I will let you enter their future too.”

So no one dared to make a move. They only saw how 212 people were dragged forcefully, some legs, arms and bones were broken and screams in pain could be heard.

Huo Bo Xiang looked at Jaime, “So where are you taking this Huo Clan to?”

“Depends,” said Jaime looking back to Huo Bo Xiang. “You and 318 people here, will you stay at Huo Clan under my command or walked out from this place? If you are going to stay then I will tell you. If you are walking away then just go, what do you care about what will I do? Will you care if I kill them all?”

All of the people at the left looked at Huo Bo Xiang.

Huo Bo Xiang turned into a dilemma, his eyes burst into tears. “This land is where I was born, my father protected with blood, my grandfather died for it. And now Huo land was taken in front of my eyes without me doing anything. I want to commit suicide because of this shame and this uselessness, but I still have a young son and a big family to take care of, yet I have no reason to take them out and leave this land. This is our land, our ancestors’ land, they must stay here to learn their family’s history.”

Huo Bo Xiang looked at Jaime angrily and spoke, “Yet I don’t want to be under your command nor stay here under you. I will have no face to meet my ancestor!”

“Then what will you do?” asked Jaime.

“I want to fight you,” said Huo Bo Xiang clenching his hand.

“You will be killed.”

“I don’t care, all I want to ask is to leave my family alone!” Huo Bo Xiang locked his eyes to Jaime. “Kill me but not my family!”

“If you are killed, I will leave your family alone.”

“Good,” said Huo Bo Xiang. He moved to his son and said, “Son, this will be my last will. You will be the head family of Huo Bo. Take care of our family and don’t avenge your father. This is the way I choose as a man.”

“Father,” said Huo Bo Hui insisting, “Let me fight with you.”

“No. After I die, stay at the Huo Land and take care of other families too.”

Huo Bo Hui burst into tears.

“Listen, you are a man. Be strong.”

“Oh come on, you want to fight or make a tearful drama? I don’t have all time here, it is starting to be cold and I am hungry. It is dinner time you know. So if you want to die, quickly do it.” Jaime yawned again.

Huo Bo Xiang was looking at Jaime and said nothing. He patted his son’s shoulder and moved to Jaime’s front, “I am ready.”

“Good,” said Jaime. He walked down from the throne and stepped in front of Huo Bo Xiang. “I gave you chance to live, yet you insist on dying. Don’t blame me.” Jaime released his aura to pressure Huo Bo Xiang. That man was only half a step to Patriarch Realm, or the peak of the Elder Realm. He quickly trembled in fear of facing Jaime.

“Die!” Huo Bo Xiang used all his power to give an attack to Jaime. He knew deep in his heart that he has no chance of winning this fight. As he launched his attack, his eyes had been closed, to wait for the counter attack.

“AUCHHH!!” Jaime suddenly screamed loudly in pain, shocking everyone there, especially Huo Bo Xiang. He opened his eyes and looked at Jaime has been grounded, rubbing his body in a very painful expression. “Your attack, your attack is so powerful, even myself who is on the Patriarch Realm, can’t block the attack. You are so amazing. That attack must be One Hit Conquer the Heaven. The legendary attack! Where did you learn it from?”

“One Hit Conquer.. what?” Huo Bo Xiang was dumbstruck.

“Auugghhh!” Jaime screamed in agony. “That attack has sealed my whole meridians, I can’t fight anymore. I must run away or be killed.” Jaime with trembling body flew to the sky. “I never knew, Huo Clan has a dragon hiding inside. Ughh.. I must run away! Huo Bo Xiang, I will remember this painful attack. Someday you will pay for your truly wonderful and amazing attack to me.” Jaime flew far away and became star in the dark sky.

All people looked at the dark sky and waited in a long silence.

“He is gone?” asked one person in confusion looking at Jaime’s escaped way.

“I think so.”

“Huo Bo Xiang, did you attack him with One Hit Conquer the Heaven?” asked one person with dumb face.

“I don’t know,” said Huo Bo Xiang with the same dumb expression.

All of them were looking each other with dumb face and dumb expression. After a long silence and Jaime didn’t come back, one person said, “So Huo Bo Xiang, you defeated that young man and regained Huo Clan’s authority, right?”

“I think so,” said Huo Bo Xiang.

“So you are the Patriarch of Huo Clan now?” said the other with a happy expression.

“I don’t know.” Huo Bo Xiang looked at the dark sky. He just wanted to die while fighting just now. Yet, what just happened? He really didn’t understand.

“Will he come back?” asked Huo Bo Hui in fear. No one answered that question. Because they don’t know whether it was real or not.

Suddenly, there were thundering sounds in the dark sky that could be heard by all the people in the Huo Clan’s land. “Patriarch Meng, brothers in black, quickly come and protect me. I am badly injured by someone named Huo Bo Xiang. He was using One Hit Conquer Heaven to hit me. I really never knew there was someone so great hidden in this Huo Clan. We must keep ourselves away from Hou Clan. As long as there is Huo Bo Xiang, I will not return to this place anymore!”

That voice sounded to all the areas of Huo Clan’s land. All people heard it.

“He said he will never come back to Huo Clan anymore as long as you are here,” said one person to Huo Bo Xiang. “He’s afraid of you.”


“What about some soul essences which had been taken with him?”

Huo Bo Xiang still had no answer.

Suddenly, a thundering sound could be heard again. “Patriarch Meng, even if we didn’t win this fight, we still have their soul essences. If they want their soul essences, they must pay some spiritual stones to me. I will be hiding at Heaven Garden in White Eagle City to cure this injury caused by One Hit Conquer the Heaven from Huo Bo Xiang. They will never know it!”

At that night, the entire people on Huo Clan’s land even a baby inside the house listened to Jaime’s speaking.

“He said he is secretly hiding at Heaven Garden in White Eagle City,” said Huo Bo Hui with dumb expression.

“And need to pay spiritual stones for the essence souls.”

Huo Bo Xiang looked at the dark sky and didn’t know what just happened. This day was just like a dream for him. A young man destroyed the sect in half a day, taken thousands of soul essences, and now he appeared to be a hero launching One Hit Conquer the Heaven to the most hateful enemy.

“Huo Bo Xiang,” said one person. “I am sorry, I mean Patriarch Huo Bo Xiang, Head Patriarch.”

“What?” asked Huo Bo Xiang in confusion.

“Don’t you think those two young girls are with the young man?” He pointed at the two girls beside the Huo Clan throne. “Both of them were left behind by that man. Don’t you think that you have now inherited his wives since you are the great man and had injured him?”

There was a white banner wavering at the top of the throne.


“Master left us,” said An Tie looking at the Dark Sky in shock.

“Yes, husband left us!” said Kuang Li Yin. Her eyes burst into tears. “He bought us pretty clothes, so he could sell us and now he left us here. What kind of husband did I choose?”

(EN: ~a runaway husband)


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    regain Huo -> regained the Huo
    you are Patriarch -> you are the Patriarch
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