CGA Chapter 60

EN:Changed my mind, after my nap and eating I felt reinvigorated. 

Chapter 60 King of Stalker

In the country far far away, there was an old farmer. He worked hard every day from morning to night for six days a week. Every Sunday, his wife would give him ten dollars. The old farmer loved to watch horse racing and every Sunday with ten bucks, he went to the horse race’s stadium and bet on whatever horse he likes.

That morning, he bet on his favorite horse and won 100 dollars. He used all his money to bet on the next horse and won again, then bet again. At the end of the horse race, he won ten millions dollar. He took the money home. But in the middle of the road, two robbers rob him and left him with nothing.

When he arrived at the house, the wife asked him, “How did you do with the horse race.”

He sighed heavily and answered, “I lost those 10 dollars.”


If you follow your desire, there will be no end. Wise people always remember their roots, where they are from and begin. They keep their hearts simple and  are never swayed by the world’s change. So they can keep peace in their hearts.


Old Chan, with Elder Tuo the academy teacher and also mechanic for the mechanical soldiers, entered the cave. Elder Tuo face turned really ugly as he saw the broken parts of the mechanical soldier. His heart was bleeding as he saw his favorite toys broken into garbage. “Chan, do you know what you just did? If not because of headmaster, I would have killed you.”

“I am sorry.” Old Chan said softly.

Elder Tuo checked the broken part and cursed time and again. “You know, one Elite mechanical soldier is worth a million spiritual stones.”

“Don’t lie to me, it not worth that much!” protested Old Chan.

Elder Tuo became angry and yelled. “All of the mechanical soldiers were left by the academy’s ancestor and even if we have money, we can’t buy it again! We don’t know how much it is worth since we never told anyone.”


“You showed Elite soldiers to an outsider, do you know how important Elite soldiers are for us? It is our secret weapon to conquer this city and even this kingdom! What do you think you had done to us and our plan?”

“I have said sorry okay, I never thought that he had the power to destroy them. He is in the Elementary Realm, no one would believe it.” Old Chan tried to reason. “I thought that the Elite soldiers would kill him easily not the opposite.”

“What exactly did he do?”

Old Chan frowned and spoke unsurely, “Taichi or Aikido stuff I think.”

“What is that?”

“See for yourself,” said Old Chan threw a recording jade. “Some disciple secretly recorded his show.”

“His show?” Elder Tuo frown. “Where are the hidden recording jades in this cave.”

“Gone or destroyed.”

“Twenty of them?”

“It is a totally mess here. How would I know where they are?” Old Chan spoke. He also didn’t know how  twenty hidden recording jades spread in hidden places around the cave could be gone without trace. “Maybe they are buried inside these wrecks.”

Elder Tuo watched the recording jade with shock amd horror. “That boy destroyed the Elite soldiers into pieces with that Taichi’s martial art! It can’t be true. My Elite solders into pieces! Now way, it needs more than a King Realms to do that.”

“You have watched it, you saw the broken pieces. It is up to you to believe it or not. Never in my life time see something like this too.” Old Chan walked out in hurry; let Elder Tuo alone to do its job to repair the mechanical soldier.

Elder Tuo saw bronze, silver and gold’s broken piece mixed with some earth and stones ruins. It will take a lot of time to dig piece by piece and assemble them again. “It will cost a lot of money and time. The plan for Prime Minister Ang to conquer the kingdom likely will be delayed.”


The skinny guy name was Guan Pu Yi. His father was a great business man with a lot of shops in the city. He owns the most famous restaurants in the Capital City and in White Eagle City. Guan Pu Yi helped his father business since his two older brothers had chosen to work for General Guan of White Eagle City, their own uncle.

Guan Pu Yi, since little, didn’t have any talent to learn martial arts, also his body, muscle and bone, didn’t support him to do something heavy. He grew into a skinny guy and had a low presence.

Six years ago, when he was seventeen, he went to the restaurant to do some accounting check. At that time, he met a girl that he will never forget. That girl kicked his brain with her smile, slapped his face with the beauty and stole his heart with her bright eyes and cheerful attitude. The girl’s softly mellifluous voice slashed his body thousand times and turned him into meat pulp.

He couldn’t take out the girl since that day. He never once had emotions, desire nor dream something big before. Since the girl came into his life, forcefully stay on his mind and haunted his soul every night and morning. He dedicated himself to be the best stalker of the girl.

When he knew the girl was entering the academy, he begged his father and his uncle to put him inside the academy. Didn’t even care about what his uncle told him about no one without talent skill can graduate from that academy. Since his purpose was to stalk the girl, he didn’t care about graduation.

Not until he found out that the girl told her friend that she would only marry people who graduated from the academy and that caused him to study hard. He got the position of number one at the first exam, till Jaime came and get it from him. He has tried the second trial for two years and never passed it. He put a hidden recording jade on the cave without triggering any suspicion and successfully evaded the twenty hidden recording jades of Old Chan. The purpose was to find a way to pass the second trial by copying anyone that passed the trials. After a year he saw many people pass the exam, yet no one used trick, all of them used their power and martial arts, which he don’t have. Till Jaime came and shocked him.

In Academy of White Lion, not all people dedicated themself to be a general, only a few people those successors of big clans or son or daughter of Dukes that aim for general. Some people from rich family with good back ground or distant families of big clans and dukes, study at the academy with aiming for lower position like to be strategist, secretary, treasury, lieutenant or major general, politician, minister helper and many other positions for government.

Guan Pu Yi is following the strategist path, since it has the lowest requirements for strength and martial arts. To pass the second exam, he will only need to face 100 Bronze Soldiers. Yet, he never could do it. Sometimes brain can’t do anything in front of brawn power. Passing the second exam is very important for him, after the second trial; he can use his brain to solve the next trial.

He is willing to do anything to pass the second exam.

He locked his eyes to Jaime and trembling said. “I want you to…”

“Stop,” said Jaime caused him to silence. “I know what you want. But first I want to ask you. Do you have this recording copy? The other one?”

Guan Pu Yi nodded, “I made a preparation. In case you destroy it.”

“Good.” Jaime breathed a sigh of relief. “I will not destroy it, why would I. I am willing to buy this one, if you have the other, I am going to buy it too. Just tell me your price.”

“Buy it?” asked Guan Pu Yi felt anger inside himself. He didn’t need money this time. All he need is passing second trial.

“Yeah, but I don’t want the same one, okay. I am not into her, she is pretty but not my kind. I prefer a sexy and have a glasses one. A secretary type with brain and hot body do you have that one.” Jaime gave a pervert smile.

“What are you talking about?” asked Guan Pu Yi a little lost.

“This jade recording man, it is a recording of three pretty girls and one chubby girl taking bath on the academy’s open bath right?” Jaime nodded. “I think you hid the recording jade very well, in the best position to take a clean record of them. Really love this one, especially the white skin girl. Makes my heart pumped.”

Guan Pu Yi quickly grabbed recording jade on Jaime’s hand and checked the recording inside by pouring his spiritual energies, of course with the help of spiritual stones. He was just too weak. His face turned red and quickly hid the jade. It was one of his secret recording jade, a private one.

Guan Pu Yi gave another jade recording, this time he had checked it first. “This one was the real one.”

Jaime grabbed the recording jade and nodded. “This one is better, five teenagers and one chubby girl. Oh man, I love this one.”

Guan Pu Yi forcefully grabbed the recording jade and checked again, the record inside already different. “How can…”

“Do you have another recording?” asked Jaime. “I didn’t see anything you can prove my shameless act in the second trial.”

“I did,” said Guan Pu yi angrily. He knew somehow, he had been toyed by Jaime. “I don’t know how you destroyed my recordings. But I am smart enough to leave the master recording into a safe place.”

“You mean, a small hole under a big tree near a river? There is an iron box with 254 recording jades inside.” Jaime lightly smiled. “You keep all of your master recording jades there, because if you keep it in your place, someone may find those illegal stuffs and point it at you. So you hid it far away, even if people find it, they will have nothing pointed at you. Am I right?”

“You…You! Who are you?” Guan Pu Yi was frightened. No way can someone find out his deepest secret and his secret stalking activity.

“If you are stalker, then I am the king of stalkers.” Jaime laughed. “That pretty girl recording, I got  it from your hidden box. So do you have anything you want to show me?”

Guan Pu Yi said in trembling. “I know that you were not fighting those mechanical soldiers. Inside the cave, you made a complicated formation and hit it on the stone near the iron door. It made all the mechanical soldiers to stop.”

“Oh maybe it is made for maintenance of the soldiers,” said Jaime lightly and smile.

“You order some soldiers to destroy themself, make  thundering sounds by hitting the ground and wall, let them put their heads on the ground, wall and top of wall. And you just slept in the middle of all of those activities.” Guan Pu Yi was shaken by the newly found insight. Old Chan’s twenty hidden recording jades were stolen by Jaime. And why did his recording jade stay in its place? First he thought that Jaime may only know Old Chan’s recording jades hidden position by some information, like he did. Yet, Jaime didn’t know his recording jade position. But Jaime even knew his secret hidden box…

Guan Pu Yi’s body was trembling in fear. “You, you let me have your recording and intentionally drove me to you. What do you want from me?”

Jaime laughed really hard. “You are truly a smart guy. I just want to show you, even if you are smart. I am far smarter than you.”

Guan Pu Yi looked around in fear and horror. He loved when he could control everything and only made a move when he totally knew he would win. This time, he didn’t know anything. He was inside the trap and frightened by something he didn’t know. He quickly turned around and wanted to escape. He was freaking scared.

“If you walk away now, you will regret it forever.”

Guan Pu Yi stopped his foot and turned around. “Why?”

“Because,” Jaime grinned widely to him. “I can give you what you want.”

“To pass the second trials?” asked Guan Pu Yi with a hope. “Is it, the formation to turns the mechanical soldiers into maintenance mode?”

Jaime shook his head. “It is not what you want. I want to give you what you really want, to marry the girl you love and have stalked for six years.”

Guan Pu Yi’s body trembled with excitement in thinking he can marry the girl he love. But he was not stupid, he knew there must be a reason behind this. “What do you want from me?”

“Be my strategist; accompany me. Together we will create a new history for this continent. With you by my side, we will conquer heaven and hell. Join me…”

Guan Pu Yi turned around, he wanted to escape. Never in his life had he needed anything except that girl. Now, it was something different, he found someone smarter than him.

And asking him to conquer heaven and hell?

He was excited but afraid at the same time. His body was trembling with sensation he never know before.

“I need you and I will wait for you!” shouted Jaime to him.

Fatty Khu, saw Jaime’s conversation ended with Guan Pu Yi, quickly rushed to Jaime. “Brother, you are going to build an army you will need to buy everything in bulk and cheap. I can help you with that, please make me be your partner, no your right hand, I will handle everything about buying and selling. I am from Gold Formation Clan, a big trader clan.”

“50% of normal market price?” said Jaime to Fatty Khu.

“If I gave you 50% of normal price, I won’t get anything.” Fatty Khu frowned.

Jaime walked away. “At least you will not lose anything and you will get some credit to improve your winning chance to be a successor. When you are ready to follow me with that kind of mindset, you can follow me anytime you want.”

Jaime stopped by some disciples want to join his new army, ten of lieutenants and majors generals wanna be, with some great background. Some future chief treasury, secretary and so on, Jaime didn’t give any certain answer to them. “Not now, not before I build my own place.”


The next day, Jaime went to search for Xu Tie. That guard was doing business in the busiest market in the city.

“Brother, I miss you!” said Xu Tie in happiness. They exchange some hug and spoke about here and  there.

After a few minutes, Jaime asked him, “You have bought general Kuang’s residence right?”

“Of course I did,” said Xu Tie and took out a black box from his storage space ring. Xu Tie has become rich now. “Inside are a few documents about the Kuang residence and the General Kuang’s sword as the proof that place is belonging to you now.”

“Where is Kuang Li Yin?” said Jaime.

“She,” said Xu Tie shook his head and sad. “She is dead.”

“What?” Jaime shocked.

“Please follow me, when you see  you will understand everything,” Xu Tie said in a hurry.

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