CGA Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Speak with the dead

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Anna Karenina—Leo Tolstoy.

Happy lives are all alike. Every unhappy life are unhappy in their own way. Why are people always looking up and don’t like to look down? There is a saying, when you look up you will find your desire and what you want to be. When you look down, you will find gratitude with what you already have and grateful to be what you are.

I wish that I will always feel grateful for what I am. Being myself, ugly or handsome, rich or poor, and do my best with whatever life has given to me. What I learn from life was being rich will never come like thunder in a sunny day. But it will be like a seed, growing to be tree. It takes a long time, slowly but surely.

The art of being human was first to be happy to be yourself in whatever condition you are and second, slowly find a way to be more happy without sacrificing that happiness. Then you will never get lost in this life again. Be happy first, money comes after that, not money comes first and happiness after that. Being patient was the key.

If you can’t be happy after that, well it is not my problem. It is definitely your problem.


“Gou Jie, if you keep bothering me, you will understand what is to truly regret.” Jaime glanced at Gou Jie. “Do you truly want to bother me? You will regret it brother.”

Gou Jie sneered and put up his arrogant attitude. “You are just a little cockroach which I step on every day. How can you make me regret! Kill him.”

Two elders slowly made their way to Jaime, releasing their peak Elder Realm aura.

Jaime bowed to them politely, “Elder Gou Han and Gou Xian, it is a big honor to meet the two famous elders here.”

“Oh, so you knew us?” Elder Gou Han, old man with a big face, shocked and laughed. “I never knew someone in this little city can recognize me. Who are you, do I know you?”

“I am just a no one. Not only do I know Elder Gou Han and Elder Gou Xian but I also know Gou Li Jie. If Elder Gou Han give me a few minutes, I will tell you where he is about.”

All of them were shocked beyond believe, especially Elder Gou Han. “Good, good. I’ll give you time to speak, if you dare lie to me, I will kill you!”

Jaime laughed and waved his hand, “Elder Gou Han, I am just a no one on early Elementary Realm, if you want to kill me, what can I do except giving you my head on a golden plate.”

“Good if you understand your position. Stop wasting your time!”

“Alright, there are An Bu and Zhu Nie.” Jaime pointed to two people in blue and white clothes. “Both are Gou Jie’s lackey dogs. Inside An Bu’s pocket there is a protection talisman that you gave to your son Gou Li Jie. And Inside Zhu Nie’s pocket, there is a breaking through True Human Realm’s pill which you gave for Gou Li Jie with your mark on it.”

An Bu and Zhu Nie’s faces quickly became pale. Elder Gou Han looked at them and then looked at Jaime.

“I will sit here.” Jaime crossed his legs and sat down on the ground. “Take your time to check, I won’t run away.”

“Elder Gou Han, he lied to you!” said Gou Jie in panic.

“Kill me on the spot if I lie.”

Elder Gou Han stared at An Bu and Zhu Nie, “Empty your pocket now or I will break your bones one by one!”

Both of their body shook by the fear and suddenly both of them turned around to run as fast as they could. Elder Gou Han launched his fist at their backs and the wave attack hit both of them hard. The two of them vomited blood by the wave attack and fell miserably.

“You think you can run away from me!” Elder Gou walked slowly to them. “Now, take out everything in your pocket!”

“Elder Gou, please!” Zhu Nie pledged for his life. “It was not us, it was Gou Jie…” Suddenly Gou Jie rushed to Zhu Nie panicky  and crushed his head with an iron baton.

“Gou Jie,” said An Bu and his head also immediately crushed by Gou Jie.

Elder Gou Han stared in disbelief at Gou Jie but said nothing.

“Elder Gou Han, they dare to steal Brother Gou Li Jie’s stuff. They must die.” Gou Jie quickly spoke. “These two dogs, I raised them with care but turned out to bite their boss.”

Elder Gou Han took out his sword and ripped Zhu Nie’s and An Bu’s pocket. Since they didn’t have space storage pouch, the items inside their pocket spilled over. The Elder found a protection talisman on An Bu’s pocket and jade porcelain to keep a breakthrough True Human Realm’s pill on Zhu Nie’s pocket. He recognized both of those items.

Elder Gou Han anger immediately reached its peak, his aura full of killing intent and stared at Gou Jie. “Care to tell me where my son is?”

“I, I truly don’t know!” Gou Jie hastily bowed. “My followers did a wrong thing and I had killed them. They were going wild by themselves. I didn’t know anything about this. I will find their families and kill them too.”

“Gou Han,” said Elder Gou Xian to his cousin. “Gou Jie didn’t know what his followers did. You can’t blame him for that.”

“Elder Gou Xian.” Jaime looked at Elder Gou Xian while crossing his legs on the ground. “Two years ago, you had a rare material, a Dragon Metal. It was truly a rare material and even the kings would wage a war and kill each other to have it. As I know, you wanted to make a sword from it. But your daughter Xi Xie stole it and went away with the dragon metal.”

“Do you know where it is?” Elder Gou Xian was trembling as he heard that and his face filled with hope. “I will help you out if you can tell me where my treasure is.”

“Of course I know,” Jaime sneered at Gou Jie. “Gou Jie seduced Xi Xie and promised to marry her if she stole the Dragon Metal for him. Xi Xie had loved Gou Jie for a long time, and was willing to do that. But as Xi Xie gave the item to Gou Jie.”

Jaime smiled to Gou Jie. “Gou Jie made Xi Xie faint and gave her to his followers. They raped Xi Xie and killed her.”

“Liar!” shouted Gou Jie who moved to kill Jaime.

Elder Gou Xian flashed to catch Gou Jie’s hand and stopped Gou Jie’s movement. “Let him speak.”

“Gou Jie if you think I spoke nonsense? How could you explain about your protection necklace? Is it not created by Dragon Metal?”

“Is it true, your necklace is from Dragon Metal? Let me see it?” Elder Gou Xian asked Gou Jie in a hurry.

Gou Jie face turned really pale. “It is from Dragon Metal. My father gave it to me as gift!”

“Then how do you explain about the necklace having Elder Xian’s aura trace inside it? You know, Elder Xian left his trace in his Dragon Metal. Even if you tried to erase it completely, there will be still some residue.”

“I don’t know!” Gou Jie tried to reasoning. “Maybe my father bought it from someone who stole from Elder Gou Xian.”

Jaime laughed. “Then Elder Gou Xian, your only way left to catch the culprit is Gou Jie’s followers. Four of them had raped Xi Xie and killed her, maybe they took the Dragon Metal for themselves.”

Elder Gou Xian eyes glared at Gou Jie followers.

“Elder, it is not us, Gou Jie…” before he had finished his speak, a sword had stabbed into his heart.

“You dare to rape Xi Xie! All of you must die!” yelled Gou Jie killing his own followers.

“You asked us to rape and kill Xi Xie!” replied one of his followers and attacked Gou Jie’s back.

“You..You… I will kill all your families. You dare to blame me for your evil doing!” Gou Jie killed them one by one.

One of his followers, a completely innocent one, was also killed. He had been following the wrong group and ended miserably. Whoever gets near water will get wet.

Jaime sighed, he didn’t believe Gou Jie would do such a horrible killing. Yet, he had at least predicted that Gou Jie, with his arrogant attitude that always looked down at everyone, would do something to protect himself. It just, the reality was always cruelest.

“Elder that slave had lied to you! You must kill him. He has no proof. Don’t believe  him.” Gou Jie , with some of his follower’s blood on his face, quickly blamed Jaime.

“Gou Jie, I am a man of honor. I never lied to anyone.” Jaime pointed Gou Jie. “You have done a lot of mistakes in your life, following your desire and killing everyone on your path. You killed Gou Li Jie because he would be the next successor, you poisoned and killed Elder Gou Ie and Elder Gou Fu because they didn’t support you to be the successor, you killed Xi Xie, Li Rin, and many more.”


Elder Gou Han and Elder Xian knew that Elder Gou Ie and Elder Gou Fu were poisoned and killed, they just didn’t think Gou Jie would be the one who killed them.

“I can speak with the dead, don’t you think the resentful spirits of people you killed would be following you!” Jaime pointed Gou Jie. “All of them had told me about your sins. They have been following you for a long time! Gou Li Jie said you ambushed him in the jungle and killed him. He wanted revenge and right now he is at your front without a head! Xi Xie is hugging you and demand you to marry her! Elder Gou Ie and Elder Gou Fu’s hands are hanging around your neck.”

“No!!!!!!” yelled Gou Jie who was looking around with a frightened face. “Don’t follow me! Don’t follow me. All of you have already died! Go to hell!” He swung his sword randomly and ran away.

Elder Gou Han and Elder Xian looked at Jaime for second and left him to follow Gou Jie.

Jaime sighed as all of them left. He surely can’t speak with the dead, of course the Book of Karma helped him, letting him know Gou Jie’s sins.

“How did you dare to kill your schoolmates on your first day!” A small fatty teacher of the academy suddenly arrived with two disciplinarians. “You killed seven of them!”

“Me?” asked Jaime in confusion. “I am just an innocent passerby. The killer has runaway in that direction.” Jaime pointed at Gou Jie’s escape route.

“Do you know who killed them?” ask one of the disciplinarians.

“A person named Gou Jie killed them all.”

“No way,” said one of the disciplinarians. “They were Gou Jie’s followers, Why would he kill them?”

“I don’t know. I heard it was about a woman. They dare to touch Gou Jie’s woman,” said Jaime lightly. Three of them stared at Jaime. They didn’t believe it. “I speak the truth. Gou Jie killed them. Or do you think I am the one who killed them? This is my first day, I don’t know about them. Not enough time to be enemy with them. I am also in Elementary Realm, and have no sword, how could I kill them? Most of them were on senior realms.”

“Has anyone except you seen it?” asked the fatty teacher.

“I don’t think so.” Jaime was leaded to a remote area by Gou Jie and his follower. No one had watched what really happened.

“This is going to be very troublesome,” sighed the teacher. “Someone must be responsible for the death of these seven people. Gou Jie is not someone we can prosecute without enraging the prime minister.”

“So what do we do?” asked the disciplinarian.

“Take this one and blamed it on him!” said the teacher pointed on Jaime.

“What? I didn’t do any mistake!” protested Jaime looking three of them.

“Just blame your bad luck by being here.” The teacher waved his hand lazily and two disciplinarians grabbed Jaime’s shoulder.

“What will you do to me?” Jaime couldn’t resist the grab of Senior Realms. “I am Innocent!”

“I don’t care. You will be thrown into prison for at least twenty years for your mistake and if one of the seven you killed had strong influence background, you will be beheaded tomorrow.”

“This is how the famous academy treats justice?” asked Jaime angrily.

“No, it is just, how I am, as the Elder and the leader of disciplinary committee solve the case. If I said you are guilty, no one in this academy will dare to say you are not! Just die for me and lessen my headache.” The teacher waved to his subordinate. “Take him straight to the prison, if anyone asked about him just said he killed seven people and waiting for his death penalty. I want to meet my little Ji Bie and play with her, don’t bother me anymore.” The teacher showed a perverted face and flew away.

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