CGA Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Heaven Contract Stone

A wife killed a pretty girl and shocked her husband.

“Why did you kill her?”

“Cause I love you!” The wife cried. “You love her and I don’t like it. To prove my love for you, I killed her!”

The husband was shocked again. “You are wrong! I didn’t love her! Your way of showing your love to me is wrong too!”

“You didn’t love her? You slept with her! Tell me what mistake did  I make! I flooded you with warmth, love, affection and loyalty! Yet you cheated on me!” The wife burst into tears and cried miserably.

“Stupid girl.” The husband shook his head. “Love cannot be proved with romance, warmth, affection, by killing or by death. If you want to tell me or show your love to me,  you have to at least give me money or jewelry to prove your love! Even a blind person  will know you love them by giving them money!”

“What?” The wife looked disbelief with what she just heard.

“You are always saying you love me but you never showed it with money! You’re all talk and full of bullshit. The woman you killed, she gave me money for every time I slept with her! That was why I know she loves me! I never loved her because I never gave her money! That the truth.”


“If you love me, please jump for me.”

“I am afraid of death; please tell me other ways to show my love to you.”

“Then please give me a big house and a luxury car.”

“Now, I think jumping is a better choice.”


Jaime walked around the beautiful and majestic academy, full of pretty garden and big building, yet he found that people avoid him in a hurry. No one dared to get close to him or get in his sight. “Do you think I’m the type who eats human beings?” Jaime frowned.

“Anyway, I need to be a general and own my own soldiers as fast as I can.” He made his way into the exam hall. Without any problem he went to the counter, met a man in his forty.

“What do you want?” asked the man without bothering to see Jaime.

“Information.” After saying that, Jaime suddenly felt stupid, the only thing he never lacked was information. “No, I want to take the military exam to be a general.”

“Five thousand spiritual stones for the exam.”

“I need to pay for taking exam?” Jaime never knew about it.

The man sneered. “Of course, do you think your father own this academy?”

“Nope, but I think my father in law runs this city and everything inside.”

The man looked at Jaime seriously with shock. He stood in a hurry and bowed, “I am sorry, really sorry. You can take the exam without paying. These are the exams.” The man gave Jaime four information’s jades in the size of palm. “Please fill the two empty information’s jade with the right answers within a half day. You can use the class room over there. The questions are on the other information’s jade.”

“Thanks.” Jaime grabbed the information’s jade, moved to the hallway and enter the class room. Inside the class room, there were twenty long tables with some students with serious faces busily channeling their spiritual energy into the information’s jade.

One of them unintentionally turned his head and spotted Jaime. He stared intensely at Jaime before suddenly erupting with a yell. “The academy’s crasher is here!”

All of the people in the room saw Jaime and became panic striken,they hastily escaped from the room and left Jaime alone.

“Well,” Jaime sighed, “I think I really eat human flesh.” He sat at one chair and began to check the information’s jade. First information jade was filled with three hundred questions, all of them were categorized as the basic knowledge for a general.

“How to manage a supply depot for a long journey…? How to manage five thousands soldiers…? How to recruit soldiers… how to train soldiers… how to command soldiers… how to train archers… etc… etc. Alright Book of Karma give me perfect answer for all of these questions.” In a few seconds, Jaime exchanged his mental and spiritual energies with the answers. “Good.” Happily he printed his answer to the information’s jade. At the second information’s jade, there are five hundreds question, which are categorized as basic of military strategist.

“Write down one hundred and one attack formations for five thousand soldiers. Write down one hundred and one defence formations for five thousand soldiers. Write down the best formation for mountain area… Write down one hundred and one ways to conquer a city which has ten meters wall… etc…etc.” Jaime used the same method to solve all of these questions.

Not even five minutes, he had finished his exam. “If I get out now, they will think I am cheating. Better wait here for a half day.” So Jaime moved to the corner of the room and slept on the table.


“Is he still inside?” There are a lot of people in front of the class room. They were scattered in the hallway. Sitting on the floor, hanging on the wall, all of them grumble for their unlucky event.

“How long will he stay inside the room?”

“He slept on the table! He is even snoring!”

“Fu*k, I have been waiting for six years for the exam. I have paid five thousands spiritual stones. I am not going to fail this time. That money was all my clan had!”

“Me too!”

“Sh*t! Why did I choose today for my exam? I can’t concentrate at all.”

They were complaining non-stop. Yet, none of the voice entered Jaime’s ears. They were too scared to speak out loud.

Half a day passed quickly, Jaime awoke and went to the man on the counter. “I finished my exam, what next?”

“Did you really finish it?” asked the man staring at Jaime in disbelief. “I do not mean to offend. It just the exam for a general, is usually taken by the oldest student, they must at least study at the academy for six to eight years before they can get the exam. Of course you are special, you can take any exam you want, but did you really finish it?”

“I did.” Jaime gave him the information’s jade.

“Well,” the man took the jades. “Usually it will take a week to check the answer, but I will check yours today, tomorrow morning you can see your result in the big board outside the Hall. It records all of the people taking exam. Passing point is 500 out of 800. If you can reach the passing point, you can process into the next exam, there is a total of five exams to get the generals title.”

As Jaime turned back to return, the man spoke again, “Ah… never mind about the big board, if you pass the exam. There will be a notification to your academy token. You can go directly to the second exam, if you pass.”


The next day, it was rainy and Jaime received a very simple notification on his token.

He passed the first exam.

Thinking of going to the second exam, Jaime used Book of Karma to check the second exam. Suddenly he smiled lightly, decided to run through the rain and headed to the second exam location.

The second exam’s location was in the north of the academy. Jaime found a big hill with a big cave as the entrance to the hill’s womb. In front of the big cave, there was a crowd gathered. There were about one hundred disciples. All of them turned their attention to Jaime. It was like they had been waiting for him.

A Thin old man with wrinkles on all his face and wearing blue clothes welcomed Jaime. “I have received the notification that you have passed the first exam. I have thought that you would come today. Don’t mean to offend you but this Old Chan suggest you to test the second exam after you are at least on Patriarch Realm.”

“Why is that?” asked Jaime.

“The second exam is one thousand mechanical soldiers trial. Have you heard anything about it?” asked the Old Chan probing Jaime’s body language.

“Nope, I am new here,” said Jaime stupidly.

Old Chan found nothing and totally believe Jaime didn’t know anything. “Thousand soldiers trial is like its name. There are three hundreds bronze soldiers, three hundreds silver soldiers, three hundreds gold soldiers, and one hundred elite soldiers. All of them were created by our ancestor, mechanical soldiers. Bronze soldiers are on Senior Realm, Silver soldiers are True Human Realm, Gold soldiers are on Elder Realm and Elite soldiers are on Patriarch Realm. To pass the general exam, you must face Bronze, Silver and Gold soldiers. Now, tell me. How can you on Elementary Realm pass the exam?”

“I can easily pass them,” said Jaime in dull expression. “Like killing ten thousand ants.”

“Come sit here.” Old Chan frowned and invited Jaime to sit on the small table near the iron door to the cave. He poured out his liquor from his porcelain bottle to the glasses. He appeared politely like didn’t want to offend the academy’s crusher. “This is a monkey wine, made by fruits, you will like it.”

Didn’t see any reason to refuse it, Jaime chose to sit and gulped the wine. It is cold weather though. “Good wine, good wine.”

“Told you so.” Old Chan smiled lightly in pleasing mood. Yet, for a second there was a sly expression on his face.

“What do you want to tell me?” Jaime asked politely. “For your knowledge, I’ll still want to take the exam no matter what you tell me.”

“Alright, slowly kid. Let me tell you our academy’s story first. This academy, The White Lion academy, was the only academy that the king approved to produce a general. Do you know why?” said the old Chan. He appeared really didn’t want to let Jaime enter the exam and cause him injured. Maybe scare of the academy would face a big trouble if this City Lord son-in-law injured.

“Because this academy bribed the king, prime minister, and shamelessly killed the competitors,” answered Jaime seriously. “You know,it is a very good move of the academy.”

“Brat!” The Old Chan slammed the table but quickly regained his former clam and serious atmosphere. “Let me tell you this. This academy has a very strict requirement to accept the student since the first. Not everyone can enter this academy. Only people with some great background can enter it.”

“Yeah I know it very well,” Jaime nodded and showed a very understanding face. “Poor people don’t give much money and contribution. I understand it very much. The academy is doing great by accepting only rich people. I want to build a school with this kind of concept and earn a lot of money.”

The Old Chan’s eyes angrily glared to Jaime. “I need you to shut your mouth and let me continue my story.”

“Alright, please fill the monkey wine again. It is very tasty.” Jaime smiled cunningly.

Old Chan wanted to tell Jaime about the sacredness of the academy, its long history, its prestige and so on, with purpose to hold down Jaime being injured and causing the academy to be destroyed. Even if the academy on the White Eagle City was only a branch from Academy of White Lion on Capital City, it still held a lot of meaning, especially for the headmaster’s plan. As he saw Jaime shamelessly drank his wine, and put no attention to him, he quickly executed his plan.

“Alright, I will let you enter the second exam, but on one condition.” said Old Chan.

“Good, what is your condition?”

“You will have to make a clear message to the City Lord, if you are dead or injured inside the second exam, he will not put the blame on the academy. Soldiers inside the cave are mechanical soldiers; they will not stop when you are in danger. They may kill you like they have killed hundreds of disciples who had taken the exam before.”

“Old Chan,” Jaime smiled lightly and shook his head, feeling a little drunk. “You know, before I drank your wine. I had known there was a poison inside. You want to kill me but don’t want to get the academy in trouble. So you poisoned me, send me to the second trial with hundreds of disciples as witness. The poison will kick in a half an hour when I am inside the trial, at that time the mechanical soldiers will kill me easily. It is a very good plan, now you want me to make a message so the City Lord doesn’t blame you? What kind of logic is that? Even you are sworn brother of decease Jo Ji and want revenge, don’t be so shameful.”

Old Chan’s face change colored. A killing intent seeped from his skin. He surprised how Jaime could know his plan so easily.

“Woww, calm down dude,” Jaime stayed cool and waved his hand lazily. “Hot air is seeping from your body. If you kill me in front of the hundreds of disciples, it won’t be good for you, this academy and your whole family. How about we make a bet?”

“What kind of bet you want?” Old Chan’s hands were itching to make a move yet he knew he couldn’t lay his hand on Jaime. He didn’t know how that young man could know his secret plan to kill him by using mechanical soldiers.

Old Chan was a smart and cunning man. He knew since the beginning that Jaime will try the second trail because that young man’s first exam was a perfect score. Trying to be nice at first in front of other disciples was to clean his hands if something happen to Jaime.

Jaime laughed happily. “I will follow your plan for my death. I had drunk your poisoned wine, I will go inside the second trial and even make a message for my Father in law. But, I want your Heaven Contract Stone.”

The killing intent rushed out from Old Chan. It is far more dense from before. “What do you know about my Heaven Contract Stone?” Old Chan’s heart beat faster and cold sweat started pouring down.

“Everyone has known about that stone you own.It helps people in making a soul contract and keeping a part of soul on the stone.” Jaime had a self-satisfied smirk on his face. “I want to be a general; of course I want to have loyal followers, having their part of soul in that stone on my hand will make them totally loyal to me. I want that stone for me to be the greatest general ever!”

Old Chan nodded in agreement. “I have the stone, but I can’t give it to you.”

“That is why I ask you to bet with me. You give me the stone, I entered the second trial, if I die inside, you are free from guilt and the City Lord will not blame you. Your position and your academy will be saved and also you can retrieve that stone from my dead body. If you aren’t agreeing with me,” Jaime took out one blue talisman as size of coin. “With one push on my talisman, the whole academy will be destroyed by my father in law and I can get the stone from your dead body. What do you think?”

Old Chan needed no time to think anymore. He threw a ping-pong size stone to Jaime. It was a stone with a rainbow color. “Give me your message and enter the second trial’s gate now. The quicker you die, the better for me.”

Jaime tossed him a small jade filled with his last message and stood to enter the big iron door to the second trial. He slowly walked inside the door.

When the door closed, Old Chan’s eyes lit up with happiness and go to secret room and pulled hidden mechanism. That caused shine words appeared at in front of  the iron door.Hundreds of disciples crowed in front of the gate became pale as they read the words in front of the iron door.


One disciple perplexed. “Not a general’s trial?”

“How can it be a King’s trial!”

“There will be one hundred elite soldiers on the Patriarch Realm chasing him inside! He will be killed in no time!”

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