CGA Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Building an Army

Death was very easy. When you die, you don’t know what will happen after that. One thing we know for sure, when you pass through the door of death, you will never have a chance to return to life. Won’t you regret your life?

The question was, what was life?

Life, since the beginning, may have no meaning at all. So it was kind of pointless to find the meaning of life itself. You’re responsible to find the meaning of your life, or give some meaning on it before you walk away from life. So it was always depended on you to dream of destroying this world before you die or doing something great for this world before you die. Just do something so you will never regret that you have ever lived in this world.

Don’t die pointlessly.


Jaime sat at the pavilion alone, Xu Tie and Li Yin were doing assignment to buy some emergency household items, including bed.

“Understanding oneself and understanding the enemy will lead to 100% victory. That is what Sun Tzu said in the book of the art of war.” Jaime took out his belonging and arranged it carefully.

Everything he stole from General Long had been left at the Kingdom of Earth’s treasury. About three months ago, he gave Xu Tie one millions spiritual stones to buy general Kuang’s residence and cleared a few stuffs that cost about 650,000 spiritual stones, so he still had 350,000 spiritual stones in his bank card. Xu Tie had returned it to him.

He had three million spiritual stones, stealing from Jiang Fen Xhi’s last savings. He also had about 2 million from selling Taichi and Aikido’s martial arts, plus watching 3D’s tickets. 600,000 spiritual stones from winning the bet from academy.

So in total he had roughly six millions of spiritual stones. With that amount of money, it won’t be enough to build the army and everything. But if he used his money effectively, then he may barely have enough to build an army. About talismans, pills and some stuff from Jiang Fen Xhi’s last savings, Jaime may use it for his own use.

“Check my status.”

[Jaime, one of five candidates of King of Three Realms, level 21 First Junior Realm. Have conquered 3 Dungeon’s heart, 997 more to go. Time limit, 99 years. Has the body of Rahksasa that’s  invulnerable to any kind of poison and has high regeneration ability. Sharing curse with Kuang Li Yin.]

Jaime’s original level was 24 he used 2 levels to hold Kuang Li Yin’s curse for one month and 1 level to hold his own curse.

Almost all martial artists in this continent were using a conventional way to raise their level, by meditating near places with abundant spiritual energies, taking pills which containing high spiritual energies, or use sucking spiritual energy from spiritual stone. Spiritual energy was the basic in raising one level. As for Jaime, he could take spiritual energy from dead creatures or forcefully suck his enemy spiritual energy to raise his level.

When the Book of Karma took his spiritual energy for exchanging information or paying a debt to the curse, it caused his level to drop down. The Book of Karma must follow a specific rule in changing things in the whole universe. Spiritual energy is one of the currencies in the universe.

Jaime understood that spiritual energy was very important for a cultivator. As for witches, most of them used mental energy and affinity to natural energy. Mental energy was developed by meditating, focusing, or training one mind and consciousness. There were some pills, herb, and talisman that could help to boost the mental energy.

Natural energy was divided into many kinds of energy, like fire ,wind ,wood, earth, water, light and many more even curses are part of natural energy. Magicians or witches are people that use their own mental energy to control the natural energy and use it for their benefit. So magicians and witches are walking into a different path of cultivation, although some cultivators are also magicians or witches.

Magicians, witches, and cultivators also learn about formations, herbs, pills or potions making.  Learning formation was like learning how to use natural energy for one’s benefit. Like people build irrigation to control wild water for farming. People learn how to build formations to trap  spiritual energy, natural energy, or any kind of energy for their benefit. People, who draw fire formation, will make the formation suck the spiritual energy and natural energy from its surrounding and change it into fire. Formation was also called as the art of controlling energy.

Jaime started to use the Book of Karma to get the history and complete map of the continent, country, and the city.

There are three kingdoms in Dragon and Phoenix Continent, Wu Imperial in south continent, Ice Wind Empire in north continent and Kingdom of White Lion on Central Continent. More than a hundred small kingdoms, clans and tribes spread over the continent and pay tribute to the big kingdom.

White Eagle City was the third biggest city in the central continent of White Lion Kingdom, located on the central west continent. The biggest city on the White Lion Kingdom was the capital city, the White Lion City at the middle of central continent. The second biggest city was White Leopard City on the east of the central continent. The farthest west of central continent was Kingdom of Earth.

White Eagle city has a width of two hundred fifty kilometers, there are four walls surrounding the city. One of the walls in north connects with the high mountain which creates a natural defense against enemies.

General Kuang’s residence was north-east of the city. It had the width of 5 kilometers and 5 kilometers length. It was the largest residence in the city; even the City Lord’s place wasn’t  that large. Not counting that northeast of the residence was connected to the High Mountain and had a width of more than 20 kilometers through the hill, forest and mountain. That place could hold two or three villages without any problem.

This residence used to be the palace of White Cloud Kingdom, named as Heaven Palace. The history told that General Kuang from White Lion Kingdom, destroy The Kingdom of White Cloud in tragic civil war.

General Kuang occupied The Heaven Palace and made it into his residence. General Kuang was appointed as Duke of White Lion City and 12 villages around it under the name of Kuang’s Province. As General Kuang died, it was taken by his son, but it didn’t last long. After that General Liu Wen was appointed to take of care the city and General Kuang’s last family and its residence. It happened about 12 years ago.

Kuang’s Province was changed into White Lion Province with appointed Duke, General Liu Wen. That time, the city was not as big as today. General Liu Wen worked hard, year by year to make it into the third biggest city. That also caused the Prime Minister to secretly join hands with the academy in planning to take over the city from General Liu Wen.

General Liu Wen, didn’t choose to take over the Kuang’s residence because it was cursed. There were rumor that before the Heaven Palace down, some witches cursed General Kuang and people who will lived in Heaven Palace.

Jaime sighed heavily, The Book of Karma gave him the picture of Heaven Palace, it was a very beautiful Palace and would shock everyone. Jaime even knew before the Heaven Palace was built, there was a Palace of God from kingdom of White Heaven, it was a former kingdom before separated into White Lion Kingdom and White Cloud Kingdom. This place was chosen by many great ancestors as palace because of this land having a high density of spiritual energy and natural energy.

But the vein of the spiritual energy and natural energy was destroyed by Witches of Heaven Palace to prevent General Kuang from having it. Not only destroying it, they even hid a secret formation underground that was still working till now. That secret formation was a curse formation, it sucked the leaking spiritual energy of the land and changed it into curse for the Kuang’s Family and Residence. That was why everyone got curse in this place.

Jaime’s eyes shone brightly, one of his plans was to return this place into its top condition.

At that time Xu Tie has come back with Guan Pu Yi and Fatty Khu. “Brother,” said Xu Tie, “I found these two guys waiting outside the gate. Is it okay to let them in?”

Jaime nodded. “Where is Li Yi?”

“Well, she is busying herself with a few workers to repair and decorate your room.” Xu Tie sighed. “I will help her, except the gate, wall and garden in front, every place was totally run down, we will need a lot of money to repair everything.”

“Just take as much as you want to repair it, we will have a lot of guests later.” said Jaime. “And add more workers to fasten the work.”

“Alright.” Xu Tie left Guan Pu Yi and Fatty Khu with Jaime.

“Thanks for coming.” Jaime stood and welcomed Guan Pu Yi and Fatty Khu warmly, “Really a great day to have two brothers come here. Forgive me since it is a new place and no servants, I can’t offer any think for drink or eat. We can go outside if you want.”

“No need,” say Fatty Khu in hurry. “If you want drink or food, I never lack any of them.” He took out jars of wine and few of meat dishes from his space storage ring. The stone table quickly filled with them.

Jaime looked Guan Pu Yi. “As you come here, I take it as you have joined me. Please tell me what we should do now?”

Pu yi secretly stole a glance to Fatty Khu.

“Don’t worry, Fatty Khu has joined us to, isn’t it right?”

Fatty Khu nodded, “But can you make it into 60% of the market price?”

“Nope, take it or leave it?”

“Then you give me no choice.” Fatty Khu sighed and ate a big meat. “I will join you. It is much better than me have nothing.”

Pu Yi stood and started his speaking. “To make an army, we need to hire soldiers and train them. It is cheap but will take a very long time to make them ready. So I suggest if we have enough money, we should buy strong slaves.”

“Slaves?” asked Jaime.

“This continent has three big kingdom, they are ruling north, central and east continent. But never forget there also are many other small kingdoms, clans and tribes those pay tribute to the big kingdoms. Sometimes this small kingdoms, clans and tribes are waging war with each of them, sometimes a duke of kingdom destroys them and occupy their lands.Whoever loses the war, almost their entire soldiers and villagers will be turned into slavery. They are sold in many slave markets in whole continent. If we are lucky, we can buy a slave in general realm.”

“Good,” said Fatty Khu hit his thigh in spirit. “Like both of you have known, I am from Gold Formation Sect. My Great grandfather is the Patriarch of the sect. Our sect is focusing in learning trading—money making—and formation. I can help you with slave buying; we have connection to almost all slave markets on this continent beyond kingdoms border, even outside the continent. Just tell me how many slaves you want. A highest realm slave is about 5000 spiritual stones; the lowest realm slave or with special blood is 100 spiritual stones. For normal slave it won’t even reach 1 spiritual stones.”

“What do you mean with special blood slave?” asked Jaime.

Fatty Khu smile lightly, “There are some clans of tribes those have a special blood in their veins. They are people with ancient half demon or demi god’s lineage and have a special power.”

“Half demon or demi god?”

“Yeah I ever see a human that can turn into demonic beast, a werewolf or tiger. There also a human with cat ears and tail. They are people with mixed blood. It is quite complicated but they are strong and born with unique power.” Fatty Khu rub his both hand. “Tell me how many slaves you want? I will pick the highest level for you  cheaply.”

Guan Pu Yi answered. “3000 maximum and 2000 minimum for soldiers.”

Fatty Khu shocked. “That much?”

“I agree,” said Jaime. “Fatty Khu, add 1000 more females , a high quality ones.”

Fatty Khu looked at Jaime and nodded, “I will find the best, the most beautiful and the sexiest ones.”

Jaime sighed, “Do whatever you want, just make sure the female can clean this place, work hard in farming, nurturing demonic beasts, cook and fight when in needed. Find people who have more brawn than beauty. The bigger the better.”

“Alright,” said Fatty Khu sadly. He joined Jaime’s army and since he is pervert, he sure wants the prettiest girls ever surrounding him. “Finding 4000 slaves, especially high quality ones is not easy, if we are lucky we may only get ten or twenty  high level slaves. I will contact all slave markets in this continent, to ask them to send their high quality slaves from everywhere. About the money.”

Jaime threw him a storage pouch. “Three millions spiritual stones inside, use it wisely. Do you think it is enough?”

“Enough, enough. Please give me two weeks or a month, I will make sure they are delivered to here.” Fatty Khu turned around and left for doing his job.

“We still lack of soldiers. How do you plan in making 5000 soldiers?” asked Jaime to Pu Yi.

“Conquer a sect and make its disciples into our soldiers.”

“Any sect in your mind to conquer?”

“Double Moon Sect.”

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