CGA Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Heaven Garden

Aristocrats, nobles, rich and poor people, peasants, slaves and primitive people, all are the same humans with the same basic needs. All of them are struggling to live at different levels, but like all doctors say, “Every living creature is struggling to live, no matter what  their condition.”   

For Some maybe it was easier to buy food, for some maybe they need to fight till bloody for food just to stay alive. This was life and when one’s stomach was full, people looked for the second most important thing for them. It was love, warmth, and care to one soul.

One may have all the luxuries, but without love, they are empty inside. One may have love but without luxuries, will the love survive?

Like the popular saying, Money is not everything, but everything needs money. Or a saying, God created everything, but everything is made in China.;)

Humans have a very basic need, a very simple one, but in this modern world, people have a need to take part in modern society. Or they will suffer without it. The point is, love, care, warmth and some simple things are still needed by humans at all level of living. Even for a parent, who had a lot of money and never lack of anything, a little kindness from their child, like a saying ‘I love you’ or a simple gift of cheap candy can move their heart. If you haven’t shared any love today, please share it with your family, sometimes, the closer we are, the more we forget about them.


Jaime rushed to the Kuang Li Yin. “What happened?”

Kuang Li Yin pointed to the skeleton, “Don’t you think that skeleton looks so cute? Can I take it and decorate it in my room?”

Kuang Li Yin had been exposed with the curse energy since birth. Curse energy which was seeping out from the skeleton gave her a familiar feeling. Making her feel comfy.

“Do what you like, this is your secret training ground. If you have the courage to dig up skeletons, inside the middle of those stack you should find an Orb of Curse. It is the catalyst for the witches to bind the souls and curses. It is a very high-grade orb and you can use it to help your cultivation to be the Witch of Curse.”

“Is itexpensive?” asked Kuang Li Yin with shining eyes, determine to dig it out.

“That black orb? Well, in the past, the king exchanged two cities for that orb. And some said, it was one of the god of Hades’s orbs that was stolen by his disciple from hell and brought to the human universe.”

Without waiting anymore, Kuang Li Yin quickly moved to dig the skeleton grave happily.

Jaime left her to do what she liked and moved to the very corner of the room. He took out about one thousand spiritual stones and threw it at a hole that was the size of human head. The spiritual stones fell into the deep hole. After a few minutes, there was a faint light lining on the top of the underground. The faint light was growing brighter by the time.

That hole was used to hold spiritual stones inside and used as the source of energy to activate the light formation and every door underground. There was a very big dungeon, rooms and secret room underground, including traps.

“Never felt this lucky, buy a house bonus with a big underground.” Jaime asked the Book of Karma about the key for the underground formation. In Jaime’s mind, he could see a very big underground’s map. About 50 prison’s rooms, 50 emergencies rooms with hidden food, 5 big chambers as training hall, guards rooms, weapon rooms and many other rooms. The key to open way to the underground and all room was a special medallion.

Inside the medallion, there was a formation that worked as the key to open the locked formation on the door. The medallions were passed down from the king and royal families and several trusted subordinates. The White Cloud kingdom was destroyed about sixty years ago, and no medallion could be found since that day. Jaime used the Book of Karma to find the key’s formation. He took out one jade and craved the inscription key to the jade, making it into a new medallion key.

He put the jade to the heavy stone door and the door started to be activated and opened with a loud noise.The thousand spiritual stones in the hole worked as source of power to move the formation and everything inside, including triggering the formation’s trap for people without the key.

“Wait for me,” said Li Yin hastily chasing Jaime with one dark orb in her hand. “You know, this orb gave me a warm and comfy feeling.”

“Yeah, it is the cursed feeling, I think only you would feel comfy with that orb.” Jaime walked inside the hallway. “I will ask some weapon maker to put a stick on the orb. So you can use it as your weapon.”

“I would love it!”

Jaime and Li Yin passed a few prisons where there were skeletons inside. They moved to a room with a lot of weapon inside, like swords, halberds, spears, shields, bows, arrows and many more.

“Can we use it?” asked Li Yin.

“No, it has an inscription of the White Cloud Kingdom. If we use it, we will be accused of as traitor and prisoned.” Jaime was thinking to put it on storage pouches and send it to the Kingdom of Earth.

They moved along the hallway and reached a big dark room, there were five skeletons inside. Some expensive tattered woman’s clothes identify them as noble or royal family.

“Who were they?” asked Kuang Li Yin lightly. “There have some expensive jewelries with them.”

“They were the queen and princesses of White Cloud Kingdom, they had been waiting for someone to take them out but…” Jaime sighed heavily. “White Cloud Kingdom was destroyed, no one ever came to take them out from this hidden place. So, they died in hunger and…”

Kuang Li Yin had taken crown, necklace, bracelet and rings from the skeleton and wore it with a big smile on her face. “These items give me a fantastic feeling.”

“Really?” Jaime scratched his head. Just now, he wanted to say that all those jewelries were cursed with hate, anger, sadness and a lot of bad stuff. Yet Li Yin, didn’t know and had chosen the worst of the worst from all of them. Her instincts for gathering curses and cursed items was abnormal.

“Alright, Li Yin.” Jaime took one medallion from the queen’s skeleton and threw it at her. “With this medallion, you can go everywhere inside this underground. Inside the medallion there is a map about the underground area. Go explore by yourself and collect other cursed item.”

“Where will you go?”

“I will repair the spiritual energy’s veins that was destroyed by those witches. I will be at the training chambers if you need me. They destroyed those places and buried everything.”

“Can I follow you?”

“Yeah if you want to help clear ruins, removing stone and earth, and digginh a hole,” said Jaime thinking how much work was needed to clean all the ruin and debris that seal the veins.

“Why not ask for workers to do it?”

“Because, this will be our secret place, no one can know about this place.”

“Alright,” said Li Yin. “I will explore this place a bit before returning to the curse formation room. I want to learn about cursing people, it should be fun.” Li Yin giggled.

Jaime let Kuang Li Yin do whatever she liked and started to work with the spirituals veins underground. He walked to one of the chamber of training and sighed “It will be a lot of work.” The chamber of training where the spiritual energy’s veins laid down had been exploded by the witches into ruins.


Guan Pu Yi was busily making plans when Fatty Khu entered in a hurry. “Did you see the General?” Fatty Khu called Jaime General because he believed Jaime would sooner or later will be a general.

“Nope,” Guan Pu Yi looked Fatty Khu and said happily. “Just at the right time. I need a lot of workers, can you bring me some slaves.”

“Well, I tried to find the General because I had cleaned out the slaves from this city slave market and don’t know what to do with them. General’s brother Xu Tie had taken some of them but still there are a hundred of them.”

“Good give them to me.” Guan Pu Yi stood and wanted to start his plan.

“They are yours.” Fatty Khu gave Guan Pu Yi a contract orb, it was an orb with some soul contracts of the slaves inside. As long as the master has the contract orb, the slave will never be free. Guan Pu Yi wanted to walk out when Fatty Khu quickly asked him. “Guan Pu Yi, do you know what kind of female type that General likes?”

“Loli.” Guan Pu Yi did his job well by collecting some information about Jaime from the market.

“Really?” Fatty Khu frowned. “Brother Xu Tie and people here also said the same thing.”

“What do you want to do with that?” asked Guan Pu Yi. “General had told you to find a female those can work hard, lift heavy thing, and could go for war.”

Fatty Khu waved his hand, “It will only mean I must find one thousand lolies those could work hard, lift heavy thing and could go for war.” Fatty Khu frowned. “It will be difficult but I will do my beast and won’t put my name into shame. One thousand beautiful lolies, I am coming.”


Jaime worked hard to clean up five training chambers. It was not like that training chamber was important for him; it was just that when they built the training chamber, its position was set on the spiritual veins. With purpose, when royal families were training on training chamber, they would get the most abundant spiritual energy.

He must free the chamber from ruins and remake the formation so the spiritual energy could flow to the Heaven Garden. Jaime had changed the name of Kuang’s resident into Heaven Garden. When Jaime had been focusing to his work, everything around him quickly forgotten by him. His past life was wasted like that. When he was doing research, as long as there still food inside the room, he won’t walk out even for one moment. His concentration was one of his strength. He hid inside the underground for almost a month and never walked out.


“When you worked that hard, when your eyes shine brightly and when your sweats fall over your naked body, my heart can’t help but beating fast. Calling your name with pain and longing. I am admiring your handsome face and your muscle. Tell me why couldn’t I fall in love with you so deeply, if you are so sexy, cute and wild at the same times.” The girl sighed heavily.

“Because you are still nine years old,” said one beautiful maid to Nie Sa.

“Why should love be stopped by age or distance? Love must survive through everything and shine majestically to conquer every impurity of the world. Love is something worth to fight for, to die for and to live for.” Nie Sa looked at the dark sky and sighed heavily like the whole world’s weight was on her shoulder. “Even my parents didn’t agree to our love, it never means our love will stop here. My heart will always be yours and your heart will always here on mine. None in three realms can’t stop our passionate love.”

The maid rolled her eyes. “Your father just didn’t let you go to chase a young man, little girl. Not to stop your grandiose love.”


Guan Pu Yi was busy arranging everything on Heaven Garden. At the first four days the formation finished, there was none spiritual energy could be traced. But suddenly an enormous spiritual energy rushed out from the ground and shocked everyone inside. For every five days, the spiritual energy rose to whole new level. Since the formation has finished, the spiritual energy that was blocked went outside and they were concentrated only on the Heaven Garden.

Every day there were new slaves entering Heaven Garden, Guan Pu Yi arranged them to work on garden, built a lot of buildings based on Jaime’s instruction on the jade, opening a forest to make villages, farms and so on. Since inside Heaven Garden, the spiritual energy was abundant, people worked fast without feeling any tiredness.


Fatty Khu had traveled to a lot of places around the continent, moved from one city to another city and meet any kind of slave sellers.

“High grade slaves, all of them I can buy it at any price.” said Fatty Khu confidently. I am from Gold Formation Sect, cut the price into half and do you have a loli?”


“You know, young pretty girl a high quality of beauty, can fight, can kill, can lift heavy thing, can do house chore, and can do everything for the master.”

The slave seller showed a pervert face. “Of course we have young female slaves that willing to do anything the master command. Their beauty will be heaven shocking and city destroying. They are strong, some of them are mixed blood, cat ear, dog ear, and as strong as demonic beast. How many you want?”

“One thousands of them!”

“What?” The slave seller shocked. “Are you building a loli’s harem?”

“Not me, my General!” said Fatty Khu.


Jaime was shocked beyond belief as he walked out from the underground and found a lot of young pretty girls on the Heaven Garden. “Since when did this place become female school?”

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  2. spur

    “Guan Pu Yi, do you know what kind of female type that General likes?”

    “Loli.” Guan Pu Yi did his job well by collecting some information about Jaime from the market.

    “Really?” Fatty Khu frowned. “Brother Xu Tie and people here also said the same thing.”

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  4. Fatty Khu waved his hand, “It will only mean I must find one thousand lolies those could work hard, lift heavy thing and could go for war.” Fatty Khu frowned. “It will be difficult but I will do my beast and won’t put my name into shame. One thousand beautiful lolies, I am coming.”

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